Wooden Wine Racks for Wine Cellars Using All Heart & Premium Redwood

Both All Heart & Premium Redwood are ideal for Wine Cellar Construction say Master Wine Cellar Builders

Wine Cellar Builders Recommend Premium and or All-Heart Redwood for Custom Wine Cellars

Both All-Heart & Premium Redwood come from the same tree, and therefore have the same characteristics.

  • Natural Beauty – Colorful Grains
  • Resistance to Decay Cause by Moisture
  • Structural Stability and Resistance to Warping
  • Lack of any Natural Aroma that Might Damage a Wine Collection

These factors make it the Wood Species of choice amongst experienced Wine Cellar Builders where cost needs to be balanced with looks and longevity.

Premium Redwood is comes from the outer area of the tree while All-Heart comes from the middle. This causes the woods to look different, All-Heart is a deeper smoother look tending to the pink to reddish orange colors tones.  Premium has a much wider variation of colors with strikingly contrasting gains as a result.

It is also important to note that the Redwoods used by our professional wine cellar builders come from ‘green’ sources in that they are only taken from sustainable forests; as guaranteed by leading Californian ‘sustainable forest’ certification programs.

To see samples of these different types of wood species used in the making of custom wooden wine racks see Custom Wine Cellar Construction – Using Premium and or All-Heart Redwood

Also here are a couple of examples of custom wine cellars built with:

Wine Collections come in many different shapes and sizes. Your own wine collection is will probably likely include some very special and sought-after wines which are collectable by nature.  In the custom wine cellars of many residential clients, the wines can add up to significant investments often in the tens of thousands of dollars.  Exposure to a poorly suited wood species over a long period in the closed environment of a climate controlled home wine cellar room can be bad news for your wine collection.

Bottom line?  Redwoods, of either type are a great choice for your custom wine cellar.



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