A Luxurious Custom Wine Cellar Design for a Tiny Space in a Vancouver Home

Residential Wine Cellar Vancouver

Finished Under-the-Stairs Wine Cellar Without the Bottles

Designing a wine cellar in a small and irregular-shaped room is a challenge to builders. Creativity and extensive experience are required to come up with an innovative wine storage solution for a homeowner who has no large space for a construction project. Find out how Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a trusted master builder in Vancouver, Canada, designed and built a stylish wine room under the stairs.  

A Luxurious Design for a Wine Room Under the Stairs

Vancouver Home Wine Cellar Open Staircase

You’ve been dreaming of having a climate-controlled and impressive wine cellar in your home. However, you do not have a large room for the project.

Scarcity of space should not stop you from fulfilling that dream of yours. You can make use of an underutilized space under your stairs.

Open Staircase Before the Wine Cellar Construction in Vancouver

You do not have to worry about its size and shape. All you need to do is hire a reliable construction company.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is a master builder in Canada that has extensive experience in designing and installing residential wine storage facilities. Their goal is to provide their customers a safe and beautiful place for their collection.

In Vancouver, a client sought their help to transform a seldom-used space under the stairs, into a stylish wine display area.

Space constraints did not hinder Blue Grouse Wine Cellars from completing another impressive custom wine cellar project in a small space.

3-Dimensional Photos

After making a careful assessment of the client’s needs and requirements, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars created CAD images (free for every design request) to provide the owner a better visualization of the completed wine room. The 3D drawings include the different elevations of the room, plan views, racking dimensions, and bottle capacities.

After the customer approved the drawings, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars started the construction stage.

Requirements and Preparation of the Room Before the Construction Phase

Installation in Progress Vancouver Wine Room Project

The space under the stairs is located in the main living area and has a sloping ceiling. It has a length of 12.5 feet, depth of 4 feet, and height of 6 feet.

Building the Front Wall Wine Cellar Construction Vancouver

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars closed all the sides of the room according to the client’s request, by building a wall in front of it. The owner also wanted to use wood for the racking system and to maximize the capacity of the small space.

Before the installation of the electrical wirings, racking, flooring, door, and wine cooling system, the room must be sealed to prevent air leakage.

Insulation of Walls, Ceiling, and Door

Vancouver Wine Cellar Insulation

Vancouver Wine Cellar Insulation

Stable conditions help the wine to mature properly before it is consumed. Fluctuating temperatures and variable humidity levels cause the wine to deteriorate easily.

That is why proper insulation of the walls and ceiling is required to ensure that your wine cellar can store your collection safely for many years to come.

If the room has air leakage, the refrigeration system will work harder than its normal operation, resulting in breakdowns. This will cause a significant expense for buying a new unit or repairs. This will also result in higher energy consumption.

Wine Cellar Construction Vancouver Master Builders

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars had to remove the existing back and side walls so they could add a vapor barrier and insulation. After that, they installed a new type of drywall ideal for refrigerated wine cellars.

For the door and front wall, they used insulated glass panels to prevent UV rays and unstable conditions from damaging the wines stored in this custom wine cellar built in a Vancouver home.

Custom Features of the Racking System

With many wine rack styles and materials available, choosing the best option for your needs can be difficult without the help of an expert.

The design team of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars did not allow space issues from achieving their goal of creating a functional and stylish wine rack design. The entire racking was installed at the back wall.

Bottle Orientations for a Sophisticated Custom Wine Cellar in Vancouver

Vancouver Wine Rack Design Close up of Lighted Display Row

The top section of the racking consists of magnum storage at the right and individual openings for 750ml bottles at the left. At the bottom section, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars added diamond bins to allow storing wines in bulk.

Other advantages of this racking style are maximum storage capacity and better organization of wines. The dividers are removable so that the client can store his wooden cases in this section.

Knotty Alder Wine Racks

A display row lines the middle of the racking. It stores the bottles at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork in contact with the wine. When the cork dries out, it will not retain its sealing ability and elasticity.

It will shrink and become brittle, which may cause an unwanted amount of air to mix with the wine.  This will oxidize wine and give the liquid an undesirable taste.

