Important Tips in Choosing a Wine Cellar Cooling System

Since the wine cellar cooling system plays a vital role in maintaining stable temperature and humidity levels, it is essential that you consider some factors when purchasing a wine cooling unit. This will help your precious wines age gracefully, thus making any drinking experience more enjoyable. Below is a list of things that you must remember when choosing the ideal wine cooling system for your wine cellar.

Ability to Maintain the Ideal Environment 

Wine cooling systems are specifically engineered to maintain proper balance of temperature and humidity levels in your wine cellar with minimum power consumption and intervention. With the right wine cooling system, the ideal temperature (which is 50-57 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity level (50-60 percent) can be achieved. If you have a large wine cellar, you will need a cooling unit that is more powerful.


Less Noise 

custom wine cellar can be an entertainment area for guests and friends and you want it to be as quiet as possible. The split wine cooling system is quieter compared to the self-contained and ducted wine cooling systems. This is because the condenser fan is placed outdoors.


Easy Installation, Reliability & Efficiency

Opt for a wine cooling system that is easy to install. The WhisperKool wine cooling unit does not require an HVAC contractor, giving you great savings. It also operates with minimum vibration and can be trusted in terms of reliability and efficiency.

If you have a limited space, WhisperKool is the ideal choice since the evaporator and condenser are installed in one unit. Another advantage of WhisperKool is its ability to measure the temperature of the wine itself using a liquid-measuring thermostat.

Protect your investment by ensuring that the ideal wine cellar cooling system is installed in your residential or commercial wine cellar. Choose a wine cellar cooling unit that has the ability to make your wine storage room the best resting place for your wines. You don’t want your precious wines to be ruined.

Also keep in mind that the wine cellar door and lighting contribute a lot to maintaining the right storage conditions for your wines. Wine Cellars by Coastal can help you choose the wine cooling system as well as the door and lighting that best suit your needs, space, and budget. Contact them now at


Checkout some of Coastal’s custom wine cellar projects installed with the ideal wine cooling system.  

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