See How a Spare Room was Built into a Magnificent California Residential Wine Cellar

A small space in your home can be a luxury wine room when you work with a master builder. With passion and creativity, Vintage Cellars constructed a magnificent wine cellar in Ramona, California. They sealed the room properly, incorporated beautiful racking features, and installed efficient cooling equipment.

A Master Builder Transformed a Storage Area Into a Luxurious and Functional Wine Room

Residential Wine Cellar Installation California

Residential Wine Cellar Installation California

The key to storing your collection safely and beautifully is by hiring a professional designer and builder of wine cellars. Regardless  of the size and location of your room, Vintage Cellars can cater to your needs and budget requirements.

They always make sure that every client is happy with the finished product and enjoy worry-free wine collecting for many years to come.

In this project, the homeowners chose Vintage Cellars to help them build their dream wine cellar in an unused storage space, which measures 14’x10’x8’.

Stylish Wine Cellar Features for a Small Space

When designing a custom wine room, functionality and visual appeal must be considered. A careful assessment of the client’s needs helped Vintage Cellars to create a perfect design for the California residential wine cellar.

They created 3-dimensional drawings to provide better visualization of the completed wine cellar. The images show the different elevations (numbered 1 to 6), dimensions of the room, racking design for each wall, and door.

3D Drawing Waterfall Wine Cellar Rack Design California

3D Drawing Waterfall Wine Cellar Rack Design California

Ramona California Wine Cellar Design

Appealing Wine Rack System

The design of the racking plays an important role in the overall appeal of a wine cellar. Vintage Cellars combined beautiful bottle orientations to create an eye-catching wine display. They used Premium Redwood wine racks.

Elevation 1

California Wine Rack Design for a Home Cellar

Premium Redwood Wine Racks California Home Cellar

The first elevation is the left wall where the door is located. It consists of double deep individual wine racks with a high reveal display row at the middle section. The display row allows for highlighting some of the owner’s favorite vintages. The bottles are stored at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork moist.A dry cork can affect wine quality by letting unwanted air enter the bottle, resulting in an off odor and taste.

Vintage Cellars always finds a way to increase the bottle capacity of their client’s wine storage room. They added a bridge system above the door.It consists of individual wine racks intended for storing magnum bottles.

Elevation 2 (Left Wall)

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project California

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project California

The left wall as you enter the room is labeled Elevation 2. The wine racks are also double deep, with individual openings for magnum bottles at the top and bottom section. There is an open area at the center, which consists of a double high rack for the stemware.

This design provides more storage space for the owner’s wine glasses. Additionally, it also stores the glasses upside down.

Vintage Cellars added a tabletop to provide space for decanting and serving wine. This is a “green” feature of the California residential wine cellar because it was made from Fontenay reclaimed wine barrels.

On both sides of the tabletop is a double display row that lines the rest of the racking.

Elevation 3, 5, and 6 (Back Wall)

The back wall was originally a glass window, which was removed and insulated by Vintage Cellars. Just like the left wall, it has double deep racking. The top section consists of individual storage racks.

At the center of the back wall is a waterfall wine rack intended for storing magnum bottles. It cascades down to a horizontal bottle display and case storage. A wine barrel tabletop was added to provide space for decanting wine.

There was a dead space behind the waterfall racking. To make use of it, Vintage Cellars, installed more case storage slots, ideal for bulk storage.

Elevation 4

Elevation 4, which is the right wall, is the end racking of this California residential wine cellar. It consists of single deep racking, with individual storage slots at the top and bottom. Above the display row are horizontal display openings for magnums.

Wine Room Preparation – Insulation and Cooling

Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation California Project

Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation California Project

Creating a perfect seal in a climate-controlled wine storage space is a vital aspect of building a cellar. Proper insulation and the installation of the right type of cooling system are the keys to achieving this.

An airtight seal will prevent the warm air from outside to interfere with the cool environment in the wine room.

Poor insulation can lead to mold growth that can affect the overall quality of wine, as well as damage the labels. The structural integrity of the wine racks, walls, and ceiling may also be affected.

Moreover, when the conditions in your wine room are not stable, your wine cooling unit will be forced to work harder than its normal operation. When this happens, you will have significant expenses because of higher electric bills and a breakdown of your refrigeration system.

Spray Foam Insulation – Reliable and Effective Way to Seal California Residential Wine Rooms

In this project, Vintage Cellars used spray foam insulation, which allows for superior control of the storage environment. Since it can act as a vapor barrier, plastic sheet wrapping for the entire room will not be required.

Another advantage of using this type of insulation is efficiency. It is made up of liquid components mixed together, which expands into foam. This will ensure that a stable wine storage environment can be achieved in a refrigerated home wine cellar.

Spray foam insulation is also known to be a bit more expensive than other types of insulation, but it can save you money in the long run because optimum cellar conditions can be achieved even with smaller cooling units. Moreover, the efficiency of spray foam insulation will ensure that your wine cellar refrigeration system will not be forced to work harder, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Perfect Choice of Wine Cooling System

California home wine cellar compressor

California Home Wine Cellar Compressor

After the insulation of the room, the next step is to install the wine cooling unit that has the right capacity based on the room’s location and size, and the number of bottles intended to be stored.

In this project, a 1-ton split ducted cooling unit by Wine Guardian was used. The evaporator was concealed in a soffit above the doorway. The compressor, which is the noisy component of a refrigeration system, was placed outdoors covered with a metal housing.

This commercial grade cooling equipment is equipped with a digital thermostat, which was placed just beside the door.

Turn a Spare Room Into a Luxurious Wine Room

An unused space in your home can be a safe and beautiful haven for your collection. If you need help in building your dream residential wine cellar, contact Vintage Cellars California at +1-800-876-8789

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