Wine Cellar International and US Cellar Systems Team Up in a Wine Cellar Construction Project in Florida

US Cellar Systems teams up with many wine storage expert companies in the United States to create ideal wine storage solutions for wine enthusiasts all over the country. One of their best dealers is Wine Cellar International. Learn about a wine cellar construction project successfully completed by US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar International.

Wines Need a Wine Cellar that has a Quality Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wines require a climate-controlled environment in order for to properly develop their flavor and aroma over time. They must be stored in a place that is cool, dark and humid. If you want to start a wine collection, you need to invest in an effective wine storage solution. The most ideal place to store wines is in a residential wine cellar that has a quality wine cellar refrigeration system installed.

To make sure that your wine cellar is capable of providing the ideal storage conditions for your wines, you need to have it designed and built by an expert. One of the most trusted wine cellar construction companies in Florida is Wine Cellar International. Their wine cellars are among the most beautifully designed wine storage rooms out there. Moreover, they always make sure that the wine cellar cooling systems that they install in their wine rooms are manufactured only by the best in the industry. One of their partners is US Cellar Systems. US Cellars produces different kinds of wine cellar cooling units, that can meet various storage requirements.

One of the most successful wine storage construction projects in which US Cellars Systems and Wine Cellar International have teamed up was under taken in a home in North Bay Road, Miami Beach. The client’s house was recently renovated, and he wanted to have a contemporary-design and functional custom wine cellar constructed. As standard operating procedure, Wine Cellar International had their wine cellar experts meet with the client to discuss his storage needs and design preferences. After consolidating all of the gathered details, the client was provided with a 3D drawing of the wine cellar that was to be built.

Miami Residential Custom Wine Cellar Design Features

The wine racks were largely responsible for creating a contemporary and sophisticated look for the residential wine cellar. They were made of brushed stainless steel. Moreover, there was very limited space in the construction area, and so, to maximize the storage room, the wine racks were made equal to the ceiling’s height.

Home Wine Cellar Florida

Residential Wine Cellar in Miami, Florida

Wine racks can be configured to store bottles either vertically or horizontally. For this Miami Residential Wine Cellar, to make the wine labels visible to guests, the owner chose to have the his 3-bottle deep wine racking system on the left and right side walls,in order to store his wines in a horizontal position. Additionally, the lowest portion of the wine racks was designed to utilize case storage. Bin and bulk storage racks were also installed on the back wall of the wine room.

There are still many who underestimate the importance of properly insulating a wine storage room. More specifically, a lot of people do not realize how essential it is that the wine cellar walls, ceiling, and flooring have the right insulation, so that the temperature and humidity inside the storage room are kept at the ideal levels, with little to no fluctuation. In the Miami home custom wine cellar, recycled metal was the material used to properly insulate the floor, and to help create the contemporary ambiance that the client wanted.

To make the small space look larger, the wine cellar expert had reflective mirrors installed on the ceiling of the home wine cellar in Miami, Florida.

To accentuate the design of this beautiful wine cellar, the client had various wine cellar lights installed. Overhead directional lighting was included, so that the client’s favorite vintage wines could be attractively highlighted. Some accent lighting that sweeps across the whole wine storage space was also installed, on the wine cellar floor. For all the lighting fixtures in this Miami Florida residential wine cellar, LED lights were used. LED are the most ideal type of lights for wine cellars, because unlike other types of lights, LED lights do not emit excessive heat.

The Appropriate Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Installed 

Wines are easily damaged when exposed to temperature and humidity levels that are too high or too low. A wine cellar, by itself, cannot provide wines with the ideal conditions that they need order to age and develop properly. It is imperative that a wine cellar cooling system is installed. Moreover, each wine cellar has different storage requirements, which are affected by various factors (such as the size of the storage room, the number of bottles stored, the type of insulation used,etc.). This is why you cannot have just any wine cellar refrigeration unit installed in your wine cellar. You need to have an expert determine the most appropriate wine cellar cooling unit for your wine storage room.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Rm Series from US Cellar Systems

For the Miami Beach residential custom wine cellar designed and constructed by Wine Cellar International, a Rack Mounted (RM) series split wine cooling system, manufactured by US Cellar Systems, was installed. The cooling system’s evaporator was mounted above the wine cellar door and hidden from the view outside the residential wine cellar, while the condenser was placed outside. Condensers produce a lot of noise, and since this particular one was placed far from the wine storage room, the wines are protected from the vibrations caused by said noise. These vibrations would otherwise disturb the wines on a molecular level, and thereby prevent them from aging tastefully. Additionally, the client had a thermostat reader installed in the wine cellar, so as to easily monitor the temperature and humidity in the wine storage room.

The wine cellar cooling units manufactured by US Cellar Systems are always of high quality. US Cellar Systems offers not only installation services, but also maintenance and troubleshooting services, for their products. For more information about their products and services, contact US Cellar Systems at (562) 513-3017 today.

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US Cellars & WCI Create a Beautiful Custom Wine Cellar in Miami, Florida

Custom wine cellars in Miami, Florida are the most ideal type of wine storage solutions, but they are only effective if they have an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. Wine Cellar International, a wine cellar designer and builder, partners with US Cellar Systems, a wine cellar refrigeration systems manufacturer, to create an ideal wine storage solution in Miami, Florida.

The Most Ideal Wine Storage Solution

There are various options of wine storage solutions in Miami, Florida. Among all the options, a wine cellar is the best choices. Only a custom wine cellar can provide the ideal climate conditions (e.g. temperature and humidity) for wines to age properly. Moreover, a properly built wine cellar with an efficient wine cellar cooling system installed can maintain these climate conditions at the ideal levels. Fluctuations in their levels can adversely affect wines.

Wine Cellar International – Trusted Wine Cellar Builder in Florida

Wine cellars have to be both beautifully designed, and well-built. Beautifully designed because they will be the sanctuary of your beloved wine collection, and you will want to flaunt your collection to your guests. Well-built because you want your wine cellar to be durable and long-lasting.

Wine Cellar International is a well-known wine cellar designer and builder in Miami, Florida. Their beautiful wine cellar designs are made by the most competent and creative wine cellar designers in Florida. They are also dependable for constructing residential and commercial wine cellars using quality materials, to ensure that they are durable and long-lasting. Wine Cellar International is a full service company. They provide all aspects of their client’s wine storage needs, from the planning and design stage up to its completion. During the planning and design stage, they provide their clients with 3D drawings of the intended wine cellar, to give them a good visual of what is going to be constructed.

US Cellar Systems – Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Manufacturer

US Cellar Systems is a long-standing wine cellar refrigeration units manufacturer in the United States, with a reputation for quality products and services. US Cellars creates various types of wine cellar cooling units that can meet the wine storage needs of any kind of wine cellar. Their licensed HVAC professionals provide installation services, as well as maintenance services, if necessary.

Wine Cellar International Teams Up With US Cellar Systems for a Wine Cellar Project in Florida

Wine Cellar International and US Cellar Systems have worked together many times to create ideal wine storage solutions. One of their most interesting projects was this beautiful residential custom wine cellar constructed in Coral Gables, near Miami, Florida.

WCI Residential Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Designed and Constructed by WCI

The house where the unique home wine cellar was built was brand new. The space allocated for the wine storage room was an L-shaped counter, that was meant to be used as a bar and entertainment area. At first, the client wanted Wine Cellar International to design the custom wine cellar to be similar to a European shower. The client wanted the frames to be invisible, and to have only glass walls surrounding the entire storage room. But after consultations with the wine cellar designer, the client had a change of mind. A European shower design would not make his wine cellar stand out, because in that area, around 50% of the home custom wine cellars built had a sleek, sharp, and very modern look. To make their wine cellar different, the client decided to have a contemporary design, with brushed steel framing and wine racking.

Wine Cellar International built this custom wine cellar in Miami, Florida the same way they would build a commercial custom wine cellar. That is why, although it is technically a residential custom wine cellar, it has a very commercial appeal. The wine cellar is made up of glass, brushed stainless steel, and metal. The storage room also has a heavy gauge commercial grade custom wine cellar door, with commercial style framework that one would usually see in a wine shop only.

Wine Cellar Project by WCI

Wine Cellar in Coral Gables, Florida

This Coral Gables custom wine cellar was built to accommodate up to 891 bottles. Its design includes a display rack at the front. The metal racks were purchased from Vintage View, a well-known metal wine rack manufacturing company. Magnums and other larger wine bottles can be accommodated in this contemporary custom wine cellar, because the client had a custom-made shelf piece built for them. If not used for storing large-size bottles, the shelf can be used as a wine tasting table.

