M&M Cellars Systems Repairs a Freon Leak in Orange County

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This Irvine Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Needed Repair. M&M Cellar Systems Specializes in the Maintenance and Repair of Refrigeration Equipment for Wine Cellars.

A client from Irvine, Orange County recently called M&M Cellar Systems to report a leak in their wine cellar cooling unit. When an HVAC team was sent to inspect the problem, they found that the equipment was leaking of refrigerant. Although the unit was still cooling the cellar properly, it would not continue to do so if the leak wasn’t promptly repaired. The team applied a stop leak to fix the problem. 

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Freon Leaking

M&M Cellar Systems recently went to Irvine, California to address a complaint from a client about a leaking wine storage cooling system. When the cooling system repair personnel went to assess the problem, they discovered that Freon was leaking from the refrigeration equipment. The cooling unit was still functioning optimally, but it wouldn’t continue to do so if the damage was not immediately fixed.

Determining the Exact Location of the Freon Leak in the Cooling System

Before the repair could commence, the HVAC team had to identify the exact location of the Freon leak. The team used the Ultraviolet Light Detection Method. They injected a UV detectable dye into the refrigeration equipment, and allowed it to circulate through the system for about a month.

When the dye had completely coursed through the system, the technicians came back to check the unit. They used a UV Light Lamp to determine where the dye was exiting, and thus identify precisely where the leak was located. The team found that the leak was inside the unit. They then disassembled the equipment to gain access to the leak and repair it accordingly.

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Applying a Stop Leak to Seal the Freon Leak Inside the Refrigeration Unit

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The team of HVAC technicians from M&M Cellar Systems found that the Freon leak was located inside the cooling unit. The team had to disassemble the unit to repair the damage.

The leak that was found in the Irvine wine refrigeration equipment was different from the usual type of leak that you would find in pipes and drainages. It was a porous type of leak, which is commonly found in wine cooling units because of the humid environment that these types of equipment function in.

The porous leak was not just in one location, but in multiple areas around the copper of the evaporator coil, and Freon was leaking through all these areas. There are two possible solutions to fix porous leaks, and these are to replace the entire evaporator coil or to add a stop leak. The more cost-efficient option is to use a stop leak. Only resort to replacing the evaporator coil when the first solution does not work.

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Mario Morales of M&M Cellar Systems talks about how a Freon leak needs to be repaired promptly. He uses a whole can of stop leak to seal the problem. Find M&M Cellar Systems on Facebook by clicking here!

Stop leaks are made of compounds that work to seal porous leaks. These are sold in cans, and are available in most local hardware shops in California. When purchasing a can of stop leak, make sure that you check if it’s set up for the right tonnage. If the can of stop leak’s tonnage is disproportionate to the capacity of the refrigeration equipment, it can clog up the entire system and cause worse problems.

The team of HVAC professionals from M&M Cellar Systems made sure that the can of stop leaks used was appropriate for the Irvine wine cellar refrigeration system. After they added Freon to the system’s condensing unit, they applied the stop leak. The cooling equipment was then restored back online, and started operating properly.

How Effective is a Stop Leak in Fixing Porous Freon Leaks?

Ideally, the entire evaporator coil should be replaced in order to solve the problem of porous leaks in a cooling unit. But this solution can be very costly. A more affordable option is to solve the problem using a stop leak. Only decide to replace your system’s coil if a stop leak does not effectively fix the issue.

There is a 50% chance that a stop leak can fix a porous leak. HVAC technicians generally wait for about a month to evaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. If it does repair the leak successfully, the cooling system can gain an extended life of up to 10 years.

For this Irvine wine cellar cooling system, the stop leak was able to repair the problem effectively. The client was satisfied with the service provided to them.

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Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services by M&M Cellar Systems

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To protect your wines and allow them to age tastefully, only entrust your wine cellar cooling unit to a licensed HVAC expert. M&M Cellar Systems offers various services for wine cellar refrigeration systems, and all their technicians are certified HVAC professionals.

Need help in choosing the right cooling system for your wine cellar? Want to make sure your refrigeration equipment is installed properly? Are you looking for a reliable maintenance service provider for your cooling unit? M&M Cellar Systems is the solution for you!

M&M Cellar Systems is a leading wine storage refrigeration unit contractors in California. Their experience with various kinds of cellar cooling systems has equipped them to effectively provide a wide range of services for clients in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Besides manufacturing high quality cooling systems and installing them in wine cellars, M&M Cellar Systems also offers maintenance and troubleshooting services. For more information about their products and services, send them an email today through ExpertService@WineCellarCoolingLosAngeles.com! You can also call them at +1 (323) 578-3330!

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