Knotty Alder Wine Racks

The timeless beauty and warmth of wood make it a favorite choice of material for wine racks. Wood is also easy to work with and offers various design options.

On this project, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars used Knotty Alder to complement the existing theme of the client’s home. This wood variety is known for its attractive knots, straight grain patterns, and even texture.

For clearly defined natural grains, they applied the wood with an Early American stain. A lustrous look was achieved by finishing the wine racks with lacquer.

Durability and high resistance to rot and shrinkage are other characteristics of Knotty Alder.

Efficient Wine Cooling System

KOOLR Magnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

KOOLR Magnum Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

To ensure that your wine room will preserve your collection for many years to come, it must be equipped with an efficient wine cooling unit.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars always makes sure that the refrigeration system suits the size and location of the room and the number of bottles to be stored in it.

They offer a wide range of commercial grade wine cooling systems. On this custom wine cellar project in Vancouver, they used a KoolR Magnum refrigeration unit, which was placed through the back of the cellar.

It was installed at the top section of the racking so the cool air could blow down and create proper airflow. It is non-intrusive, making it ideal for tiny spaces. The installation of the KoolR Magnum refrigeration system does not require an HVAC technician, thus saving you money for the labor.

Planning to Start Your Wine Room Conversion Project? Let an Expert Help You.

If you have an unused space that you want to convert into an impressive custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers innovative wine storage solutions that will suit your style and budget. Call them today at +1-888-400-2675.

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See How a Spare Room was Built into a Magnificent California Residential Wine Cellar

A small space in your home can be a luxury wine room when you work with a master builder. With passion and creativity, Vintage Cellars constructed a magnificent wine cellar in Ramona, California. They sealed the room properly, incorporated beautiful racking features, and installed efficient cooling equipment.

A Master Builder Transformed a Storage Area Into a Luxurious and Functional Wine Room

Residential Wine Cellar Installation California

Residential Wine Cellar Installation California

The key to storing your collection safely and beautifully is by hiring a professional designer and builder of wine cellars. Regardless  of the size and location of your room, Vintage Cellars can cater to your needs and budget requirements.

They always make sure that every client is happy with the finished product and enjoy worry-free wine collecting for many years to come.

In this project, the homeowners chose Vintage Cellars to help them build their dream wine cellar in an unused storage space, which measures 14’x10’x8’.

Stylish Wine Cellar Features for a Small Space

When designing a custom wine room, functionality and visual appeal must be considered. A careful assessment of the client’s needs helped Vintage Cellars to create a perfect design for the California residential wine cellar.

They created 3-dimensional drawings to provide better visualization of the completed wine cellar. The images show the different elevations (numbered 1 to 6), dimensions of the room, racking design for each wall, and door.

3D Drawing Waterfall Wine Cellar Rack Design California

3D Drawing Waterfall Wine Cellar Rack Design California

Ramona California Wine Cellar Design

Appealing Wine Rack System

The design of the racking plays an important role in the overall appeal of a wine cellar. Vintage Cellars combined beautiful bottle orientations to create an eye-catching wine display. They used Premium Redwood wine racks.

Elevation 1

California Wine Rack Design for a Home Cellar

Premium Redwood Wine Racks California Home Cellar

The first elevation is the left wall where the door is located. It consists of double deep individual wine racks with a high reveal display row at the middle section. The display row allows for highlighting some of the owner’s favorite vintages. The bottles are stored at a 15-degree angle to keep the cork moist.A dry cork can affect wine quality by letting unwanted air enter the bottle, resulting in an off odor and taste.

Vintage Cellars always finds a way to increase the bottle capacity of their client’s wine storage room. They added a bridge system above the door.It consists of individual wine racks intended for storing magnum bottles.

Elevation 2 (Left Wall)

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project California

Residential Wine Cellar Conversion Project California

The left wall as you enter the room is labeled Elevation 2. The wine racks are also double deep, with individual openings for magnum bottles at the top and bottom section. There is an open area at the center, which consists of a double high rack for the stemware.

This design provides more storage space for the owner’s wine glasses. Additionally, it also stores the glasses upside down.

Vintage Cellars added a tabletop to provide space for decanting and serving wine. This is a “green” feature of the California residential wine cellar because it was made from Fontenay reclaimed wine barrels.

