Unique Wine Barrel Flooring for Custom Wine Cellars

Wine cellars are designed not only to keep wines at the best storage conditions but also to add beauty to your home, hotel, or restaurant and entertain guests in a place where they can grab their favorite wines easily.

When building and designing a wine cellar (residential or commercial), important factors such as location, space, wine racks, wine cellar lighting and wine cellar cooling system must be considered  to meet the owner’s wine storage and budget requirements. Don’t forget the wine cellar flooring which is the first thing that guests usually see when entering your custom wine cellar.

Wine cellar flooring must be carefully installed in your wine cellar to ensure that it can withstand high humidity levels, thus protecting your wines from damage. It should not only be installed properly, but should be visually appealing to have an impressive wine room.

Wine barrel flooring is considered the most popular and widely-used type of flooring. It makes use of reclaimed wood from oak barrels, so if you opt for this type of flooring you are helping save mother earth! This is because used wine barrels are converted into extraordinary wine cellar flooring through a unique process instead of selling them as firewood or putting them into landfill.

The diverse color of your wine cellar floor is due to the insignia stamps, markings and natural stains on the barrel, making your wine cellar floor one that will stand out from the rest. The three different wine barrel flooring options are cooperage (top and bottom), stave (outer parts) and wine infusion (inner parts).

Wine Barrel Flooring Options

Find out more about custom wine cellar flooring by visiting www.winecellarsbycoastal.com/custom-wine-cellar-flooring.aspx or www.winecellarsbycoastalblog.com/category/cellar-flooring/.

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Tabletops and Countertops Built from Oak Barrels

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars encourages their clients to experience their wine cellar’s uniqueness by using reclaimed wood from genuine Napa Valley oak barrels. They would love to design a residential or commercial wine cellar for you with wine barrel flooring.

In addition to flooring, tabletops and countertops can also be built using oak barrels. For a free quote, just visit their website and start fulfilling your dream of having a one-of-a-kind wine cellar!!!

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