The Challenges in Constructing this Contemporary Home Wine Cellar

In building this contemporary residential custom wine cellar, the team faced a couple of challenges. One of the toughest challenges was the preset structural conditions of the area. To make the storage room look right, the builders made a step down and incorporated it. Another challenge was to make the room’s drop down ceiling look like part of the ceiling, instead of looking out of place. Fortunately, all of these challenges were resolved successfully.

The area for the wine cellar was actually 11 feet in height, and the client wanted to maximize the available space for wine racking. So, the wine cellar builders made sure that the wine racks went from the flooring all the way to the ceiling. A custom-made wine ladder was also included in the design, to make the wine bottles in the higher racks easily accessible. Moreover, to protect the wine racks from being hit by the ladder, a special bracket was made to keep the rail for the ladder off the wall.

Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Unit from US Cellar Systems Installed

Wine cellars have different wine storage requirements, and therefore, each one needs a different wine cellar refrigeration system. For the Coral Gables residential custom wine cellar, US Cellar Systems determined that an RM600 split-type wine cellar cooling unit was the most appropriate cooling system. The system’s condenser was placed outside at around 20 feet away from the client’s house. In most wine cellars, clients conceal the cooling units behind a wooden grate. But in this particular custom wine cellar in Miami, Florida, there was no need for hiding the wine cellar cooling unit, because having it visible complemented the contemporary design of the entire wine storage room.

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Wine Cellar Cooling Units – An Essential Aspect of Wine Storage

Wine needs to be stored in the ideal conditions, and only when a wine cellar has an effective wine cellar cooling unit can these conditions be met. Learn about how Wine Cellar Specialists and US Cellar System joined forces to create an effective wine storage solution in Dallas, Texas. 

Quality Wine Cellars and Efficient Wine Cellar Cooling Units – What You Need to Create an Effective Wine Storage Solutions

A custom wine cellar is practically useless without a wine cellar refrigeration system installed. This is why Wine Cellar Specialists partners with US Cellar Systems when constructing effective wine storage solutions in Dallas, Texas.

1. US Cellar Systems – Provider of Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

There are various wine cellar refrigeration unit providers in Dallas, Texas, and US Cellar Systems is one of the most reliable. US Cellar Systems manufactures only quality wine cellar cooling units, to make sure that clients get what they deserve. Although different custom wine cellars have different wine storage needs, US Cellars can provide the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit to meet those needs.

2. Wine Cellar Specialists – Custom Wine Cellar Designer and Builder

Wine Cellar Specialists is one of the most trusted wine cellar construction companies in Dallas, Texas. They offer consultation services on an individual basis, which means that they make sure that their wine cellars are custom built to meet the personal preferences and individual storage needs of their clients. They have many design consultants that are trained and commissioned to work on wine cellar projects alongside clients. These consultants work with the clients from the consultation phase of the construction up to the completion of the project.

US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar Specialists Work on a Project in Dallas, Texas

US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar Specialists have worked together in many wine cellar projects already. One of their most successful partnerships was on an under-the-staircase custom wine cellar constructed in a home in Mansfield, Dallas, Texas.

Wine Cellar Project by Wine Cellar Spec and US Cellar Systems

In this particular project, the client had a closet situated under the staircase. The challenge for Wine Cellar Specialist was to convert this unused closet into a beautiful custom wine cellar. Wine Cellar Specialists, together with US Cellar Systems, successfully took on the project. Here are the features of the unique and elegant under-the-staircase custom wine cellar:

1. Custom Built Wine Racks

Wine Cellar Specialists can manufacture custom wine racks to meet the wine storage needs of any wine cellar. For this Dallas, Texas wine cellar project, they built wine racks that were customized to fit the closet room’s curved walls. To make the cellar look aesthetically pleasing, they made sure that the wine racking had a seamless appearance, by minimizing the use of joints and screw holes. The racks were made from Mahogany, and a rustic stain and lacquer was applied to the wood.

Wine Cellar Specialists Racks

Wine Racks by Wine Cellar Spec

The racking was designed with lattice horizontal display racks that run along the straight walls of the room and are connected by a mini quarter round rack to the center area of individual 750 bottles slots, with a display row with a true radius curve. The wine racking ends at the lower end, with a horizontal wine rack that tops off a lattice X bin, with lattice case storage at the bottom.

2. Reclaimed Wine Barrels for the Wine Cellar Flooring

A custom wine cellar’s flooring can contribute greatly to the overall appearance of the wine storage room. There are various options of materials that can be used for custom wine cellar flooring. For the Mansfield custom wine cellar project, Wine Cellar Specialists used reclaimed wine barrels for the flooring. More specifically, the cooperages of reclaimed wine barrels were utilized. The cooperage refers to the wine barrel heads. This part of the barrels has the original stamps and markings, which can be a unique accent to the overall wine cellar flooring design.  The reclaimed barrels still had the aroma of the wines that used to be stored in them, and this added to the wonderful ambiance of the residential custom wine cellar. The reclaimed wine barrel flooring is one of the features of this unique wine cellar that the client loved most.

3. Purpose Built Wine Cellar Door

The wine cellar experts of Wine Cellar Specialists understood the importance of a wine cellar door. It isn’t just an entry way to the wine storage room. It plays a vital role in keeping the room secure, and in keeping the temperature and humidity inside the room stable. Additionally, it adds to the beauty of a home wine cellar. For the Dallas, Texas under the staircase wine cellar project, Wine Cellar Specialists installed a purpose-built wrought iron door. So that the client can easily clean and maintain it, the residential wine cellar door also had operable glass. Additionally, the cellar door had a beautiful Venetian View design with copper mist color and oil rubbed bronze Saratoga handle set, which, all together, gave the door an elegant and classy appearance.

4. Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

US Cellar Systems Project Texas

Cooling Unit by Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems

A residential custom wine cellar, regardless of its durability and design, is rendered useless without an efficient custom wine cellar cooling unit. It is the cooling unit that is responsible for providing and maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity for wine storage. Moreover, each wine cellar needs a different wine cellar cooling unit depending on its storage needs. In this unique under the staircase residential wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, Wine Cellar Specialists partnered with US Cellar Systems to provide the appropriate wine cellar cooling unit. US Cellar Systems installed an RM2600 ductless split cooling system in the home custom wine cellar. The refrigeration unit was placed hanging from the cellar’s ceiling, with the airflow directed downward. Ductless split type wine cellar cooling units are the ideal choice for small spaces, like this wine cellar under the staircase. Not only does this type of cooling unit occupy minimal space, it does not produce a lot of noise. Lastly, housing made from Mahogany wood with rustic stain and lacquer was constructed for the wine cellar refrigeration unit, so that it could be concealed to match the wine racking design.

5. Other Wine Cellar Design Features

There are other design features of this one of a kind custom wine cellar that completed its aesthetic effect. The left and end walls were painted with an orange-brick color, while the right wall and the cellar’s ceiling were covered with a faux brick material.

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Residential Wine Cellar Project San Antonio Texas – A Processed Video Transcription

Custom Wine Cellars San Antonio Phillips Project

I would like to take you on a journey of the completely-built Philips wine cellar.

Philips wine cellar plan view

What you’re looking at here is the overhead plan view. You can see up in the upper right hand corner that this cellar will hold 1,069 bottles. Each elevation is designated by a letter – elevation A is the left wall, elevation B being the corners, elevation C the back wall, and D the right wall. We’re gonna walk through each one of those elevations.

The Wine Rack Design

Philips wine cellar left wall.png

Left Wall Racking

Elevation A is the left wall. Here we’ve done a custom racking in a waterfall that faces the window over on the side. Below are solid diamond bins.

In elevation B, this being the curved corners, we used kit racks to keep the cost down. Kit racks along with a 2- column extender, take the total rack height up to 85 inches. Display rows begin on the corners and include a light valance where we will insert our led ribbon lighting.

The back wall is the elevation C. As u can see, the light valance and display rows extend across the back wall. We used kit racking on the back walls.

Individual racks with individual extenders, a solid diamond bin and arch, and solid bin extenders. We also have solid tops on all of our racks to create extra space for storing cases.

Elevation D is the right wall, and again, we used custom wine racks to match the kit racks. So we have individual bottle storage as well as solid diamond bins.

