Wine Cellar Builder in Miami Constructs a Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design and Solves Temperature Control Problem

A wine cellar is an effective wine storage solution;it can provide and maintain a controlled climate for wines to age within. A wine cellar also should be beautifully designed, so that you can flaunt your wine collection to your friends and guests. US Cellar Systems partners with a wine cellar builder in Miami, Florida, to create a beautiful and effective wine storage solution in Miami Beach with an RM Split Refrigeration System installed. 

A Good Climate Control System is a Vital Part of an Effective Wine Cellar

Before a bottle of wine can be properly enjoyed, it has to be kept in a wine storage room with the ideal temperature and humidity. This will enable it to develop its aroma and flavor. If you want to start a wine collection, you must invest in a wine storage solution, regardless of the size of your wine collection. The most effective wine storage solution in Miami, Florida, is the residential wine cellar. Home wine cellars are the safest places to store wines, both for short term and long term periods of time.

1. A Trustworthy Wine Cellar Design and Construction Company 

In order for your wine cellar to be effective in providing the ideal wine storage conditions, there are a few things to consider. Among these things is what wine cellar builder to trust. Make sure that the wine cellar builder you choose is competent, and has extensive experience in constructing effective wine storage solutions. In Florida, one of the most trusted wine cellar design and construction companies is Wine Cellar International. They are reputable for creating beautiful wine cellars, both for commercial and residential purposes.

2. A Reliable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

Wine Cellar International is also partnered with US Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar refrigeration systems manufacturer in Miami, Florida. US Cellar Systems understands that wine storage solutions vary in wine storage requirements, and so they manufacture various wine cellar cooling systems,to meet said requirements.

US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar International Team Up in a Wine Cellar Project in Florida

Home Wine Cellar Florida

Wine Cellar Project in Miami Florida

Wine Cellar International has recently teamed up with US Cellar Systems, to create a residential wine cellar in North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida. Wine Cellar International provided a consultation to the client, and created a 3D drawing of the wine cellar’s design. Then, after noting/solidifying every detail carefully, the team renovated the client’s home and began construction on a wine cellar with a contemporary design. The space where the wine cellar was built was not very big, and so, to maximize the space, the wine racks were installed up to the ceiling’s height. The wine racking system of choice was brushed stainless steel, which contributed largely to the sophisticated contemporary appeal of the entire residential wine cellar. On the left and right side walls, 3 bottle deep wine racks that stored bottles horizontally were installed, allowing wine bottle labels to be visible. The back wall of the cellar had bin and bulk storage racks. The lowest portion of the wine racking system was designed with case storage. Not a lot of people see the importance of proper insulation. In order to consistently keep the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar at the ideal levels, you need to have proper insulation applied to the walls, ceiling and wine cellar flooring. For the Miami Beach wine cellar, proper insulation was installed. Recycled metal was used for the wine cellar floor, to compliment the contemporary design of the wine storage room. Moreover, a highly-reflective mirror was placed on the ceiling, giving the cellar a sense of increased spaciousness. Another beautiful accent of this Florida home wine cellar are the wine cellar lighting fixtures. The client chose to have overhead lighting, with which to highlight selected vintages. Directional lighting is the ideal choice when it comes to highlighting any portion of a custom wine cellar. LED lights were used,as this lighting type does not produce excessive heat,which could otherwise damage the wines. A few accent lights were installed across the wine cellar floor, to create a dramatic ambiance in the storage room.

Wine Cellar Miami Beach

Wine Cellar Project by WCI and US Cellar Systems in Miami Beach, Florida

An Efficient Wine Cellar Refrigeration System from US Cellar Systems Installed

Wines require a climate controlled environment in order to age tastefully. A climate controlled environment is achievable with the help of a well-insulated residential custom wine cellar with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted wine cellar refrigeration unit providers in Miami Florida. Their wine cellar cooling systems are of high quality and can meet the storage requirements of any wine storage solution.In the Miami Beach, Florida home wine cellar, a Rack Mounted (RM) series split wine cellar cooling unit was installed. The cooling unit’s evaporator was mounted above the wine cellar door, hidden from view inside the wine storage space,while the condenser was placed outside,in order to remove the noise. A thermostat was also installed in the wine cellar, to monitor the temperature and humidity. The versatility of this type of wine cellar refrigeration unit has made it the most popular choice among wine cellar designers and builders in Florida. The unit’s aluminum housing is insulated and rust-proof. The cooling system is designed to deliver cool air to meet the requirements of different locations;specifically, those with a medium to high temperature.

Wine Cellar Refrigerations Miami Florida

US Cellar Systems Installed in Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Trust Only an Expert Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Manufacturer

Since the wine cellar cooling unit is vital to keeping wines safe, it is very important that the wine cellar cooling system you install in your wine storage solution in Miami, Florida is built by an expert. US Cellar Systems has a reputation for producing efficient and high quality products. They offer various kinds of wine cellar refrigeration units that can meet any wine cellar’s wine storage needs. They are also known for delivering services that meet and go beyond customer satisfaction. Their services include installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting residential and commercial wine cellar cooling units. For more information about US Cellar Systems or their products and services, call them at +1 (562) 513-3017 today!

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