On both sides of the tabletop is a double display row that lines the rest of the racking.

Elevation 3, 5, and 6 (Back Wall)

The back wall was originally a glass window, which was removed and insulated by Vintage Cellars. Just like the left wall, it has double deep racking. The top section consists of individual storage racks.

At the center of the back wall is a waterfall wine rack intended for storing magnum bottles. It cascades down to a horizontal bottle display and case storage. A wine barrel tabletop was added to provide space for decanting wine.

There was a dead space behind the waterfall racking. To make use of it, Vintage Cellars, installed more case storage slots, ideal for bulk storage.

Elevation 4

Elevation 4, which is the right wall, is the end racking of this California residential wine cellar. It consists of single deep racking, with individual storage slots at the top and bottom. Above the display row are horizontal display openings for magnums.

Wine Room Preparation – Insulation and Cooling

Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation California Project

Wine Cellar Spray Foam Insulation California Project

Creating a perfect seal in a climate-controlled wine storage space is a vital aspect of building a cellar. Proper insulation and the installation of the right type of cooling system are the keys to achieving this.

An airtight seal will prevent the warm air from outside to interfere with the cool environment in the wine room.

Poor insulation can lead to mold growth that can affect the overall quality of wine, as well as damage the labels. The structural integrity of the wine racks, walls, and ceiling may also be affected.

Moreover, when the conditions in your wine room are not stable, your wine cooling unit will be forced to work harder than its normal operation. When this happens, you will have significant expenses because of higher electric bills and a breakdown of your refrigeration system.

Spray Foam Insulation – Reliable and Effective Way to Seal California Residential Wine Rooms

In this project, Vintage Cellars used spray foam insulation, which allows for superior control of the storage environment. Since it can act as a vapor barrier, plastic sheet wrapping for the entire room will not be required.

Another advantage of using this type of insulation is efficiency. It is made up of liquid components mixed together, which expands into foam. This will ensure that a stable wine storage environment can be achieved in a refrigerated home wine cellar.

Spray foam insulation is also known to be a bit more expensive than other types of insulation, but it can save you money in the long run because optimum cellar conditions can be achieved even with smaller cooling units. Moreover, the efficiency of spray foam insulation will ensure that your wine cellar refrigeration system will not be forced to work harder, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Perfect Choice of Wine Cooling System

California home wine cellar compressor

California Home Wine Cellar Compressor

After the insulation of the room, the next step is to install the wine cooling unit that has the right capacity based on the room’s location and size, and the number of bottles intended to be stored.

In this project, a 1-ton split ducted cooling unit by Wine Guardian was used. The evaporator was concealed in a soffit above the doorway. The compressor, which is the noisy component of a refrigeration system, was placed outdoors covered with a metal housing.

This commercial grade cooling equipment is equipped with a digital thermostat, which was placed just beside the door.

Turn a Spare Room Into a Luxurious Wine Room

An unused space in your home can be a safe and beautiful haven for your collection. If you need help in building your dream residential wine cellar, contact Vintage Cellars California at +1-800-876-8789

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Three Kinds of Custom Wine Cellar Insulation

Read the Transcript of the Video:

Hello! Today we’re going to be talking about the different methods of actually building a wine cellar. The three most popular methods used right now are using an R-13 insulation with 2×4 studs, the plastic vapor barrier behind it wrapped around the studs, fiberglass insulation will give you an R-13 insulation, which is the minimum required for a wine cellar. The next best is using the rigid foam board cut in. You still need to use the plastic vapor barrier. Two layers, inch and a half thick, is going to give you an R-19 insulation. The advantages of these are that they are a little less expensive. The disadvantage is if you’ve got wiring or conduit or any type of piping that goes through, you either got to try to wrap it around those or cut the insulation and put it around it and then fill the gaps with foam. The last way is using the spray in foam. I’m not too good at this so mind did not come out that neat. When you get people to do it all the time, they can fill these cavities real good. A 3-inch thick foam will again give you R-19 insulation. The advantage of this is when it skims over, it forms its own vapor barrier. And it expands into all the cracks and crevices or again, if there’s any wiring or conduit going through, it actually seals right around it. So you got no potential for vapor penetration anywhere in the white cell. So when you’re looking at this, this is good, this is better, this is the best. Goodnight!