The 3D Wine Cellar Drawings

I’ll walk you through the 3D drawings. Now, you can see the overhead view and the solid tops.

Philips wine cellar overhead view.png

Philips wine cellar elev A.png

Philips wine cellar elev B.png

Philips wine cellar elev C

Philips wine cellar elev D

Here is looking through from the tasting room, into the wine cellar. These are the back wall and left wall of the San Antonio, Texas wine cellar.

Philips wine cellar view.png

View from the Tasting Room

Wine Room Preparation – Insulation and Cooling

Philips room before construction

Wine Cellar Insulation

Now let’s walk through some photographs. Here is where we just began the Texas wine cellar. This is simply the structural phase of the cellar built. Once we got the structural in, we added our electrical, our HVAC, and our closed cell foam which acts as the vapor barrier and insulation.

The cooling unit we chose for the cellar was a CellarPro VSI 4200 with front and rear duct kit. The unit is located in a mechanical room nearby and ducted to and from the cellar, as well as to and from the mechanical room. As we move on, I’ll show you the walls with the closed cell foams.

Philips contractor_Troy paintingWe filled the cavities of the walls for higher capacity. The more the foam, the better is the insulation. We have about 3 ½ inches of foam on the side walls and about 5 inches on the ceiling.

This is our contractor Troy as he adds a supplying primary to the green board on the walls before painting.

Here he is with the homeowner, Mrs. Philips discussing about flooring.

Philips owner

Mrs. Philips and the Contractor

Philips contractor assembling wine racksHere is the wine room with the flooring and the walls painted before touch up and before adding racks. Troy here is installing, actually assembling; getting ready to install the wine racks for the Philips cellar.

The Completed San Antonio Wine Storage Room

Philips completed wine cellar

The Completed Philips Residential Wine Cellar, San Antonio Texas

Here we have the outside view of the completed cellar. You can see we used the Barolo style door with large windows on both sides

The racks as we go inside. These are the racks on the left and back wall. The racks were done in Knotty alder in a rustic stain. We did not apply lacquer on the racks because they wanted a more rustic look.

Philips back and right wallHere again is the back wall of the cellar toward the right side, and the right wall of the cellar

As you can see from these photos, we do have the display rows going on where we did install led lighting underneath. Hope you enjoyed this journey walking through the Philips wine cellar built. This was designed and created by Wine Cellar Specialists, with the help of our contractor, Troy. Hope that you are ready to give us a call so we can help with your wine cellar.

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Miami Beach Stainless Steel Residential Wine Cellar Project

Miami Beach Stainless Steel Residential Wine Cellar Project – A Processed Video Transcription

Contemporary Residential Wine Cellar Designs in Stainless Steel

This custom-designed wine room is in Miami Beach in Florida. This area is one of the more affluent areas, North Bay Road. This particular home is a recently updated private residence, for which the client was looking for a modern contemporary feel for the space.

This space was already designated as a wine room originally during the original build out. It gave the client the opportunity to do something very industrial using metal stainless steel and create a very utilitarian look.

Modern Wine Cellar Doors and Flooring

Miami Beach, Florida Residential Wine Cellar

What we started with here, is we did some custom brushed stainless steel wine cellar doors with inset glass gasket sealed all the way around to make sure they have an airtight seal, with a lock down below the entryway to make sure they can lock it up when they are away.

Custom Wine Cellar Doors Miami Beach

Let’s take a look inside and see more details about the wine room itself. Let’s start off with the wine cellar flooring. The client had requested their designer to go with recycled metal flooring which is a very unique product. It’s a recycled reclaimed metal that gets ground up to create some very unique products.

Recycled Metal Wine Cellar Flooring

Sleek Design with Stainless Steel Wine Racks

wine racks_right wall Miami Beach

Horizontal Wine Racking on the Right Wall

On the right side here, we have custom designed brushed stainless steel metal racking that actually goes tree bottles deep.  It’s a nice method to show the wine with label facing up.  Everything has brushed stainless steel accents; made of custom metal with height maximized to the ceiling.

When we come over here at the back wall, we have wine racks for bulk storage and the bin storage; all custom metal again. It will showcase their wines and some different varieties.  They wanted something a little more utilitarian for the different bottle sizes such as magnums, 750ml, splits and the like. The racking here allows plenty of room for their cellar to grow over time.

Again we duplicated the racking over here for a mirror image; it’s all about symmetry.  And then down here we actually have some additional space for them to for their case wine storage which is always of critical importance to most wine collectors. They need to have a place for their bulk storage.

Wine Rack Designs for the Left and Back Wall

If you’re planning to build your own custom wine cellar, Wine Cellar International would love to help you. It’s team has extensive experience in designing and constructing outstanding residential and commercial wine cellars. Contact them now at +1 (954) 630-5866.

Wine Cellar International – a Reliable Wine Cellar Designer and Builder in Florida

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Green Wine Cellar Designs in Texas Using Old Wine Barrels

Wine Cellars can be Functional, Stylish and Unique

Since wine is gaining popularity among consumers, many homeowners in Texas desire to have a climate-controlled dedicated wine storage for their Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, and other varietals of wine. Investing in a residential wine cellar will store their fine wines safely.

The room to be used for wine cellar conversion is insulated and installed with vapor barriers to prepare it for refrigeration and ensure that it provides wine the most ideal conditions for both short and long-term storage.  Having a home wine cellar allows your collection to grow and also allows you the freedom to purchase wines in bulk. Buying wines that require significant time to age will not be a problem either.

Not only are climate-controlled wine cellars in demand, but also ones that are built with style and uniqueness. Displaying your collection in a unique way will impress guests and add greater value to your home. Using “green” materials is one of the many ways to have a wine room that is in style.

Creating a Masterpiece with Reclaimed Wine Barrels

Wine Cellar Specialists, a wine cellar builder in Texas with extensive experience in wine cellar construction, focuses on both the technical aspects and aesthetics of their client’s wine cellar.

Re-Purposing Wine Barrels

Reclaimed Wine Barrels can be Used for Unique Wine Storage Designs

Their wine cellar designers and installers love to create unique wine storage designs by utilizing reclaimed oak wine barrels. With their creativity, the useful life of the wine barrel’s components can be extended by making new products out of these materials that will aid a collector in displaying and storing their wines attractively.

Oak wine barrels add the dimensions of oak flavor (usually a hint of vanilla) to the wine stored in them. This is why many vintners still make use of oak barrels today. Storing wine in an oak barrel allows a minimal amount of oxygen to come through, preserving wine’s desirable characteristics.

After about 5-7 years, wine barrels have little to no beneficial flavor components left to enhance the wine. This is the right time to repurpose the “waste” into some state-of-the-art products.

Why incorporate reclaimed oak wine barrels in your custom wine cellar design? Oak wood is strong, durable, and attractive. It is also naturally high in tannin content, so treatment against insect attack or decay is not necessary.

You may choose oak wine barrels strips or planks inside the barrel heads that are stained by wine (wine-infused), made from the barrel heads (cooperage), or strips from the barrel’s body (staves). Combining these parts of the barrel will result in wine racks, flooring, or table tops with stave band markings, authentic stamps, and wine coloring.

These characteristics make oak wine barrels a great material for wine cellar construction. Wine barrel flooring also exudes warmth and character that other types of flooring don’t.

Keep in mind that it is not resistant to scratches and moisture, so utmost care and maintenance is required for you to enjoy its warmth for several years to come. It is also a bit more expensive than other types of flooring, but will save you money in the long run because of its longevity and superior insulation properties.

Green Custom Wine Racking, Tabletops, and Flooring

Custom wine racks handcrafted by Wine Cellar Specialists from a part or different parts of reclaimed wine barrels are simply awe inspiring. They create an amazing warm atmosphere and unique beauty in the wine cellar.

Custom Wine Racking with Reclaimed Wine Barrels

The natural arch of staves (individual strips of wood that make up the body of the barrel), allows Wine Cellar Specialists to play with their imagination and creativity by creating custom wine racks with curved shelving. The curved state of the staves is also perfect for hanging stemware glass racks. Depending on your preference, the wine barrel strips can be flattened to create straight wine rack shelving.

Many wine cellar owners want to have a tabletop or countertop in their wine cellar where they can decant and serve wine or display other accessories. For surfaces like tabletops, the barrel strips are usually flattened to serve this purpose.

