How an Expert Built a Texas Home Wine Cellar in a Small and Curved Space Under the Stairs

Are you having a hard time finding an area in your home that is suitable for your wine collection? If you are a wine lover who has a small, odd-shaped room, don’t think twice. Any space can be converted into an elegant and functional wine room with the help of a professional. Find out how Wine Cellar Specialists faced the challenges in building an impressive Texas home wine cellar under the stairs

Challenges Did Not Stop a Master Builder from Creating an Impressive Wine Cellar

Curved racks with led lighted wine cellar display

Home Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Trophy Club, Texas

If you have been dreaming of building your own wine cellar at home, but are worried about the size and shape of the space you have, an expert can help you. You can find a knowledgeable provider of wine storage solutions to convert even irregular spaces into beautiful custom wine rooms.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in providing efficient and beautiful storage solutions for wine enthusiasts, has recently installed an under-the-stairs home wine cellar in a Trophy Club in Texas.

The major challenges that Wine Cellar Specialists encountered in building this wine room were the limited space and the curved shape of the room. With many years of experience in wine cellar construction, they have installed wine room projects in unique spaces, including this elegant wine display under the stairs.

They included beautiful components in the design of the racking, and constructed it from an appealing wood material. They installed a wine refrigeration unit manufactured by a trusted provider of cooling solutions.

Custom Wine Racks Constructed from a Beautiful Wood

Texas Trophy Country Club Knotty alder wine racks with lacquer

Knotty Alder Custom Wine Racks Texas

In wine cellar construction, the design of the racking should be both functional and visually appealing.  At Wine Cellar Specialists, they want their clients to have a storage place that will protect their wines from harmful external factors. They also want to make sure that every wine cellar is designed with great features, to provide the owner with a relaxing place for entertaining guests.

In this project, they assessed all of the requirements of the client before creating the 3D wine cellar drawings. These drawings helped the owner visualize the final look of the wine cellar.

18 Texas Trophy Custom Wine Cellar Isometric Front View

Trophy Club, Texas Wine Racks (Back Wall)

25 Texas Trophy Residential Custom Wine Cellar Plan View

Texas Trophy Country Club Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Elevation

Knotty Alder Wood Adds Aesthetic Appeal to the Texas Wine Cellar

One of the factors that affects the overall appearance of your cellar is the wine rack material. Wood has been a favorite of many residential owners because of its classic appeal.

In addition to beauty, another benefit that wood offers is its ability to blend well with the existing décor in your home. These advantages make wooden storage racks a favorite choice in wine rack construction. With many wood choices available, it is recommended to seek the help of your chosen builder in determining the right type of wood for your racking.

In this Texas home wine cellar project, the wine racks were constructed from knotty alder.  Storage racks made from this wood species add a rustic touch to a room. They were finished with a lacquer, as requested by the client.

The Back Wall

Trophy Club Texas wine cellar panorama of the back wall

True Radius Curve Wine Racks (Back Wall)

As you enter the wine room, you will see a long curved wall installed with true radius wine racks, which are intended for storing 750ml bottles individually.

The middle section is a high reveal display row that allows for highlighting some of the owner’s favorite vintages.

To achieve a more dramatic presentation of wine, LED ribbon wine cellar lighting was installed over the display row.

The total height of the racking in the back wall is 9.8 feet. On the left side of the curved racking is a 2-column unit that can hold 16 champagne bottles and 23 split size bottles.

The Left Wall

Right wall shows 3 led rotating lights that are wall mounted

Wood Case Solid Bins

The racking in the left side of the wall is only 3.7 feet high, to provide a space for the cooling unit above it. The top section consists of single bottle storage slots, and a solid X-bin component below them.

The table top was added to the top of the individual wine racks.

Made from reclaimed wine barrels, the Cooperage tabletop adds a unique and an eco-friendly feature to the wine room. The planks used came from the outer parts of the barrels’ head. The distinct markings indicate the original content of the wine barrels.

Wine Cellar Specialists also creates flooring from used wine barrels.

The Right Wall

The wine racks in the right wall of the cellar include three wood case solid bins at the bottom, which are intended for bulk storage. The top section consists of a horizontal wine display rack, to accommodate one magnum bottle or two 750ml bottles.

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System for a Climate-Controlled Texas Home Wine Cellar

Texas Trophy Club racking Front left corner

US Cellar Systems Wine Cover and Box

The main benefit of investing in a refrigerated wine cellar is proper wine storage. Wines deteriorate easily when stored in poor conditions.

They must be kept in a room designed to control temperature and humidity levels. The ideal environment for proper wine aging can be achieved with an efficient wine cooling system.

A refrigeration unit from US Cellar Systems was chosen for this project. US Cellar Systems is a manufacturer of affordable and commercial grade refrigeration systems. Designed for maximum cooling efficiency and quiet operation, the evaporators and condensers of their cooling units are customized for each project.

The unit is mounted on the left wall, just above the wine barrel tabletop. It is hidden in a wooden grill cover and box. The cover is made of knotty alder, to match the wooden wine racks.

The condenser, which is the noisy component of the cooling system, was placed on a high shelf in the owner’s garage. This allowed for quiet operation inside of the wine cellar.

For proper monitoring and control of the conditions in the wine room, the digital controller is placed outside the entryway.

View other brands of cooling units offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

A Master Wine Cellar Builder Can Solve Space Issues

Wine Cellar Specialists has proved their craftsmanship and expertise in building elegant Texas home wine cellars, despite space challenges. Transform that space under your stairs into a wine room with great features. Contact a specialist at +1 (972) 454-0480!

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