A Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Tiny Space in a Vancouver Home

Residential Wine Cellar Vancouver

Finished Under-the-Stairs Wine Cellar Without the Bottles

Designing a wine cellar in a small and irregular-shaped room is a challenge to builders. Creativity and extensive experience are required to come up with an innovative wine storage solution for a homeowner who has no large space for a construction project. Find out how Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a trusted master builder in Vancouver, Canada, designed and built a stylish wine room under the stairs.  

A Luxurious Design for a Wine Room Under the Stairs

Vancouver Home Wine Cellar Open Staircase

You’ve been dreaming of having a climate-controlled and impressive wine cellar in your home. However, you do not have a large room for the project.

Scarcity of space should not stop you from fulfilling that dream of yours. You can make use of an underutilized space under your stairs.

Open Staircase Before the Wine Cellar Construction in Vancouver

You do not have to worry about its size and shape. All you need to do is hire a reliable construction company.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a master builder in Canada that has extensive experience in designing and installing residential wine storage facilities. Their goal is to provide their customers a safe and beautiful place for their collection.

In Vancouver, a client sought their help to transform a seldom-used space under the stairs, into a stylish wine display area.

Space constraints did not hinder Blue Grouse Wine Cellars from completing another impressive custom wine cellar project in a small space.

3-Dimensional Photos

After making a careful assessment of the client’s needs and requirements, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created CAD images (free for every design request) to provide the owner a better visualization of the completed wine room. The 3D drawings include the different elevations of the room, plan views, racking dimensions, and bottle capacities.

After the customer approved the drawings, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars started the construction stage.

Requirements and Preparation of the Room Before the Construction Phase

Installation in Progress Vancouver Wine Room Project

The space under the stairs is located in the main living area and has a sloping ceiling. It has a length of 12.5 feet, depth of 4 feet, and height of 6 feet.

Building the Front Wall Wine Cellar Construction Vancouver

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars closed all the sides of the room according to the client’s request, by building a wall in front of it. The owner also wanted to use wood for the racking system and to maximize the capacity of the small space.

Before the installation of the electrical wirings, racking, flooring, door, and wine cooling system, the room must be sealed to prevent air leakage.

Insulation of Walls, Ceiling, and Door

Vancouver Wine Cellar Insulation

Vancouver Wine Cellar Insulation

Stable conditions help the wine to mature properly before it is consumed. Fluctuating temperatures and variable humidity levels cause the wine to deteriorate easily.

That is why proper insulation of the walls and ceiling is required to ensure that your wine cellar can store your collection safely for many years to come.

If the room has air leakage, the refrigeration system will work harder than its normal operation, resulting in breakdowns. This will cause a significant expense for buying a new unit or repairs. This will also result in higher energy consumption.

Wine Cellar Construction Vancouver Master Builders

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to remove the existing back and side walls so they could add a vapor barrier and insulation. After that, they installed a new type of drywall ideal for refrigerated wine cellars.

For the door and front wall, they used insulated glass panels to prevent UV rays and unstable conditions from damaging the wines stored in this custom wine cellar built in a Vancouver home.

Custom Features of the Racking System

With many wine rack styles and materials available, choosing the best option for your needs can be difficult without the help of an expert.

The design team of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars did not allow space issues from achieving their goal of creating a functional and stylish wine rack design. The entire racking was installed at the back wall.

Bottle Orientations for a Sophisticated Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver

Vancouver Wine Rack Design Close up of Lighted Display Row

The top section of the racking consists of magnum storage at the right and individual openings for 750ml bottles at the left. At the bottom section, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added diamond bins to allow storing wines in bulk.

Other advantages of this racking style are maximum storage capacity and better organization of wines. The dividers are removable so that the client can store his wooden cases in this section.

Knotty Alder Wine Racks

A display row lines the middle of the racking. It stores the bottles at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork in contact with the wine. When the cork dries out, it will not retain its sealing ability and elasticity.

It will shrink and become brittle, which may cause an unwanted amount of air to mix with the wine.  This will oxidize wine and give the liquid an undesirable taste.

Knotty Alder Wine Racks

The timeless beauty and warmth of wood make it a favorite choice of material for wine racks. Wood is also easy to work with and offers various design options.

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars used Knotty Alder to complement the existing theme of the client’s home. This wood variety is known for its attractive knots, straight grain patterns, and even texture.

For clearly defined natural grains, they applied the wood with an Early American stain. A lustrous look was achieved by finishing the wine racks with lacquer.

Durability and high resistance to rot and shrinkage are other characteristics of Knotty Alder.

Efficient Wine Cooling System

KOOLR Magnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

KOOLR Magnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

To ensure that your wine room will preserve your collection for many years to come, it must be equipped with an efficient wine cooling unit.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars always makes sure that the refrigeration system suits the size and location of the room and the number of bottles to be stored in it.

They offer a wide range of commercial grade wine cooling systems. On this custom wine cellar project in Vancouver, they used a KoolR Magnum refrigeration unit, which was placed through the back of the cellar.

It was installed at the top section of the racking so the cool air could blow down and create proper airflow. It is non-intrusive, making it ideal for tiny spaces. The installation of the KoolR Magnum refrigeration system does not require an HVAC technician, thus saving you money for the labor.

Planning to Start Your Wine Room Conversion Project? Let an Expert Help You.

If you have an unused space that you want to convert into an impressive custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers innovative wine storage solutions that will suit your style and budget. Call them today at +1-888-400-2675.

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