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Exceptional Design for a Home Wine Cellar and Bar Area in Flower Mound, Texas

In Flower Mound, a home office, which was seldom used, was transformed into a traditional wine cellar and tasting room. It was designed and installed by a top-notch builder who has completed amazing projects in Texas, Chicago, and Florida. Learn more about the beautiful features of this wine room.  

Custom Residential Wine Cellar and Tasting Room Installation Project

A home office was transformed into a dazzling **HOME WINE CELLAR** and **TASTING ROOM** in Flower Mound, Texas. Check out more of its features.

View of the Flower Mound Texas Wine Cellar from the Tasting Room

With a lack of knowledge in proper storage, some homeowners just keep their wines in any area of their home. They don’t know how poor storage conditions can affect the quality of wine.

If you are a serious collector, you will not allow your investment to go to waste. Investing in a climate-controlled wine cellar will protect your precious vintages for years to come. If you have unused space in your home, contact a professional builder who can convert it into the wine cellar of your dreams.

Regardless of the room’s location, size, and shape, Wine Cellar Specialists can help you. Recently, they have completed a construction project, where they had to transform a home office into a traditional wine cellar.

The office had large beige windows, built in cabinets, and green walls. The entryway was originally a double French door. The client wanted to add an adjoining tasting room and bar area where they could entertain guests and friends while sipping their favorite wine.

Attractive and Functional Wine Rack Features

A home office was transformed into a dazzling **HOME WINE CELLAR** and **TASTING ROOM** in Flower Mound, Texas. Check out more of its features.

Wine Rack Design Flower Mound Texas Home Wine Cellar

Every homeowner wants a dazzling display of their collection, so Wine Cellar Specialists combined various racking styles to achieve this. They also added custom features that would make the wine room more functional.

Left and Right Walls (Elevation A)

The sidewalls were installed with individual wine racks at the top level and solid diamond bins at the bottom. A high reveal display row runs along the middle section of the entire racking. It displays some of the client’s bottles at a 15-degree angle, which allows the cork to remain moist.

Corks that have dried out will shrink and cause an unwanted amount of oxygen to mix with the wine. When this happens, the wine will be damaged due to oxidation.

Corner and Back Walls

When installing wine racks, Wine Cellar Specialists makes sure that they create a smooth transition from one wall to another. They used a true radius wine rack on each end of the back wall.

The wine rack display on the back wall is the focal point of this Texas home wine cellar. It has a solid arch at the center, which was illuminated by a puck light installed above it. Wine Cellar Specialists added the horizontal wine racks for the client’s magnum bottles.

Gorgeous Arch with Light Back Wall Wine Cellar Design Flower Mound

There is a high reveal display row on both sides of the arch. The rest of the racking at the top consists of individual storage slots. The bottom section of the back wall has six double deep X–bins.

This wine rack orientation is ideal for bulk storage and allows for better organization of wines of the same variety and style. Below the X-bins are six rolling case storage openings.

A tabletop was also added to the back wall racking to provide space for decanting and serving wine. It is an eco-friendly feature in the cellar because it was constructed from the inner portions of used wine barrels.

The color of the tabletop exhibits the wine that was once stored in the barrels. This infusion style tabletop adds uniqueness and character to the wine room.

Rolling Library Ladder

When designing Texas home wine cellars, Wine Cellar Specialists always considers the easy accessibility of the owner’s bottles in hard-to-reach areas of the racking. Therefore, they added a bent-style rolling ladder, which was coated with a chocolate brown powder finish. Equipped with Starburst wheels, the library ladder can be easily moved from one wall to another through the rail, which was attached to the 4-inch solid wood panel in the racking.

All Heart Redwood – a Smart Choice of Material for Texas Home Wine Cellars

Wine racks can be made of wood, metal, or a combination of both. In this project, the client wanted to achieve a classic look, so Wine Cellar Specialists used All Heart Redwood. This material is the finest grade of its kind. Additionally, All Heart Redwood is naturally attractive, stable, and highly resistant to shrinkage and molds. Its natural preservatives and ability to withstand humid conditions make it a great wood material for constructing durable wine cellar racks.

