Wine Cooling System – a Must-Have in Florida Wine Cellars

GET YOUR FREE 3D WINE CELLAR DESIGN NOW!!!These days, almost anyone who has a passion for wine can start their own wine collection. If you’re a budding wine enthusiast and are thinking of starting your own wine collection, it’s best to start thinking about the tools of the trade that will get you on your way to storing and enjoying your vintage.

One of the first things to consider is having proper wine storage. Storing wine for aging purposes is a meticulous and highly delicate process. You can’t just leave your wine in your wine cellar and expect that it will age properly by itself.

Your Florida custom wine cellar must be kept at a constant temperature – not too hot and not too cold. The right level of humidity must be maintained as well. This will ensure that wine ages properly and preserve their desirable characteristics.

Wine Cooling System – an Essential Equipment of Florida Wine Cellars

Essential to your wine storage equipment is the wine cellar cooling system. Wine cooling systems ensure that the temperature does not fluctuate in your wine cellar. Changes in temperature will stress your wines and will not let them age gracefully. The optimal temperature for wine storage is 57° F, but the temperature can be a little higher or lower, so long as the fluctuation does not exceed 2° F.

The wine cooling system also controls humidity. This is important because if humidity is too high, mold grows and the label and glue of your wine deteriorates. On the other hand, too low of humidity dries up the wine cork, causing it to shrink. Shrunk corks will let unwanted air go into the bottle, resulting in wine faults. The recommended level of humidity for wine storage is 50% – 60%.

There are 2 main types of wine cooling systems you can choose from. The first one is called a self-contained through-the-wall type system, which is best for small wine cellars. Other advantages of this type of cooling system include affordability, easy installation, and easy maintenance.

The split cooling system is composed of a fan coil and a condenser. Unlike the self-contained system, the split system is a bit more expensive since it must be installed by a licensed HVAC technician. It is also quieter since the condenser is placed outside the wine cellar and more durable than self-contained system.


With the right wine cooling system, you and your guests will enjoy the benefits of well-preserved wines. Need help in choosing the perfect wine cooling system for your wine cellar? Contact Wine Cellar International now at +1 (954) 630-5866! They can also design and install your Florida custom wine cellar according your wine storage needs, budget, and style.


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