Wine Barrel Table Tops Add Character to Texas Wine Cellars

For the wine cellar flooring, any part of the barrel can also be used. The planks are engineered for more stability and suitability in humid conditions such as climate-controlled wine rooms. They are pre-finished and tongue-and-groove constructed.

Wine Barrel Planks used for Wine Cellar Flooring are Engineered

Integrating used wine barrels into your cellar design allows for the release of the distinct aroma of the wine previously stored in the wine barrel, creating the feel of an old-world winery.

Many wine collectors who have growing collections and want to be environment-friendly choose reclaimed wine barrels to create a classic feel in their wine cellars or tasting rooms. For those who want to have a functional wine cellar in Texas with a touch of nature, now is the time for you to contact Wine Cellar Specialists at 866-646-7089, or visit their website at

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Wine Cellar Furniture, Wine Cellar Racks and Wine Cabinets – Distinctive Wine Cellar Ideas

Custom Wine Cellars and Wine Cellar Furniture

A custom wine cellar is a beautiful addition to any private home or dining and hospitality establishment.  A wine storage room is a unique feature that not only provides an attractive area for showcasing a large wine selection, it also improves the aesthetic quality of a home.

Custom wine cellars can function as entertainment hubs  as well, where tasting events and dinner parties can take place.

Wine Cellar Furniture - Wine Cellars by Coastal

Wine Cellar Furniture – Wine Cellars by Coastal

The addition of wine cellar furniture not only complements the character and functionality of a custom wine room, but also helps create a relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

Furniture pieces are designed to match the interior décor of a wine cellar, and to complete the overall look of a wine storage space.

Wine cellar racks, wine cellar tables, and wine cellar tools are some of the most popular types of wine cellar furniture.

Proper Wine Storage Using Wine Cellar Furniture

A nicely aged wine enhances the tasting experience for both veteran wine experts and novice wine enthusiasts.

Using Wine Cellar Racks for Proper Wine Storage

Using Wine Cellar Racks for Proper Wine Storage

Hence, it is important to observe proper wine storage, to ensure that the flavor, taste, and character of wine improves over time.  Aside from creating a stable wine storage environment, providing the right combination of wine storage and display solutions is essential to proper wine preservation.

Wine Cellar Racks

Wine cellar racks provide a storage system wherein wine collectors can organize, display, and manage their wine collection.  Wine racking systems promote the proper placement of wine bottles during storage.

Wine Cellar Racks - Effective Wine Storage Solution

Wine Cellar Racks – Effective Wine Storage Solution

Bottles are stored in a horizontal orientation, which keeps the cork in constant contact with the wine, and not only prevents the cork from becoming brittle, but also maintains its sealing quality.

The size and storage capacity of wine cellar racks vary greatly.  Wine racking solutions come in different styles to fit various display needs, and they are available in single, double, or triple depth configurations, to address any storage requirements.

Wine storage and display racks are built out of different materials, such as wood, wrought iron, stainless steel, and plastic.

Wood Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden Wine Racks

Wooden wine racks are an ideal choice if you want many customization options.  In fact, wooden wine racks are the most preferred wine cellar furniture, because of their durability and versatility.

They are available in different sizes, heights, wood materials, wood stain options, and storage capacities.  They are also recommended if you want to store wines in bulk.

The wood species used in creating wooden wine racks are Mahogany, Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, Oak, Cedar and Pine.  These wood types are the most commonly used in the wooden wine racks industry, because of their durability and natural beauty.

Stylish wooden wine racks include diamond bin wine racks, x-cube wine racks, lattice style wine racks, curved corner wine racks, arched wine racks, and a lot more.  Coastal Custom Wine Racks and Wine Racks Specialists are two of the most popular wine cellar racks manufacturers today.

Wine cellar designers recommend a combination of different wine rack styles when designing and building a wine cellar.  This is one of the awesome wine cellar ideas that create sophisticated and distinctive wine cellar designs for both wine storage and wine display purposes.

It is wise to contact a wine cellar specialist to discuss other wine cellar ideas that will suit your budget and specifications.

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought Iron Wine Racks

Wrought iron wine racks are stylish and practical, and they come in a variety of finishes.  You can choose between free standing and wall-mounted types of wrought iron wine racks.

Their contemporary look adds character and interest to the wine room.  They can also be designed to look more traditional and antique.

One advantage that wrought iron wine racks have over wooden wine racks is the fluid and flowing shapes that can be created with wrought iron.  This allows more options for those who want to personalize their wine racking or add decorative elements to their wine room.

Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Stainless Steel Wine Racks

Stainless steel wine racks are also contemporary in style, and they are usually placed in the kitchen.  They blend well with today’s modern interior designs and appliances.

Available in various shapes, sizes and designs, stainless steel wine racks can be used as ornaments in residential and commercial settings.

Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic wine racks are described as designer wine racks because of the attractive styles, shape and color that they offer.  These are seldom used for long-term wine storage because of durability concerns.

Plastic wine racks are a fun way to store and display wines, because they can be stacked and combined to generate cool wine racking styles.

Tables and Chairs

Beautifully handcrafted tables are wine cellar furniture that provide a workspace area for the opening, serving and decanting of wine.  They are also the best place to present the different wine selections for a wine tasting event.

Tabletops are usually matched with the wine racking or the flooring.  Wine barrel table tops or cooperage countertops go well with wooden wine racks and wine barrel flooring.

The addition of wine cellar stools or chairs complement the wine cellar tables and wine racking systems, and spruce up the storage space.  Some choose to add a sofa set to enhance the space and to entertain more guests.

Wine Cellar Tables, Chairs and Countertops

Wine Cellar Tables, Chairs and Countertops

Wine Cabinets

Climate controlled wine cellars are very expensive to build, as they required proper insulation, vapor barriers, wine cellar cooling equipment, and more.  Since not all wine lovers have access to their own private wine cellar, wine cabinets are an affordable wine storage solution.

Wine Cabinets

Wine Cabinets

With the right style, wine cabinets can become an elegant feature of any living space.  They are attractive pieces of furniture that not only help preserve the overall quality of wines, but also enhance the beauty of a room.

Wine cabinets are climate controlled furniture pieces, designed to simulate the climate conditions of underground wine cellars.

They come with temperature and humidity control systems, soft LED lighting, dark interiors, and tinted glass.  Wine storage cabinets are available in freestanding or built-in models.

Some climate controlled wine storage cabinets have dual or multiple temperature zone features that can accommodate different serving and chilling temperatures.

Coastal Custom Wine Racks Online Store

Coastal Custom Wine Racks Online Store

In addition, wine cabinets have a digital display that provides easy viewing of  the current temperature, as well as make temperature adjustments for the various temperature zones.

When choosing the right type of wine cellar furniture, it is best that you set your budget and design specifications first, and then consult a wine cellar or wine storage expert.  You can also check out online stores to get unique wine cellar ideas, and preview the different wine cellar furniture products available, and their corresponding price.

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A Useful Guide to Proper Wine Storage in Canada

Because of wine’s health benefits, many people want to drink a glass of it as part of their everyday lives. So, they start buying and collecting wine at home.

Whether your wines are meant for short or long term aging, harmful factors will positively or negatively affect them when not properly stored.

Since collecting wine is a quite expensive hobby, you need to know how to store wine the right way.  Below are some tips to guide you in keeping wine’s desirable characteristics and enjoying every sip of it.

Wine Storage Tips – Factors that Affect Wine Quality


Temperature is the biggest factor that influences wine’s aging process. Ideally, wine must be kept in a wine cellar that has a temperature of 50-65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature fluctuations must not be more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit a day, or else wine will experience premature aging and lose its freshness.

This is why serious wine collectors invest in a residential wine cellar to ensure the safety of their favorite vintages. Canada wine cellars installed with an efficient wine cooling system can achieve a climate-controlled environment. Learn the reliable brands of wine cellar refrigeration units by clicking here.


The cork’s purpose is to seal the wine bottle. It should keep its shape to prevent air from seeping into the bottle.

When the humidity in your custom wine room is below the ideal level (which is 60%-70%), the cork will dry out and become brittle, letting unwanted oxygen enter the bottle and ruin the wine. High humidity levels can cause the formation of mildew on the cork and can damage your wine labels.

Bottle Orientation

Storing the bottles horizontally or at a 45-degree angle (cork facing down) is the ideal way to store wine. Since the cork remains in contact with wine, it will not crack, allowing no air to pass through.


