Using Wooden Wine Racks in Custom Wine Cellars Wine Storage

Benefits of Proper Wine Storage

A custom wine room is a storage area specially designed and constructed to protect wines from harmful external factors.  A good wine storage space provides a stable temperature with the right amount of humidity and minimal lighting, in order for wines to develop to their full potential.  In addition, efficient custom wine cellars must have proper insulation, to prevent temperature fluctuations.

Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar Racks

Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar Racks

Wine is a perishable commodity.  Storing wines under proper conditions will result in improved flavor, complexity and aroma, but leaving them exposed to an adverse environment can cause great damage to their overall quality.  Hence, proper wine storage requires maintaining a climate controlled environment, to ensure the optimum storage conditions for wines.

Bottle Orientation – A Major Factor in Storing Wines

Another important component of proper wine storage is the orientation of wine bottles.  It is ideal for bottles to be stored on their side, as this allows the cork to be in constant contact with the wine.  Keeping the cork moist is essential to maintaining its sealing capacity and preventing it from drying out.

Wine Bottle Orientation - A Major Factor in Wine Storage

Wine Bottle Orientation – A Major Factor in Wine Storage

Wine storage racks are designed not only to safely store and display wine bottles, but also to complete the look of custom wine cellars.  They are excellent tools for organizing, managing, and displaying a small or large collection of wines.  Wine cellar racks are available in different materials and come in numerous designs that can suit every storage need, décor and personal preference.

Wine Cellar Racks – Innovative Designs

A growing interest in collecting wines has led to an increase in manufacturing wine storage racks with unique and innovative designs, as well as improved functionality.  Today’s wine cellar racks can be used for both residential and commercial applications.  Styles for wine storage and display racks vary.  There are wine racking solutions that can be placed on a counter, stacked atop each other, or mounted on a wall surface.

Wooden Wine Racks in Different Wood Species

Wooden Wine Racks in Different Wood Species

The most preferred medium in wine rack construction is wood, because of its availability and workability.  Mahogany, Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, Cedar, and Pine are among the most popular wood options.  Wooden wine racks are extremely strong and durable, not to mention aesthetically pleasing.  Some wood varieties are able to take stains and finishes well, which can provide a distinct appearance to custom wine cellars.

Trusted Wooden Wine Racks Manufacturers

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars - Wine Storage Racks Manufacturer

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Most wine rack manufacturers offer wooden wine racks in custom or modular formats.  Custom wine storage racks from Coastal Custom Wine Cellars are custom designed to fit the unique structure of each wine cellar space.  Combining various racking components like curved corner units, waterfall display, quarter round display, and single bottle racks with or without a display row can provide the best storage and display system, while lending a customized appearance to a wine room.

Modular Wine Cellar Racks by Wine Cellar SPecialists

Modular Wine Cellar Racks by Wine Cellar SPecialists

Wine cellar racks in modular formats consist of different racking components, and they usually come pre-assembled.  Wine Cellar SPecialists offer a line of pre-designed modular wooden wine racks that include a tabletop, single bottle storage units, a display row, stemware racking, and X cube bins.  Their modular wine racks also come with optional LED lighting, lacquer finish, and side and back panels.

Wine racks constructed from wood are an excellent choice for passionate wine lovers who want to start growing their wine collection and build their own custom wine cellars.  Wood wine racking systems are sturdy, reliable, and can add visual appeal to any wine storage space.