Attractive San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project

Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal Project

Thank you for visiting Wooden Wine Racks. We have been providing our loyal clients with the most gorgeous wine racks for the best value for over fourteen years. We have been winning accolades because of our desire to meet our customer’s highest expectations. We, of course, aimed to do the same with this recently completed San Clemente home wine cellar project.

A client from San Clemente recently asked us to help him fashion a wine cellar for his new house. He already had a specific vision for the whole venture, which was a plus for us since it at least gave us the idea of how we can tie everything together.

San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

This is the San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

Implementing the Wine Cellar Plan

The image above is the plan view, where it lays out the entirety of the wine room in an overhead view. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice how the dimensions are posted around the perimeter. Each elevation is labeled alphabetically so as to avoid confusion. At the top-right of the page, we also indicated the total bottle capacity of the wine cellar: 856 wine bottles.

We recommend you take a look at Elevation A, first; it’s located directly across from the entryway of the cellar. The entire storage is made up of single-bottle openings here. The client requested that a “traditional” wine cellar where the labels won’t be displayed will do well enough for this purpose. He was aiming for functionality above everything else.

His main focus was for his entire wine bottle collection to be stored in what was in reality, a small space; hence his insistence on us not making any display rows for his cellar. Thankfully, the openings were large enough to carry every standard-sized wine bottle currently manufactured in the marketplace. The good thing about it is that the openings are guaranteed to fit even large-scale bottles like Oregon pinots, burgundy wines, soirees, and even standard champagne bottles.

If you look at the side view of Elevation A, you can see how the wine racks are supported by toe-kicks measuring one inch-and-a-half each. Base and crown moldings are also included for each rack. The purpose of these features is to keep wine bottles off the floor. It’s a standard benefit we offer to each one of our clients.

Now, let’s go to elevation B: from the outset, we realize how odd it might look to some people because of the fact it measures only 14 inches tall. However, the purpose for this was to increase the total bottle capacity on the wall it’s positioned in, which was on the right side where three arched windows were also located. Just below the window ledges, more capacity for single-bottle storage spaces had been added and, in this case, helped increase the space to accommodate another 66 wine bottles.

Elevation C is indicated on the left side wall. As expected, it mostly contained single-bottle storage openings. A table top was also put here where a diamond bin for bulk configuration was also fashioned. Three-liter wine bottles and magnums can fit in those spaces.

Custom-Made Wine Cellars Will Never Go Out of Style

San Clemente home wine cellar engraving

The engraving etched on the arch of the wine cellar

When it came to designing the interior of the wine cellar, we came up with ideas that were sensible to the client. One of these he particularly liked was the hand-carved façade we installed on the arch, where a custom line motif was also visible. We also fashioned a space where wine glasses can also be hung upside-down from the wine rack.

The walls were painted with—at the risk of sounding redundant—a “wine” color. Specifically, the stain we chose for it was a chestnut color with just the right hint of red mixed in. The lacquer finish, on the other hand, was a mix of eggshell and satin colors that give the wine racks some much needed luster.

San Clemente Wine Cellar Project Door Thermostat

The refurbished wine cellar door with a Wine Guardian thermostat on the right

Have you noticed that among all the images we pasted here, there was absolutely no hint of visible refrigeration equipment? That’s because we installed a self-contained ducting system by Wine Guardian, which was very helpful in saving the limited space inside the cellar since it doesn’t have any large fan occupying valuable wall space.

If you have a project we can help you with, we are most certainly happy to help. For more of our wine rack selection, you can click here.

San Clemente Wine Cellar Project Final

The completed San Clemente wine cellar project

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