Detect Freon Leaks Early to Avoid Worse Damage in a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

A recently completed wine cellar cooling unit repair project in Irvine, California is a good example why it is necessary to have a regular refrigeration equipment maintenance. The client’s unit had a Freon leak, which could have damaged the cooling system severely if it was not detected early and fixed promptly. 

Refrigeration Leak Repair Project in Irvine, California by M&M Cellar Systems

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M&M Cellar Systems recently responded to a service call from Irvine, a city located in Orange County, California. A team of licensed HVAC technicians were sent to investigate the problem, and found that the client’s wine cellar cooling system was leaking Freon.

To repair the leak, the technicians had to first determine where the leak was located. There are various methods of locating a Freon leak, but in this case, the HVAC team used the Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method.

The HVAC professionals injected a UV detectable dye into the refrigeration system, and allowed it to circulate thoroughly for about a month. Then, they came back after the dye has completely coursed the system to check where it was exiting. The team found the leak inside the piece of cooling equipment.

The HVAC technicians completely disassembled the cooling unit to gain access to the hole and seal it accordingly.

Watch how the M&M Cellar Systems HVAC techincians sealed the porous leak. Click on the video below:

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Two

3 of the Most Popular Methods of Locating a Freon Leak

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Make sure your wine room climate control equipment is functioning properly all the time. You should have it maintained by a reliable wine cellar cooling expert. Call M&M Cellar Systems to hire a licensed HVAC professional. You can find them on Yelp by clicking here.

Refrigerant plays a vital part in the function of a wine cellar cooling system. It is the element responsible for creating the cool air that refrigeration systems provide. Freon is the most common refrigerant used in most wine cellar cooling equipment.

Freon is a trade name for a group of compounds that are used as refrigerants in cooling equipment. Freon turns to gas when placed in room temperature, and it goes back to liquid when cooled or when compressed.

If a wine cellar cooling system is low in Freon, like when there’s a leak, the unit can gradually stop functioning.  Refrigerant leaks are hardly noticeable, because a cooling system can continue to function properly for some time before it displays irregularities. By that time, the damage will be too costly to repair. It is important to detect Freon leaks early so that repairs can be performed immediately.

A regular maintenance plan is necessary so that concealed problems, such as refrigerant leaks, can be identified before they cause worse damage. All pressurized HVAC cooling equipment will leak refrigerant eventually. Make sure you have your cooling system checked regularly, so that you can be sure that it is always functioning properly.

HVAC technicians have various methods of locating Freon leaks. The 3 most popular procedures are the following:

1. Locate Freon Leaks Using an Ultraviolet Light Inspection Lamp

The Ultraviolet Light Method, also called the Spectronic Method, is the most accurate procedure of locating refrigerant leaks. In this method, the technician injects a UV detectable dye into the cooling system. The dye is allowed to course through the system for about 2 to 4 weeks.

After a month, the technician returns to inspect the system. By this time, the dye has exited the cooling system with the refrigerant through the leak sites. To accurately identify the leak’s location, the HVAC expert used a UV light inspection lamp to scan for the dye. The dye glows when illuminated by the lamp.

2. Find Refrigerant Leaks Using the Freon Electronic Method

The Freon Electronic Method is the quickest way to locate refrigerant leaks in a cooling unit. The procedure is also very easy to perform because the technician simply uses an electronic sniffer to determine the general leak area.

A lot of HVAC experts recommend wrapping the suspected problem area in plastic to capture fumes. Minimizing fumes can help the electronic detector be more accurate in locating the refrigerant leak.

3. Identify Freon Leak Location Using the Bubble Leak Method

In the Bubble Leak Method, liquid solutions are used to locate refrigerant leaks. These solutions produce bubbles when applied over a leak. There are many ways to apply these solutions, such as spraying, brushing, immersing, and dabbing.

Many HVAC technicians only use the Bubble Leak Method after using other leak detection procedures. They use this method only to confirm the leak location that has been previously identified by another detection process.

Some experts refuse to use this method because it can be very messy, tedious, and time consuming. The residue of the liquid solutions can also be difficult to clean and remove.

Subscribe to a Maintenance Plan with a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialist

If you want to make sure that your wine storage cooling unit is consistently functioning properly, you should have it checked regularly. This way, you can identify any concealed problems early and have them repaired immediately. Only trust a wine cellar refrigeration specialist for your equipment. Licensed HVAC professionals are the only ones equipped and trained to provide quality maintenance services to wine cellar cooling units.

M&M Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted cooling equipment specialists in California. They offer professional installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services for all kinds of wine cellar cooling units. Subscribe to their maintenance services today by sending them an email or calling them. Find their contact details on their website.

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