Mahogany Wine Racks for Wine Storage and Display in Residential Wine Cellars

The serious oenophile not only focuses on creating the best storage environment for their wine collection, but also providing a stylish display solution, with which they can proudly showcase their finest wine bottles.  Wine cellar racks California are an essential part of proper wine storage because they are designed to hold bottles at the right angle, to allow constant cork and wine contact.  This helps maintain the sealing quality of the corks, and prevents them from drying out.

Wine Cellar Racks California Design

Wine Cellar Racks California Design

Wine cellar racks are manufactured from various materials (e.g. wood, metal, etc.), and come in a range of styles and configurations that can accommodate the unique taste and storage requirements of each client.  The building material of choice in custom wine cellar racks California is wood, because of its workability, availability, and natural beauty and strength.  Among the many wood species used in building custom wine racks, Mahogany is the most widely used wood variety.

Mahogany wood is commonly used in furniture making, because it is very durable and incredibly strong.  This wood variety has a distinct pink coloring that turns into beautiful deep reddish brown over time.  Mahogany is a favorite among craftsmen, because it is easy to sand and cut with hand or power tools, and has the ability to take stains and polishes very well.

Mahogany comes from the Swietenia genus of tropical hardwood trees.  This wood variety has three major species:  Swietenia mahagoni (West Indian or Cuban mahogany), Swietenia macrophylla (Honduran or big leaf mahogany) and Swietenia humilis (small and twisted mahogany).

Different Varities of Mahogany

Different Varities of Mahogany

Although there are a variety of Mahogany subspecies available, African Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany and Malaysian Mahogany are most commonly used in manufacturing wooden wine racks.  The rich coloring of this wood variety is imparted on Mahogany wine racks, creating a storage and display solution that shows striking tonal variations, which range from pale beige, salmon, and reddish brown to dark brown.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is a California-based full service builder, installer and supplier, with over ten years of residential and commercial wine cellar design experience. They have worked on numerous custom wine cellar projects wherein the building material of choice was Mahogany wood.  Let’s take a look at several of their completed wine storage room projects.

Attractive Mahogany Wine Rack Furniture in a Baltimore, Maryland Residence

This completed completed under the staircase residential wine cellars project took place in Baltimore, Maryland.  The right combination of custom and semi-custom wine cellar racks allowed the design team at Coastal Custom Wine Cellars to utilize all available space, and thereby create a storage room that  could accommodate a total of 410 wine bottles.

Mahogany Wine Racks - Baltimore Maryland Project

Mahogany Wine Racks – Baltimore Maryland Project

The client chose unfinished Malaysian Mahogany wine racks with a Sherwin-Williams rustic stain and lacquer finish, which allowed the natural beauty of the wood to shine through, and gave the wooden wine racks a magnificent luster.  One unique feature in this Baltimore residential wine room is the 6-inch deep label forward Mahogany wine cellar racks California that were installed on the left side wall, providing additional storage for 45 wine bottles.

Another distinct feature is the custom designed cigar humidor that was integrated into the wine racking system, on the right side wall.  The top shelf holds individual cigars, while the bottom shelf tilts at an angle to showcase the different cigar boxes that are on display.  The interior of the small cabinet is lined with Spanish Cedar, which helps regulate the humidity, as well as improves the taste and flavor of the cigars.

Malaysian Mahogany for a Residential Wine Cellar in Litiz, Pennsylvania.

Mahogany Wine Racks - Lititz Pennsylvania Wine Cellar

Mahogany Wine Racks – Lititz Pennsylvania Wine Cellar

Another residential wine cellars project constructed in Malaysian Mahogany was this custom residential wine room in Lititz, Pennsylvania.  Aside from building and installing Mahogany wine cellar racks with a total storage capacity of 1,054 wine bottles, the Coastal design team had to add a few custom-designed features to accommodate the client’s unique sculptures, and an autographed memorabilia by Bruce Springsteen.

Quarter round displays with customized spacing between the shelves were specially designed to fit the client’s collection of art pieces.  A rectangular opening was created on the left side wall, where the client displayed his Bruce Springsteen signed guitar.  The application of a chestnut stain and a semi-gloss finish enhanced the beauty of the wooden wine racks, and added an elegant flair to the stunning Lititz residential wine cellar.

Rustic Stained Mahogany Wine Racks for a Coto de Caza California Project

An under the stairwell wine room conversion project in Coto de Caza, California yielded a 514 bottle capacity custom wine storage space.  The Coastal design team installed Mahogany wine racks with a rustic stain and a clear lacquer finish.  Single bottle storage racking with a high reveal display row dominated the entire length of the right hand side wall.  The color stain applied to the wine racking systems blended well with the wine room’s faux paint selections, floor to ceiling metal racking, and Tuscan-style wine cellar door.

Mahogany Wine Racks - Coto de Caza Residential Wine Cellar

Mahogany Wine Racks – Coto de Caza Residential Wine Cellar

This completed residential wine cellars project in Laguna Hills, California, involved the conversion of an unused powder room into a climate controlled wine room.  Using different styles of mahogany wine racking systems, the Coastal design team managed to maximize the tiny area, and created a space that enabled a total storage capacity of 471 wine bottles.

The wall facing the entryway features a beautiful arched tasting area manufactured in Mahogany.  On the left hand side wall are 6-inch deep label forward displays, that hold the bottles in a horizontal orientation.  This racking design increases the storage capacity of the small wine room, without impeding the entrance to the wine enclave.

The right hand side wall features single bottle storage racks with a high reveal display row.  Down below are diamond bins that can accommodate numerous bottles of different sizes.  The Mahogany wood wine racks for this particular project had a natural stain finish that provided the custom wine room with a stunning glow.

Mahogany Wine Cellar Racks California

Mahogany Wine Cellar Racks California

Mahogany wood is an excellent pick for custom wine cellar design and construction.  Its distinct color schemes, even wood grain, and non-aromatic properties make this wood variety the best material in wine rack construction.  The exceptional durability and natural strength of Mahogany wood ensure the safety of a wine collection for a prolonged period of time, and its innate beauty will make any wine enthusiast proud to show off not only their wine collection, but also their private wine storage room.