The natural reddish color of the Redwood wine racks adds a classy feel to the room, even when left unfinished.

Wine Tasting Room and Bar Area

Home Bar Area Texas Custom Wine Cellar Installation Project

The client wanted to have an adjoining tasting room and bar area. This was an excellent way to provide an entertainment area for the guests.

Unlike the walls of the wine cellar, which were textured and painted with semi-gloss latex paint in the “Arresting Auburn” color, the tasting room’s walls were made of StoneCoat. The crushed limestone in this product came from France. The proprietary mixture, which includes this limestone, was blown onto the surface of the walls and ceiling and then hand carved and colored.

Custom Features

Lower Left Cabinet Flower Mound Texas Home Wine Tasting Room

The home bar was built from Knotty Alder, a wood variety that contains tight dark knots and straight grains. Its color ranges from pale yellow to reddish brown. Wine Cellar Specialists finished it with Chappo stain and lacquer.

The bottom section of the home bar consists of two cabinets on each side. Each cabinet has adjustable shelves inside. A Uline brand 3036 model built-in refrigerator was installed at the center with two drawers above it.

The tabletop was made from Infusion style reclaimed wine barrel wood. It provides space for decanting and serving wine.

At the top section of the home bar, there are open shelves on both sides. The 3-level shelves can store the client’s wine glasses, decanters, and other wine cellar accessories.

Between these shelves is a lighted cabinet with glass doors where a few bottles are stored. The uppermost section consists of four solid cabinets. All the handles and knobs were from Wine Cellar Specialist’s Vineyard Collection.

The old shutters were removed, painted, and re-installed to their original place. Cooperage wine barrel flooring was used. For the entryway, they installed a double wrought iron gate with a Victorian style handle set and lock, in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

Need Help? Contact a Master Builder.

If you want to have a home wine cellar and tasting room like this, contact Wine Cellar Specialists Texas at +1 (866 ) 646-7089. We can create a design that will suit your needs and budget.

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Treat Yourself This February 2016 to Three Major Wine Festivals in Florida 

Many people are making plans for Valentine’s, but if you’re single, your Love Month may not be as exciting as others. If you’re single, you don’t have to worry about getting through next month, especially if you like wine. Florida is the place to be this 2016! The state will have various wine festivals happening this year, and three of the largest ones will be held in February! Get your pen and paper, and take note of these exciting events!

Florida’s Three Best Wine Festivals in February 2016

When people hear of February, they think of Valentine’s Day. This is why there are some who feel more emotional and romantic when this season comes around. But some of us, especially those who are single and have no plans of dating, perceive February as simply another month in a year. Nothing exciting. But that perception might change when you find out about the huge parties that are being thrown in Florida next month. If you enjoy drinking wine, the Love Month could be a thrilling time to engage in your love for wine and champagnes.

Those who are enthusiastic about wine know that Florida is one of the best places to go. The state has over 30 vineyards and wineries, and holds various wine tasting events yearly. Next month, three of the grandest wine festivals are scheduled to happen.

Take note of the following dates, so that you can join the parties:


Clearwater Beach Uncorked is a grand wine and food gathering that will feature the most popular names in Florida's culinary and wine industry.

Clearwater Beach Uncorked is a grand wine and food gathering that will feature the most popular names in Florida’s culinary and wine industry.

This event is the best way to celebrate a week before Valentine’s Day. The festival is known to be the trendiest beachfront wine festival on Florida’s west coast. What better way to indulge in your love for wine than on the seashore? You can take of your footwear and wiggle your toes in the sugary white sand, while you drink a glass of your favorite wine.

Besides the many wine selections that you can choose from, there will also be a wide array of delicious food for you to indulge in. Clearwater Beach Uncorked is held annually, and it features Florida’s most popular culinary experts serving guests a variety of delicacies, such as fresh oysters, select cheeses, and flavorful antipastos.

Treat yourself to a pre-valentine celebration by joining Clearwater Beach Uncorked. Enjoy fine tasting wines and indulge in delicious dishes served by premier chefs!

Treat yourself to a pre-Valentine celebration by joining Clearwater Beach Uncorked. Enjoy fine tasting wines and indulge in delicious dishes served by premier chefs!