Vibration accelerates the aging process of wine, ruining its natural quality. As much as possible, avoid moving other bottles when pulling out a bottle from your wine rack.

Depending on your wine rack design, it is important that you stack the vintages meant for long-term aging below wines which are intended to be drunk earlier. Never store wine near generators or areas with heavy traffic.


Lighting in your Canada home wine cellar or in an area where you placed your wine racks or wine cabinet should be minimal. Too much light can harm wine’s flavor and aroma. Make sure that it is stored away from sunlight and that you use a lighting system that has dimmer switch.


Substances that have strong smell (paint, cleaning agents, etc.) should not be placed near your wines because the cork can absorb the odor coming from the outside air. Isolating your wine and having proper ventilation in your wine storage area can protect your wine’s taste and aroma.

Know the Best Wine Storage Solution for Your Collection

Wines are best stored in a climate-controlled wine cellar. If you need a professional to help you determine the most suitable wine storage solution for your needs, budget, and style, contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, one of the leading wine cellar designers and builders in Canada. Contact them today at 1.888.400.CORK (2675) or visit their website at

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Residential Wine Cellar in Miami, Florida for Your Wine Collection

There are still many people today who have no idea that wines require certain conditions in order for them to taste good. Some people just keep their wines anywhere, and chill them only when they want to drink them. Wines require proper wine storage so that they can age tastefully. Preserve the quality of your wines by having a good residential custom wine cellar built in Miami, Florida.

When having a custom wine cellar built in your home, here are things you need to remember:

1. Wine Storage Rooms Should be Kept Cool

Wines need to mature slowly for them to taste good, and heat causes them to age faster than they should. Moreover, if the heat is too much, wine can become stewed, its flavor and aroma spoiled. Wines should only be kept in a custom wine cellar in Florida that can provide a temperature of 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes lower than this, the maturation will be too slow and the right flavor will not be achieved.

2. Keep Temperature from Fluctuating

The temperature in your home wine cellar in Miami, Florida should be kept in the ideal range, without any fluctuations. When sudden fluctuations in temperature occur, chemical reactions within the wine can occur and spoil its flavor.

3. Protect Wines from Vibration

Wines should be kept in a place where they can be steady. Vibration and different kinds of movement can cause the compounds in wine to have a chemical reaction that will ruin the flavor. Moreover, sediments in wine will not be able to settle down if there is too much vibration. Keep your wines in well-constructed custom wine racks, so that they are protected from unnecessary movements.

4. Keep Away From Direct Sunlight

Residential custom wine cellars in Miami should be kept dark and away from sunlight. Ultraviolet light can cause the premature aging of your wine. This is the very reason why wineries put their wines in dark colored glass bottles.

If you do install wine cellar lighting in your storage room, choose that which does not emit too much heat. LED lights are the most ideal for home wine cellars in Miami, Florida.

5. Keep the Humidity Under Control

The humidity in a custom wine cellar in Miami, Fl should be kept within 50 to 80 percent. If the humidity level goes below this range, corks will dry out and shrink. When this happens, air will get inside the wine bottles and come in contact with the wine. This will most certainly spoil the flavor of your wines. On the other hand, if the humidity goes above the ideal range, mold might begin to grow, and contaminate your wines.

Professional Wine Cellar Designer in Miami, Florida

To make sure that the all your wine storage needs are met, it is best to consult with a professional custom wine cellar designer and builder in Miami, Florida. Wine Cellar International is one of the most trusted companies in Miami, Florida when it comes to residential wine cellar construction.


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Best Wine Storage Solution: A Residential Custom Wine Cellar

If you’re just starting with your wine collection, it’s important that you understand how wines must be stored in order to mature tastefully. Wines require specific conditions, and custom wine cellars in Dallas, Texas can provide these conditions. Although there are various approaches on how to store wine, residential wine cellars in Dallas, Texas are the most ideal approach.

One example of an excellent wine storage solution is a custom wine cellar built in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, Texas. Wine Cellar Spec, the company who designed and built the wine storage space converted a small kitchen pantry under a staircase into a lovely home wine cellar in Dallas.

Learn about this uniquely designed and built residential wine cellar by reading through this article.

Custom Wine Cellar Design

A good wine cellar designer will design a cellar based on the client’s personal preference, and will make sure that the wine storage room matches the existing home décor. Among the various kinds of woods that can be used, Wine Cellar Spec chose to use rich Mahogany for the wine racking. A custom stain was also applied, to complement the colors in the house. The custom wine racks were designed with a lower double deep solid x bins to accommodate bulk storage. A wine tasting table was added as well. Since the wine cellar is beneath a staircase, the wine cellar designer created a full way of horizontal single deep custom wine racks and a waterfall style wine rack in order to complement the slanting wine cellar ceiling.

Every residential wine cellar in Dallas, Texas should have its wine cellar door properly constructed. A poorly constructed cellar door can negatively affect the consistency of the temperature and humidity levels inside a home wine cellar. The wine cellar door in this unique wine storage room in Frisco was designed with a square top and an arched dual plane glass panel with a wrought iron inset. Custom moldings were included in the design, to match the moldings in the client’s home.

Wine Cellar Wood Lacquers & Finishes

The type of lacquer or finish applied to the wood of your custom wine cellar can affect the quality of your wines. Some lacquers emit a bad odor that can alter the flavor and aroma of your wines. It’s important to remember that wine storage rooms are tightly sealed rooms and any odor will build up eventually.

In the residential custom wine cellar in Frisco, Dallas, Texas, Wine Cellar Spec chose to use a non-aromatic type of lacquer in a color that complemented the existing décor of the house. The custom wine cellar designer made sure that not only would the home wine cellar look beautiful, but it would also be effective in keeping wines safe.

US Cellar Systems Provides Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Texas has a climate wherein the temperature and humidity varies a lot throughout the day and through the seasons. Storing wines in a custom wine cellar in Dallas, Texas means that you need an efficient wine cellar refrigeration unit, to keep the temperature and humidity inside the storage room constant.

US Cellar Systems is a partner of Wine Cellar Spec in creating the ideal custom wine cellars in Dallas, Tx. In this particular wine cellar project in Frisco, a Rack Mount 2600 was installed.


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Wine Cellars & Other Wine Storage Essentials in Dallas, Texas

More and more people are getting into the hobby of collecting wine. In Texas, people have begun having residential custom wine cellars built in their homes, in order to provide a proper storage place for their collection. If you want to start your own wine collection, it is important you understand that wines requires proper storage in order to mature tastefully. The following are the essentials of proper wine storage:

1. Quality Wine Cellar Cooling System

Your residential wine cellar in Dallas, Texas needs to have a quality custom wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. Choose your wine cellar cooling unit carefully. The unit choose should not only be able to function well in your wine storage room, but its manufacturer should also have local service. It is important that the equipment you purchase can be repaired locally if necessary.

2. Insulation and Vapor Barriers

These have to be applied properly before the custom wine cellar is built. If the insulation and vapor barriers are not applied properly, the ideal temperature and humidity levels for wine storage will fail to be achieved, regardless of what refrigeration system you install. Condensation will most likely occur also, behind the cellar walls. This can lead to mold formation.

3. Proper Lighting inside the Wine Cellar

Lighting is just as important as any other part of a custom wine cellar. Plan your wine cellar lighting while planning your wine racking. Lighting can either be low voltage within the wine racks, track or recessed in the ceiling. There are many options you can choose from. Choose that which suits your personal preference.

4. Custom Wine Racks

There are various kinds of wine racks in Dallas, Texas. The most popular kinds of wine racks are those made from wood or metal. The wine racks you choose should not only complement the design of your custom wine cellar in Dallas, Texas, but should also effectively maximize whatever space you have.

A lot of people like wooden wine racks in Dallas, Texas because, not only are they durable, they also create an elegant, classic ambiance in a custom wine room. There are many different woods to choose from, such as Fir, Pine and Mahogany. Cedar is also a wood type used to make wooden custom wine racks in TX, but not a lot of people like it because it emits an unfavorable odor.

There are various kinds of wine racking elements in Dallas, Texas that you can use, such as individual, diamond, rectangular bin, etc. The wine racking elements that you choose should be based on your collecting habits. If you are not that type that purchases cases of wine bottles, you should probably stick to individual racking. Diamond and rectangular bins are for those who like to collect a lot of large wine bottles. Moreover, if you like leaving your wines in the wood cases, make sure that you have wine racks in Dallas, Tx for wood case bins.

