Exceptional Design for a Home Wine Cellar and Bar Area in Flower Mound, Texas

In Flower Mound, a home office, which was seldom used, was transformed into a traditional wine cellar and tasting room. It was designed and installed by a top-notch builder who has completed amazing projects in Texas, Chicago, and Florida. Learn more about the beautiful features of this wine room.  

Custom Residential Wine Cellar and Tasting Room Installation Project

A home office was transformed into a dazzling **HOME WINE CELLAR** and **TASTING ROOM** in Flower Mound, Texas. Check out more of its features.

View of the Flower Mound Texas Wine Cellar from the Tasting Room

With a lack of knowledge in proper storage, some homeowners just keep their wines in any area of their home. They don’t know how poor storage conditions can affect the quality of wine.

If you are a serious collector, you will not allow your investment to go to waste. Investing in a climate-controlled wine cellar will protect your precious vintages for years to come. If you have unused space in your home, contact a professional builder who can convert it into the wine cellar of your dreams.

Regardless of the room’s location, size, and shape, Wine Cellar Specialists can help you. Recently, they have completed a construction project, where they had to transform a home office into a traditional wine cellar.

The office had large beige windows, built in cabinets, and green walls. The entryway was originally a double French door. The client wanted to add an adjoining tasting room and bar area where they could entertain guests and friends while sipping their favorite wine.

Attractive and Functional Wine Rack Features

A home office was transformed into a dazzling **HOME WINE CELLAR** and **TASTING ROOM** in Flower Mound, Texas. Check out more of its features.

Wine Rack Design Flower Mound Texas Home Wine Cellar

Every homeowner wants a dazzling display of their collection, so Wine Cellar Specialists combined various racking styles to achieve this. They also added custom features that would make the wine room more functional.

Left and Right Walls (Elevation A)

The sidewalls were installed with individual wine racks at the top level and solid diamond bins at the bottom. A high reveal display row runs along the middle section of the entire racking. It displays some of the client’s bottles at a 15-degree angle, which allows the cork to remain moist.

Corks that have dried out will shrink and cause an unwanted amount of oxygen to mix with the wine. When this happens, the wine will be damaged due to oxidation.

Corner and Back Walls

When installing wine racks, Wine Cellar Specialists makes sure that they create a smooth transition from one wall to another. They used a true radius wine rack on each end of the back wall.

The wine rack display on the back wall is the focal point of this Texas home wine cellar. It has a solid arch at the center, which was illuminated by a puck light installed above it. Wine Cellar Specialists added the horizontal wine racks for the client’s magnum bottles.

Gorgeous Arch with Light Back Wall Wine Cellar Design Flower Mound

There is a high reveal display row on both sides of the arch. The rest of the racking at the top consists of individual storage slots. The bottom section of the back wall has six double deep X–bins.

This wine rack orientation is ideal for bulk storage and allows for better organization of wines of the same variety and style. Below the X-bins are six rolling case storage openings.

A tabletop was also added to the back wall racking to provide space for decanting and serving wine. It is an eco-friendly feature in the cellar because it was constructed from the inner portions of used wine barrels.

The color of the tabletop exhibits the wine that was once stored in the barrels. This infusion style tabletop adds uniqueness and character to the wine room.

Rolling Library Ladder

When designing Texas home wine cellars, Wine Cellar Specialists always considers the easy accessibility of the owner’s bottles in hard-to-reach areas of the racking. Therefore, they added a bent-style rolling ladder, which was coated with a chocolate brown powder finish. Equipped with Starburst wheels, the library ladder can be easily moved from one wall to another through the rail, which was attached to the 4-inch solid wood panel in the racking.

All Heart Redwood – a Smart Choice of Material for Texas Home Wine Cellars

Wine racks can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. In this project, the client wanted to achieve a classic look, so Wine Cellar Specialists used All Heart Redwood. This material is the finest grade of its kind. Additionally, All Heart Redwood is naturally attractive, stable, and highly resistant to shrinkage and molds. Its natural preservatives and ability to withstand humid conditions make it a great wood material for constructing durable wine cellar racks.

The natural reddish color of the Redwood wine racks adds a classy feel to the room, even when left unfinished.

Wine Tasting Room and Bar Area

Home Bar Area Texas Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project

The client wanted to have an adjoining tasting room and bar area. This was an excellent way to provide an entertainment area for the guests.

Unlike the walls of the wine cellar, which were textured and painted with semi-gloss latex paint in the “Arresting Auburn” color, the tasting room’s walls were made of StoneCoat. The crushed limestone in this product came from France. The proprietary mixture, which includes this limestone, was blown onto the surface of the walls and ceiling and then hand carved and colored.

Custom Features

Lower Left Cabinet Flower Mound Texas Home Wine Tasting Room

The home bar was built from Knotty Alder, a wood variety that contains tight dark knots and straight grains. Its color ranges from pale yellow to reddish brown. Wine Cellar Specialists finished it with Chappo stain and lacquer.

The bottom section of the home bar consists of two cabinets on each side. Each cabinet has adjustable shelves inside. A Uline brand 3036 model built-in refrigerator was installed at the center with two drawers above it.

The tabletop was made from Infusion style reclaimed wine barrel wood. It provides space for decanting and serving wine.

At the top section of the home bar, there are open shelves on both sides. The 3-level shelves can store the client’s wine glasses, decanters, and other wine cellar accessories.

Between these shelves is a lighted cabinet with glass doors where a few bottles are stored. The uppermost section consists of four solid cabinets. All the handles and knobs were from Wine Cellar Specialist’s Vineyard Collection.

The old shutters were removed, painted, and re-installed to their original place. Cooperage wine barrel flooring was used. For the entryway, they installed a double wrought iron gate with a Victorian style handle set and lock, in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Need Help? Contact a Master Builder.

If you want to have a home wine cellar and tasting room like this, contact Wine Cellar Specialists Texas at +1 (866 ) 646-7089. We can create a design that will suit your needs and budget.

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