Commercial Wine Racks – Wooden Wine Racks Perfect for Commercial Wine Storage

Wine racks are designed and constructed to facilitate the right orientation of wine bottles during storage.  They allow wine bottles to be stored in a horizontal manner, as this helps in maintaining cork and wine contact.  Keeping the cork moist at all times prevents it from shrinking, and ensures a tight seal on the bottle.

Custom wine racks are made out of various materials, and come in a wide range of styles and sizes that can address different storage needs, as well as provide an efficient display and management solution to a large variety of wine selections.  Wine racking systems can be configured to accommodate both residential and commercial applications.

Wooden Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Storage

Wooden Wine Racks for Commercial Wine Storage

Wine racks for commercial use are purpose-built to develop a stunning restaurant wine showcase, elegant hospitality wine displays, and effective wine retail store display solution.  Commercial wine racks help create revenue enhancing wine presentation, and provide optimum storage capacity as well.  In addition, most commercial wine storage and display systems are designed to be sturdier, in order to withstand constant use.

The most popular type of material used in making commercial wine racks is wood, because of its steady availability, high workability, and ease of finishing.  There are a  number of wood species used extensively in custom wine racks construction, including Pine, Mahogany, Premium Redwood, All Heart Redwood, and Cedar.

Wooden wine racks are aesthetically pleasing, whether stained or unfinished, which allows these racking solutions to complement any existing decorating scheme.  Additionally, commercial wine racks made out of wood offer long-term strength, enduring quality, and durability.  Their structural integrity and stability (along with proper storage conditions) ensures the safety of wine collectibles for years to come.

Wine rack islands are wine storage and display applications, commonly seen in wine retail stores.  These freestanding wooden wine racks allow retailers to maximize their open floor space.  Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has a line of island custom wine racks that are perfect for showcasing the best wine bottles in high traffic areas.  Their wine rack islands are constructed at the best height for ease of product recognition.

Commercial Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Commercial Wine Racks from Coastal Custom Wine Racks

Coastal also offers True Radius Curved Corner Racks that create a smooth wall to wall transition in a commercial wine room.  This type of storage and display solution provides a continuous flow of the racking frame around a wine storage space, without any sharp corners.

Another popular type of commercial wooden wine racks is the cube bin component, which is ideal for storing wines in bulk and case lots.  Wine Cellar International provides a range of racking options for bulk storage, such as X Bin Wine Bottle Racking, Diamond Bin Wine Racking, and Rectangle Wine Case Storage.

Commercial Wine Racks for Bulk Storage

Commercial Wine Racks for Bulk Storage

X bin bottle racking is excellent for consolidating certain wines into several groups.  Diamond bin racking allows retailers to store wine bottles in their original packing cases.  Rectangle wine case storage can hold wooden and cardboard cases in bulk or broken down into groups.  All bin components are available in double bottle depth.

Commercial Wine Rack - Triple Tier

Commercial Wine Rack – Triple Tier

Commercial Triple Tier 300 custom wine racks from Wine Cellar SPecialists provide an efficient way of presenting and displaying the finest wine selections.  This racking option includes individual bottle storage with a high reveal display row.  Retailers can store like wines above and below the display area, which makes it easier for customers to peruse the different bottles that are on display.

Commercial wooden wine racking solutions are not only designed to safely store a large number of wine bottles, but also to present them in a stylish way that can influence purchasing decision of consumers.