Make sure that you have a labelling system for your wine racks in Dallas, because it can really be tedious to keep up with your wine collection once it starts growing significantly. Plan your inventory system to keep everything organized.

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Gorgeous Custom Wine Cellar in Orange County, California

Long ago, wine collecting was only done by enthusiasts who were well-off enough to maintain this expensive hobby. These days, however, any wine enthusiast can start a wine collection without spending too much.

He also doesn’t need to dig up a basement and create an underground cellar. There are new and improved ways to start a collection which need a little imagination and, of course, passion for wines. It is easy to catch the wine fever when you live in a wine region. California boasts plenty of vineyards and has produced great wines enjoyed by many.

Recently, many collectors have converted a room in their homes or a garage into a custom wine cellar. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed an elegant wine cellar in Orange Country, California. A previously 2-car garage was converted into a wine room complete with all the necessary essentials and accessories.


Attractive Features of the Dana Point, Orange County California Wine Cellar

The garage transformed into a wine room has a Tuscan-style arched wine cellar door that adds elegance to the overall look of the wine room. The glass of the door has a mechanism that can be opened and cleaned for maintenance.

At the right side of the wine room are  wine racks of various design and depth to accommodate different wine bottle sizes. The typical size of the wine racks can house 725 standard-sized 750 ml wine bottles. These are stored and retrieved in bins with relative ease as the wines can be stored with their labels easily readable.

California Custom Wine Cellar Design by Coastal

A tabletop was included for pouring wines. Coastal added a pair of drawers below a tabletop which can be used to keep wine accessories or accoutrements such as napkins and corks (if he’s collecting those) from the consumed bottles.

The middle shelf opens to a wall and lights- called valences- were put up to add drama and depth to the wine racks. These lights do not emit warmth that can affect the wine bottle’s immediate environment causing the wine to get ruined. These are wine friendly lights, used only for subdued illumination.

The second open space in the wine racking system is intended for the wine cellar cooling unit. The designers used a CellarPro wine cooling unit which is sufficient to cool the whole wine room.

On one part of the wine racks, there are provisions for boxed wines or wood cases for bulk storage. Some racks can store two bottles while some are only for single bottle storage.

On one end, a 4 layer shelf is placed for upright storage. In the design plan, wine bottles were drawn, but in reality these shelves are intended for decorations or for decanters. Wines are stored sideways to prevent the cork from drying out which allows oxygen to enter the bottle, consequently ruining the liquid inside.

What sets apart a custom wine cellar from others is its personalized details fit for the objectives and collecting habits of the wine enthusiast. At Coastal Custom Wine Cellars, they provide a free design layout and 3D output for the clients to completely visualize the possibilities of the room to be converted into a California custom wine room.

Learn more about their products and services at or contact them at (888) 735-8889. For a FREE 3D wine cellar design, click here.

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Appealing Custom Wine Storage Designs by Coastal

Different wine collectors have varied preferences for their custom wine cellar. Some would prefer simple design layouts, while others would prefer lavish and stylish cellars for wine storage.

The choice of wine cellar design largely depends on the style of one’s home, the size of the wine cellar, and the number of wine bottles he aims to collect and store. The budget he sets aside for the entire wine cellar construction, its interiors, and maintenance also play a major role.

Some would scrimp on other things, but not on their wine cellar. This is especially true for avid wine collectors who love to entertain friends and show off their most prized possession. There are several things one can incorporate in the construction and design of his wine cellar for that unique look and style.

Wine Cellar Murals

DEC 25 MURAL2Murals are paintings on the walls or ceilings. These are either painted on canvas or directly on walls using acrylics or oils. Some murals are painted or framed on archways and glass rack openings.

Wine cellar murals can depict artwork from famous paintings, postcards, personal photographs, or pictures with vineyard themes. The design will largely depend on the client’s preference and overall theme.

Waterfall Wine Racks

For added design and appeal, waterfall wine racks can be used to store wine bottles. This unique style comes in a simple waterfall design, meaning the levels seem to be “falling” or “flowing” from the top to the floor.


Some waterfall wine racks have a flat surface at the middle for use as a counter or table. There are varied sizes available on the market for the client to choose from. This is a neat way of stacking wine bottles without having difficulty retrieving them when the wine is ready for consumption.


View custom wine cellars built with waterfall wine racks:  


Wine Cellar with Rolling Ladders

For wine cellars with wine racks from floor to ceiling, it is advisable to have rolling ladders attached to the wine racks. Usually, the same kind of wood and stain are used for the wine racks and the ladder for a clean look.

Library Style Custom Wine Cellar California

The ladder is similar to the ones used in libraries. Check out a library style wine cellar at

Using the ladder will ensure safety of the person when getting the wine bottle from the topmost level of the wine rack and of the bottle too, as accidents can be minimized or prevented.

Wine Barrel Carvings

Wine barrel carvings are carvings done on reclaimed oak wine barrels. These are used as containers of wines for fermenting and aging before the liquid is bottled.

Wine barrel carving is an old German art which has survived time. Most of the time, successful vintners use this piece of wine decoration to promote their wines. Recently, wine collectors have started acquiring one for their wine cellar depicting various pictures of Bacchus (the god of wine), grapes, wines, logos, insignias, and others. Wine cellars accentuated with wine barrel carvings are truly unique.

Wine Cellar with Cigar Humidor

To turn a wine cellar into a true man-cave, some collectors who had their wine cellars custom built added drawers or shelves to place their cigars. These are called humidors and they come in various sizes and forms as cigars, for some, are the perfect partner of a glass of wine.

Inside the humidor, dividers of varied sizes can be made for the cigar containers or cigars themselves. This will surely add another plus for many wine drinkers and smokers. Click here to view a wine cellar in Baltimore, Maryland with a cigar humidor.

These are just a few things that add appeal and style to any residential and commercial wine cellar. Choose the ones that will complement the overall design and look of your wine cellar.

With proper planning and imagination, these things blend well together for that special and unique wine cellar, one in which the collector would be proud to show off his wine collection.

Whatever feature you want to incorporate in your wine cellar design can be achieved with the craftsmanship and extensive experience of Wine Cellars by Coastal. Click here to request a 3D design for FREE or call them at (888) 735-8889.

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Orange County Wood Wine Racks for a Residential Wine Cellar Dana Point California

A wine rack storage system is an essential feature in any wine cellar space, as it not only provides an efficient storage and display solution, but also completes the overall look of the custom wine room.  As long as the proper climate conditions are maintained, an efficient racking system can help keep wine collectibles in excellent condition for a prolonged period of time.

Today’s wine racking systems are made of different materials, and come in a range of sizes and styles that can accommodate the specific storage needs and design requirements of each client.  Orange County wood wine racks have always been a popular racking solution because of their superior strength, excellent durability, and better aesthetics.

Excellent Wine Rack Design for Organizing and Displaying Wines

Residential Wine Cellar Dana Point California Project.jpg

Residential Wine Cellar Dana Point California Project.jpg

Combining the right custom wood wine rack design creates an excellent system for organizing, displaying, and managing a large wine collection.  This recently completed residential wine cellar Dana Point California demonstrates how bringing together various wine racking styles can provide the optimal storage capacity as well as eye-catching display and storage solutions.

Residential Wine Cellar Dana Point California  Design Features

The Dana Point Garage Wine Cellar measures 11.5’ L x 5.25’ W x 6.5’ H.  It has a total storage capacity of 725 wine bottles, which includes 278 in bulk storage, 319 750 ml openings/display rows, 12 wood case openings, 4 display shelves for magnums (1.5L), and 6 display shelves for double magnums (3L) and imperials (6L).  All racking systems are constructed from unfinished premium redwood.

On the right side wall, Coastal Wine Cellar Builders Orange County installed a combination of Orange County wood wine racks with single bottle openings and a high reveal display row racking system that went around the perimeter of the residential wine cellar Dana Point California.  A tabletop with drawers was also added, to provide additional storage for wine accoutrements.

Orange County Wood Wine Racks Display

Just above the tabletop are display shelves for magnums or 1.5 liter bottles.  The label forward orientation of the bottles promotes clear visibility of wine labels.  Below the tabletop drawers are several diamond bin openings for bulk storage.

Orange County Wood Wine Racks

Orange County Wood Wine Racks

The single bottle wood wine racks are designed to have a universal opening, which means they can accommodate just about any standard-sized wine bottle in the marketplace, including Shiraz, Zinfandels, Oregon Pinots, California Bluechips, and standard champagne bottles.

