Modular Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar Project

With the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a homeowner in metro Vancouver (Coquitlam, British Columbia) was able to build an economical and beautiful residential wine cellar. A modular racking system was used to build out a utility space into a fully functional storage facility. 

Residential Wine Cellar Installations metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)

A Turnkey Solution for an Expanding Wine Collection

As your wine collection grows, one of the common challenges that you may encounter is how to build a full wine cellar according to your available space and budget. Wine is perishable, and thus it must be stored in a climate-controlled environment.

If your existing racking cannot accommodate the increasing number of wines in your collection, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars can help you. They have gained reputation in the construction industry due to their high-end wine storage solutions, and unparalleled customer service.

A Dedicated Wine Room was Built Out of a Utility Space

Vancouver residential modular wine cellar British Columbia

Stunning Residential Wine Cellar Installed with Modular Wine Racks

About three to four years ago, our clients in metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)did not have a dedicated home wine cellar. They stored their wines in a few modular cellar racks, which they bought from us.

They came back to Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to purchase additional racking to build out a full home wine cellar. They have a 2-storey house with a utility space located in the lower level. They divided the space to create an effective wine room.

The room has an area of 7 square feet. We created a wine rack system designed to hold approximately 680 wine bottles.

Advantages of Using Functional Modular Wine Racks in Vancouver Residential Wine Cellars

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Canada contactThere are many residential owners who opt for a budget-savvy wine storage solution. At Blue Grouse,  modular wine cellars are recommended for those planning to add more bottles to their collections, while staying on their budget.

Modular wine racks are more economical than custom racking. With Blue Grouse’ creative team of designers, they can create a wine room with a custom look, using a modular racking system. You don’t need to spend more time and money in building a custom wine cellar.

Blue Grouse Offers Efficient and Elegant Modular Cellar Racks

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, their high-end modular racking systems are available in various styles, materials, and sizes.

Depending on your functional and aesthetic requirements, you can choose from their Bodega Collection, Vintage Keeper Wine Racks, and Artisan Collection. The wood choices include the African Mahogany, Philippine Mahogany, California Redwood, Cherry, Walnut, Roasted Walnut, and Western Cedar.

By following the instruction and by using the right tools, you can install your own modular wine racks. If you don’t want to do the installation by yourself, one of their professional installers will do the task for you, but take note that you have to pay a small fee.

The Wine Rack Design that Transformed a Utility Space into a Unique Storage Room

Vancouver modular wine rack designIn every project that they do, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars wants to create a sophisticated storage facility, where the owner can enjoy viewing their collection on display. A wine cellar with great features can be a great place for entertaining guests.

In this project, they included a combination of racking components to make the wine room not only functional, but beautiful as well. The top sections of the left and right wall consist of individual bottle slots.

Below these racks is the high reveal display row, which showcases some of the owner’s favorite vintages. There are diamond bins in the lower portion of the walls. This bottle orientation allows for easy storage of wines in bulk.

The back wall has a feature that makes it the focal point of room. It consists of an impressive backsplash, made from reclaimed wood. A countertop area was added to display a few bottles vertically.

It can also be a storage space for some of the owner’s accessories, such as decanters and stemware. We constructed the countertop with a plywood that complements the finish of the modular redwood wine racks.

With passion and craftsmanship, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was able to create a personalized Vancouver residential wine cellar.

All Heart California Redwood and Its Benefits

modular wine rack Vancouver

All Heart California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Your choice of racking material will affect the overall ambiance and appeal of your wine room. It pays to seek the help of a professional, to achieve pleasing wine displays.

Wood is a favorite choice of material among wine collectors. In addition to its beauty, wood is easy to work with, and has reliable structural integrity.

All Heart California redwood was used for this wine cellar racks.The wood matches the existing modular storage units of their clients. This construction material is widely used by many builders around the world because of the benefits it offers.

The warmth of redwood creates a relaxing and sophisticated mood in wine rooms. With its reddish brown color and various grain patterns, this wood goes well with any existing theme of the home. It has an open-celled structure, which allows it to absorb and retain any type of finish.

Redwood is also flexible, sturdy, and durable. Since it is raised in the damp forests of Northern California, this type of wood can withstand the inherently humid conditions in a home wine cellar.

Storage racks made of redwood can store wine bottles with stability. They don’t break or bend, because of the wood’s natural preservatives that make it highly resistant to shock, fungi, mildew, insects, and shrinkage. Unlike other wood species, redwood is known to last, even without the application of stains or finishes.

Choose a Builder that Builds Wine Rooms with Creativity

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Canada master builderFor an expanding wine collection, investing in a full Vancouver residential wine cellar is imperative. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars recommends modular wine racks for an economical and beautiful storage solution.

All of their wine storage racks are manufactured with reliable quality and high-end design. Combining their creativity and your unique ideas, your dream wine cellar will come to life.


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