Helpful Tips when Buying a Wine Cabinet or Wine Refrigerator

Wine storage doesn’t need to be complicated. Small and large collections follow the same principles. You must consider the environmental factors that affect the quality of wines both in short or long term storage.

Wine bottles should be stored without, or at least minimal, exposure to light, humidity, and heat. Exposure to these three factors affects the wine’s quality and taste. This is the very reason why wine bottles are dark in color and are stored in ways to avoid exposure.  

You can store wines in wine cabinets or wine refrigerators depending on your storage needs, budget, and space. This blog will discuss the difference between these two storage options and the things that need to be considered when buying one.  


Wine Cabinets vs. Wine Refrigerators 

Choosing to buy a wine refrigerator or wine storage cabinet will depend on the objective of the wine collector. If one will store wines for a short time only, usually between six to twelve months, a wine refrigerator should be considered.

For long term collection of wines- those which are rare or not in production anymore, or those which are intended to be aged longer- a wine storage cabinet may be the answer. Unlike wine refrigerators, wine cabinets have the capability to control the humidity levels within the unit, thus making them ideal for long-term storage.

Wine refrigerators or wine chillers are stand alone units, much like the kitchen refrigerator, only the interior has shelves to fit wine bottles. Wine cabinets provide a compartment for each bottle which keeps wine bottles safer compared to wine refrigerators.

Another consideration is the price and the capacity for the wine bottles and the available space in the home or restaurant. Wine cabinets are a good alternative to wine cellars for those who have a small collection and limited budget and space.

The market has a lot of models that can answer the needs of the wine enthusiast. One also needs to consider the warranty or possible trade up once the wine collection exceeds the capacity of the wine storage cabinet.

Not having a wine cellar doesn’t mean you can’t store wine properly. Just like wine cellars, high quality wine cabinets have the ability to store wines at the optimum conditions.

Wine storage can be a breeze as long as the wine collector/enthusiast knows clearly his objectives/intentions. Researching the models available on the market and knowing one’s needs can make wine collection a worthwhile endeavor.

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