Display racks with high reveal are perfect for showcasing the best wine bottles.  These racking solutions are excellent management tools because the client can store like wines above and below the display shelf.  The addition of soft LED lighting behind the valance provides a dramatic glow to the bottles that are perched along the high reveal area.

Large Format Bottle Wood Wine Racks

The back wall features openings for wood casings, flanked with several individual bottle storage racks and Orange County wood wine racks with high reveal.  Below the wood case openings are double deep diamond bin racks that increased the storage capacity of the residential wine cellar Dana Point California, and at the same time provided more tabletop area for serving or decanting wines.

The right wall was mostly utilized for storing large format bottles and wood casings.  Display shelves for 3-liter and 6-liter wine bottles are found in this area, along with additional openings for wood case storage.  Wine cellar builders Orange County installed a quarter round display shelf as an end piece.  Quarter round shelves are ideal for holding decorative pieces or other wine accessories, like decanters.

CellarPro Wine Cellar Cooling System

Wine Cellar Door and Cooling Unit

Wine Cellar Door and Cooling Unit

To maintain optimal storage conditions, wine cellar builders Orange County installed a CellarPro Exterior Vent.  The self-contained cooling system was mounted onto an opening in the racking frame.  This type of refrigeration equipment comes in one piece, mounts to an interior wall, and exhausts warm air into a well-ventilated, adjacent room.

Wood Grain Cork Flooring

Wood grain cork was the flooring material of choice.  The use of wood grain cork flooring not only promotes environmental sustainability, but also provides many benefits and advantages (e.g. a cushiony, comfortable surface, insulating qualities, easy to clean surface, mold-resistant characteristics).

To complete the overall appearance of the Dana Point Garage Wine Cellar, as well as provide optimal sealing, the wine cellar builders installed a Tuscan-style arched door.  The wine cellar door has dual pane glass and operable iron detail.  Operable means that the iron is hinged to allow for ease of cleaning.



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Chicago Residential Custom Wine Cellar with Quality Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

Residential wine cellars in Chicago are the safest place to store wines. A great wine storage room has a quality wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. A wine cellar designer and builder in Chicago, Illinois teams up with US Cellar Systems to create one of the most beautiful custom wine cellars.

Home Wine Cellar in Long Grove, Chicago Designed by Baroque Designs LLC

Baroque Designs LCC constructs a uniquely designed custom wine cellar in Long Grove, Chicago, Illinois. The client wanted a residential wine cellar that could accommodate more than a thousand wine bottles. The wine cellar designer built the wine storage room in the client’s home, in the billiard table room. The room had a fireplace, which was sealed up. Insulation and a vapor barrier were also installed.

The client in Long Grove wanted a home wine cellar that had a classic and medieval ambiance. Baroque Designs had stone work done up to the 10’ceiling, and included a suit of armor in the décor to complete the look.

For the wine racking, reclaimed barn wood was obtained from their local supplier and used. All the custom wine racks in this unique wine cellar were hand made by the wine cellar designer.

The wine racks in this Chicago custom wine cellar include individual storage and a diamond bin, for bulk storage. Moreover, the four niches in the corners were 2’ in height and 6” in depth, and designed to showcase magnums.

One of the highlights of this home wine cellar is the purpose built wine cellar door, importuned from Europe. Also, a large wine tasting room, complete with a table and chairs, was added and then decorated to complement the wine storage room’s medieval ambiance.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit in Chicago

There is no wine cellar in Chicago that can provide the right temperature and humidity for wines without a wine cellar refrigeration unit installed. Baroque Designs partnered with US Cellar Systems to provide a quality wine cellar cooling system for their wine cellar project in Long Grove, Chicago.

The residential custom wine cellar in Chicago had a licensed HVAC profession install the wine refrigeration system from US Cellar Systems. The cooling unit was an RM8600 TE. The system is a 300 cubic feet capacity ductless split cellar cooling system. The two evaporators of this refrigeration unit were inside the Chicago home wine cellar, while the condenser was in a room 50’ away from the cellar.

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Passive & Active Wine Cellars – Which is Best for Your Wine

As more and more people become serious about their wine collection, there has been a surge in interest in wine cellars. Wine cellars are rooms for wine storage installed with wine racks that will accommodate wine bottles. A wine cellar allows collectors to age and store their collection in the ideal conditions.

Depending on your wine storage needs and requirements, its up to you whether to build a wine cellar from the ground up or use an existing space at home to be converted into a wine cellar. Typically, people want to have their own wine cellars when they find that their wine collection has grown significantly, and the shelf or box where they store their wines won’t accommodate all of them.

Many people don’t know the two types of wine cellars – the active wine cellar and passive wine cellar. We will be discussing the difference between the two, and later on we’ll talk about the advantages of each.


Passive Wine Cellar 

PASSIVE WCA passive wine cellar is a storage space for wine that is not climate-controlled. Usually, it is built underground in order to prevent or reduce fluctuations in temperature. Ground temperatures below four feet are generally at a constant 50-55 degrees.

People usually use their basements as a good wine cellar option. A basement’s concrete wall and its unheated environment makes it a suitable passive climate for wine cellars.

Ideally, you will need two exterior walls for the most desirable cellar temperature. Another thing to consider is that they should be as dry as possible for your wines to not be damaged and for humidity to not get too high.


Active Wine Cellar 

In an active wine cellar, temperature and humidity are purposefully maintained at a certain level by a climate control system such as wine cooling system. Temperature and humidity swings can be properly managed in this type of wine cellar.

For example, too high of temperatures can lead to spoiled or “cooked” wine. On the other hand, with very low temperatures, wine might expand and push the cork out, allowing oxygen to get in. This compromises the quality of wine. Having an active wine cellar is especially needed if temperatures in your location are too hot, too humid, or too cold.


Passive Wine Cellars are a Practical Wine Storage Solution

Passive wine cellars are the more practical wine storage option. They are for those who want a cost efficient way to store wine.

Passive wine cellars free you up from exorbitant energy bills, as well as the headache of wine cooling equipment breakdowns. Plus, since they cool your wine naturally, you don’t have to worry about power outages. Additionally, you will not be leaving any carbon footprint, making passive wine cellars the environment-friendly alternative in maintaining a wine cellar.


Active Wine Cellars are Ideal for Maintaining Wine Quality

You invested money in your vintages, thus it is essential that you keep them in optimal storage conditions. Active Texas custom wine rooms are installed with an efficient wine refrigeration system that is capable of maintaining the ideal temperature and humidity levels necessary for maintaining the quality of wine before it is drank.

Wine Cellars Specialists is an expert in wine cellar design and construction. View the wine room projects they have completed in Texas and Chicago by clicking here. Visit their website at or contact them at 866-646-7089.

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Tips to Create the Best Custom Wine Cellar in Orlando, Florida

The process of building a custom wine cellar in Florida should be as smooth as possible, from concept, to design, to the final installation. Adequate time and preparation should be given during the preparation phase. In order to build a quality wine storage room, you need to define the elements efficiently. Here are the elements that you should keep in mind when constructing the best custom wine cellar in Orlando, FL.

The Wine Cellar’s Size, Style & Space

The style and the size of any wine cellar, whether residential or commercial, depends on the number of bottles that you intend to store, as well as the location. Some people focus on the functionality of a cellar while others focus on its beauty. It is wise to make sure that your custom wine cellar is both functional and beautiful. The location you choose for your wine cellar should be a place that is not directly exposed to ultraviolet light. Exposure to light can cause temperature changes in the wine cellar, which is detrimental to the wines. This is the reason wine bottles are dark tinted and ideally kept in dark locations.

The Size, Style, Wood Specie & Wood Finish of the Wine Racks

There are various kinds of wine racking solutions. There are different sizes of wine racks. They can be 6 feet, 7 feet or eight feet in height. Most racks are modular in nature, which means that they allow customization options. You can add a top shelf, bin extenders, cubicle extenders and display wine racks. Whatever wine racks you choose, make sure that it suits your personal style and complements the other décor in your home.

Wine racks can also be made from a variety of wood species. The type of wood species you choose determines the durability, usability and beauty of your wine racks.

