Effective Wine Storage Solution for Wine Collections in Canada

Wine collecting is a fun hobby, but without the knowledge of how to keep wines their optimum quality, you’re merely throwing money away. Wines are costly, but people are willing to spend on collecting them, because their value increases over time as long as they are kept in the ideal conditions. The best place to store and safe-guard a wine collection is a wine cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a well-known wine cellar designer and builder in Canada,built an effective wine cellar in Surrey, BC, with beautiful wine racks.

Wine Racking Project by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Surrey, BC

For many years, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has built a reputation for consistently producing quality wine storage solutions and meeting customer satisfaction. One of their most recent successful projects was a modular wine racking system, installed in a home in Surrey, BC.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar – Trusted Wine Storage Solution Expert in Canada

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar is a highly professional wine storage design and construction company, based in British Columbia, that offers turn-key wine storage solutions for residential and commercial purposes.

Gary Bombay, the owner of Blue Grouse Wine Cellar, values the needs of his clients, and makes sure that Blue Grouse’s products and services meet their satisfaction. Blue Grouse’s design and construction team are trained and skilled at creating effective wine storage solutions that are within their clients’ budgets. In every project, Blue Grouse only uses quality materials, and teams up with the best in the wine storage industry in order to provide the most ideal wine storage spaces.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar works alongside their clients, from the design phase of the wine storage project up to its completion.

Blue Grouse’ Wine Racking Project in Surrey, BC

Residential Wine Cellar Canada

Wine Cellar Project in Surrey, BC

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar has recently built a wine storage solution project in Surrey, BC. The client in this project was a contractor, building a spec home. Since the home did not have a homeowner yet, the contractor wanted to make the home look as good as possible, without spending too much. In line with this, the best wine storage solution for this home was a modular wine racking system.

Modular Wine Racking System – What is it?

There are many types of wine racking systems and they can be basically categorized as custom or modular. The modular type of wine racks is a popular choice these days. One of the advantages of modular wine racks is that wine collectors can select from unlimited combinations to create a racking design that suits their preference. Also, with modular wine racking systems, clients can choose to expand and reconfigure the racking structures, to provide more space for a continually growing wine collection.

Creating a personalized wine storage solution with modular wine racks is relatively easy. Since modular wine racking systems come in a wide array of widths, materials, and designs, wine collectors can simply choose and pair a module or kit of their choice, to meet their wine cellar needs. Clients can assemble basic modular wine rack building blocks to create a big, small or extravagant wine racking system.

The Wine Racking Project in Surrey, BC – Unique Design by Blue Grouse Wine Cellar

The modular wine racking system installed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellar in Surrey, BC had very interesting features. A few of these features include:

1. An Archway Feature.

One of the most beautiful features in this modular wine racking system was an archway. This was the only slightly customized feature in the wine storage solution.

2. A Countertop.

Another beautiful feature in the Surrey residential wine cellar is a countertop. The countertop was added so that there would be a flat surface area for the future home owners to use to sort out and organize their wine. A wine bottle is placed on the countertop in the photo for illustration purposes.

3. Combined Modular Wine Racking System.

The racking system in this residential wine cellar project is comprised of a combination of modules, to create a unique design. The wine racking systemis7 feet tall, which is the standard height for Blue Grouse’s wine racks.

The wine racking system has individual bottle slots, using standard wine racks. Standard wine bottles can be accommodated in these wine racks. A diamond bin was also included, to increase the wine storage solution’s storage capacity, and to accommodate larger wine bottles. These diamond bins have removable slats that the homeowners can choose to remove in order to increase the storage capacity. They can also remove the slats to fit in smaller wood cases. It is recommended that wine collectors store the same wine bottles in one bin. This is so that the wine collection is effectively and conveniently organized. With this arrangement of wine bottles, the wine collector does not need to pull a wine bottle from the bottom, which could otherwise make things more difficult.

4. A Display Row.

A beautiful display row was included in this residential wine cellar in Surrey, BC. When the modules were installed together, the area in the middle that connected them became the display row. The wine bottles were tilted in a 15 degree angle in said display row, so that the wine corks could be kept moist, while allowing wine labels to be visible.

5. Elegant and Cost-Efficient Wine Cellar Lighting.

One of the features that made this home wine cellar so aesthetically pleasing is the rope lighting that was installed. The rope lighting started inside the archway and ran through the display row, through the middle of the wine cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar recommends that an electrical receptacle be provided for the wine cellar lighting, and that a switch is installed, too. This is so that the wine cellar lighting can be turned off and on as needed.

A lamp was also installed in this home wine cellar, by the contractor. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar recommends LED lights for any wine cellar lighting fixtures. LED lights do not generate excessive heat,which could otherwise damage the wines.

6. Curved Corners. 

The wine cellar has curved corners, because these make the storage room look better than corners that meet at a 90 degree angle. The curved corners in the cellar are made of individual wine bottle slots.

7. Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed.

A quality residential wine cellar refrigeration unit was installed in this home wine cellar in Surrey, BC, to provide the ideal conditions for wines to develop and age tastefully. The cooling unit was mounted over the wine cellar door.

Wood Used for the Wine Racks: All Heart California Redwood

The wine racks in the wine cellar in Surrey, BC were made of All Heart California Redwood. This kind of wood is harvested from the middle part of the Redwood tree, and is characterized by a consistent reddish color throughout.

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