Florida Wine Cellars & Ways to Store Wines the Right Way

One may wonder what attracts people to drink and collect wine. Wine collectors and enthusiasts are aware of the cost of wine.

A bottle of wine can come at cheap or exorbitant amounts depending on the region where it came from, the varietal of grape used, its rarity, and more. It is no wonder why wine enthusiasts prize their wine collections so much and take proper wine storage to heart.

Wine storage can be simple. There are four conditions in wine storage which effectively preserve and maintain the quality of the wine until it is served. Wines must be kept in a cool place. They should be kept still. They should be kept in the dark. They must be stored sideways.

Wines are stored in a cool place as heat wreaks havoc in the make up and flavor of the wine. Wines must be kept at a consistent and constant temperature whether they are red or white.

Nowadays, many wine lovers from all over the world including Florida have added a Florida wine cellar to their home to ensure that their wines will age gracefully.  Other wine enthusiasts mimic the ideal temperature suited for wines by using wine refrigerators or chillers which abound on the market these days.

Wines must be still. Constant movement or vibration affects the chemistry of the fermented liquid from the grapes. Constant movement or vibration also disturbs the sediments in the wine. It must be kept still especially if being decanted. Sediments affect the flavor and aroma of the wine.

Light also affects wine. That is the very reason why wine bottles are dark colored and some are even UV protected. Wines must be kept in the dark to preserve their composition and flavor. Whites are more prone to damage caused by light.

Wines in Florida wine cellars, wine chillers, or wine storage cabinets are stored sideways. Oxygen affects the wine. To avoid that, the wine bottles are stored sideways so that the liquid is constantly touching the cork to keep it wet. A dry cork shrinks and when oxygen enters the wine bottle the composition, flavor, and aroma of wine will be damaged and can result in wine faults.

These four conditions must be met at all times to assure a good quality wine and ensure that the money spent on the expensive wine is not wasted. To easily recall the four conditions, just remember CSDS. Cool. Still. Dark. Sideways.

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