The Design & Size of the Custom Wine Cellar Door

Besides the fact that a wine cellar door improves the beauty and elegance of a custom wine cellar in Florida, it also plays a very important role in making sure that the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar are kept in the ideal levels. Wine cellar doors can be customized in terms of door swing, casement molding, hinges, automatic door button, threshold, etc. Choose a good quality wood specie for your cellar door to make sure that it lasts.

Wine Cellar Flooring

The material you choose for your wine cellar flooring should be able to tolerate the humidity levels inside a typical wine storage room. You may choose to have wood, stone or tiles. Do not use carpet, because it usually develops mustiness and mold.

Wine Cellar Refrigeration System

In order to get the right wine cellar cooling system for your residential wine cellar in Orlando, Florida, you need an expert to calculate the heat load inside your wine storage room. There are various kinds of wine cellar refrigeration. Some of them can be expensive. Invest in a quality cooling system so that you can be sure that your wines are kept safe.

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Ideal Wine Storage Conditions for Table Wine

TABLE WINE1Table wine or ordinary wine is generally served with food. It is the most popular type of wine and is usually found on every dinner table in many parts of the world. This style of wine has low alcohol content and is neither sparkling nor fortified in the United States.

Although they are considerably cheaper than their Merlot or Pinot Noir counterparts, table wines are delicious in their own way. Just like any other wine, table wines must also be kept in optimal wine storage conditions to maintain their quality. What are the proper ways to store table wines? We’ve listed our recommendations in this blog.


Storage Temperature Must be Cooler than Average   

WINE ROOM TEMPTable wines that are stored in slightly cooler temperatures will taste better when consumed. Just be sure that there are no fluctuations in temperature so that its desirable characteristics are preserved well.

The ideal temperature to store wine is anywhere between 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. This keeps the wine’s basic structure intact, allowing flavor and aroma to develop further.

If you have red table wine, chill it at about 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. For white table wine, the ideal temperature is 49-51 degrees Fahrenheit. However, you don’t need to keep such stringent temperature controls if you plan to consume your table wine within a day or two. Any area with cool temperature will do just fine.


Keep Away From Light 

The darker the place that you store your table wine, the better. Whether it is direct sunlight or fluorescent light, this can cause your wine to develop a rather nasty smell. This is why a wine cellar in a basement is a perfect wine storage space.

Even if your wine bottle comes with a UV filter, some UV rays can still penetrate this veneer and damage your wine. If you can’t find a spot to keep your wine away from light, the next best thing to do is wrap a thick cloth around it for protection.


WINE1 OCT 26Isolate it from Other Food Products

Just because table wine is less expensive than the other premium wines in the market doesn’t mean you can just store it in your cupboard along with all your other food products. Keep in mind that wine can absorb the nearby smells through the cork. This will cause your wine to possess unwanted smell and taste. So, make sure to keep it away from strong odors.



CORK BACKPop the Cork Back In  

Let’s say you’ve served your table wine for dinner time, but there is quite a bit left over inside the bottle. The best thing to do is to plug the cork back in, or if it is a twist-cap bottle, put the lid back on. Oxygen exposure causes wine to spoil quickly and this could cause it to have a vinegar smell and taste, making the table wine undrinkable.


Wine Storage Options & Wine Cellar Expert 

The best place to store table wine or any type of wine is in a functional Florida wine cellar. Wine cellars are designed and built to maintain the optimal storage conditions for wines to age gracefully.

A wine cellar must be equipped with an efficient wine cooling system that has the ability not only to maintain the ideal temperatures, but also a humidity level of 60-70%. For a smaller wine collection, wine coolers or refrigerated wine cabinets are a good option. These storage devices are also perfect for limited spaces and budget.

Looking for a wine cellar expert? Choose Wine Cellar International, a Florida wine cellar builder that can provide the best wine storage solution that fits your budget and needs. Request a No-Obligation Design Consultation by completing the form at

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Turning Your Basement into a Residential Wine Cellar in Orlando, Florida

A custom wine cellar is the most ideal place to store wine. In order for a custom wine cellar in Orlando, Florida to meet the requirements needed to preserve wines, the design and construction must be meticulously planned. If you plan to have a residential wine cellar built, the basement might be the best location for its construction. Here are a few tips to remember when turning your basement into a wine storage room:

1. Climate Control

Although it may be costly, it is wise to invest in a wine cellar-specific HVAC system. There are many kinds of wine cellar refrigeration units available on the market. A custom wine cellar professional can perform a heat load calculation in your wine storage room to determine what kind of wine cellar cooling system is best for your cellar. A quality wine cellar cooling unit will efficiently keep the temperature and humidity in the wine room at the ideal levels.

2. Proper Wine Cellar Insulation

A wine cellar cooling system is useless if your wine storage room is not insulated properly. It’s important that the shell is treated, by creating a moisture barrier on the outside of the cellar walls, floor and ceiling. To prevent condensation build up and mold formation, add closed-cell foam insulation.

3. Maximize Space

Basements vary in size. If you have limited space, choose wine racking that will maximize the existing space. A properly designed custom wine cellar can do the trick when it comes to limited spaces. If the basement space is too small, you might consider re-purposing a closet or any small storage area instead.

4. Type of Wine Cellar Racking

Wine racks can be made from different kinds of material. In choosing what material your wine racks should be made from, you need to consider what look or ambiance you want your wine cellar to have. Stainless steel wine racks are a great choice if you want your custom wine cellar in Florida to have a contemporary look. If you want your custom wine cellar to look classy and traditional, wooden wine racks are the best for you.

5. Paint

It is recommended that you use zero-VOC type of paints and finishes if you decide to paint your wine racks and other surfaces of your wine storage room. Using zero-VOC paints and finishes protects your wines from damage.

6. Custom Wine Cellar Lighting

LED lights are the best choice when it comes to wine cellar lighting. Besides the fact that they consume less energy, they also emit minimal heat. Moreover, LED lights are cost-effective.

7. Wine Tracking System

If you intend to have a huge wine collection, you need to have a systematic way to account for every wine bottle in your custom wine cellar in Florida. There are many different forms of wine tracking systems. The most basic way is by using wine tags. Because of technological advances, there is computer software that you can use for this too.

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Tips Before Purchasing a Wine Refrigerator in Los Angeles, California

If you take wine collecting seriously, you should invest on a wine refrigerator in California. Wine fridges make sure that all of your favorite wines are kept in perfect condition. Wine refrigerators in Orange County protect your beloved wines from changes in temperature and make sure that they’re cooled to the right serving temperatures.

Before you purchase your own wine refrigerator in Orange County, CA, here are a few things that you need to know:

Know Where To Place It

There are actually many kinds of wine fridges and knowing where you are going to place the fridge will help you determine which kind you need. For those who have limited space at home, counter top wine coolers are a good choice. Those who have adequate space may choose to have a free standing wine cooling unit.

Size of Wine Collection

It is important that you decide how many wine bottles you intend to store. Wine refrigerators in CA vary in the amount of wine bottles they can accommodate. Some wine fridges have space for only 6 wine bottles, while others can hold up to 21 standard size or 750ml bottles.

Cooling System

Some refrigerators have a cooling system that produces harmful CFC’s into the atmosphere. It is best that when you choose a wine refrigerator, you know what cooling system is installed. Choose a wine fridge that has a thermoelectric cooling system. Besides being environmentally friendly, this cooling system also functions quietly.

Door Quality

The quality of a wine cabinet’s door affects its capacity to keep wine in the right temperature. Choose a wine refrigerator that has a thermopane door. Thermopane is a type of glass that has many panes, to prevent cold air from seeping out. When cold air is kept inside the fridge, not only are your wines protected from changing temperatures, you avoid wasting energy as well.

Temperature Zones

Different wines have different storing and serving temperatures. If you plan to serve wines that vary in storing and serving temperatures, you need a wine chiller in CA that has separate temperature zones. A wine cooler with varying cooling zones can cool red and white wines at different temperatures, all within the same unit.

Adjusting Temperature

There are certain kinds of wine chillers through which the temperature inside can be adjusted without opening the fridge. These wine coolers have a digital touch screen on the outside (usually on the door) that allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature inside. This feature minimizes the need to open the fridge’s door often and disturb the wines.

Quality of Lighting Inside

Wines are very sensitive to light. They can be damaged when exposed to ultraviolet light. Check the interior lighting of your wine refrigerator in Los Angeles and make sure that it is LED. LED lighting is not only safe for wines, but also environmentally friendly. Moreover, LED lights consume little energy compared to regular light bulbs.

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