If you’re considering spending the weekend at the festival’s location, you should book your accommodation at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa. The hotel offers discounted rates to all attendees of the festival.

You should also consider buying VIP passes. Those with these tickets will be given their own exclusive tent where they can indulge in a collection of premium wines and champagnes. Guests with VIP tickets will also be granted complete access to the Grand Tasting tent.

Thinking of attending Clearwater Beach Uncorked? Get more information about the festival by clicking here!


Besides the beach, the park is another great place to enjoy wine. On Valentine’s Day, a wine tasting event will be held in Jaco Pastorius Park, which is located at 4000 N. Dixie Highway. The Oakland Park Valentine’s Wine and Food Festival is an annual gastronomic gathering where musicians and DJs play live music in the venue, while guests pamper themselves with scrumptious food and tasty wines.

The event officially opens at 3:00 PM and will end at 11:00 PM. If you want to get inside the park earlier, you should purchases VIP passes. Holders of these tickets will be granted access to the venue an hour early.

The Oakland Park Valentine’s Wine and Food Festival is open to all age groups. But the organizers have set rules to prevent the vendors from selling alcohol to minors. All attendees who are below 21 years old must always be accompanied by an adult. Minors are identified by the special bands that they are made to wear during registration.

Want to spend Valentine’s Day at Jaco Pastorius Park? Get the information you need by clicking here! 

3. Feb. 24th-28th: South Beach Wine and Food Festival 

South Beach Wine and Food Festival is a must-go-to event for wine lovers. Top talents in the wine and food business from around the world will be featured in this event.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival is a must-go-to event for wine lovers. Top talents in the wine and food business from around the world will be featured in this event. Mark this festivity on your calendar, so you can enjoy a post-Valentine celebration!

For most people, the Valentine’s fever is gone as soon as February 14th is over. But the celebration does not necessarily have to end for you. After the Love Day, you can still enjoy one final festive spree by attending the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, which will happen on the 24th of February through the 28th. The event will be held in multiple places in Miami Beach, Florida.

The proceeds of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival are donated to Southern Wine and Spirits Beverage Management Center and FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Be part of this charitable gathering!

The proceeds of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival are donated to Southern Wine and Spirits Beverage Management Center and FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Be part of this charitable gathering!

A lot of people look forward to the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, because it is a star-studded occasion. The gathering features the most popular names in the culinary and wine industry. Talents from around the world will be serving delicious gourmet dishes and fine wines. Attend this event and you’ll get a once in a lifetime chance to meet the superstars in the food and wine business!

This spectacular gathering is hosted by Florida International University (FIU) and Southern Wine and Spirits of Florida. The proceeds from this event are donated to the Southern Wine and Spirits Beverage Management Center and FIU’s Chaplin School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. In its 15 years of existence, this festival has already raised over 22 million USD for its beneficiaries.

Interested in joining the South Beach Wine and Food Festival? Get the details you need now! Click here!

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Home Wine Cellars Design in Rancho Bernardo San Diego California (a Processed Video Transcription)

Stunning Design for a Custom Home Wine Cellar in San Diego California

Framing in Progress Rancho Bernardo San Diego California Wine Cellar

Framing in Progress Rancho Bernardo San Diego California Wine Cellar

Here is a look at a California custom wine cellar, designed by Vintage Cellars that was featured in the November 2010 collector’s edition of the Wine Spectator. We worked directly with the architect from start to completion to create an area for a customer, for a 700-bottle closet wine cellar. What we created was a bump out of the kitchen on the second floor to create the space.

Essential Components Were Installed by Vintage Cellars

Wine Cellar Insulation and Cooling

California Wine Room Vapor Barrier from Outside the Room

California Wine Room Vapor Barrier from Outside the Room

You could see we had a little bit of a problem where we had the vapor barrier insulate from the outside of this room, so there’s no moisture or mildew problems. Here’s the design.

The room was approx 11.5 feet wide, 4.5 feet deep, and 8.5 feet high. We cooled it with 3600 BTU rack mount coil by LRC.

Custom Wine Rack System

The left hand wall, the customer wanted a feature display area for scotch bottles, whiskey bottles, and a humidor. This area right here is a support beam going up to the roof that we had covered with redwood faschia.

The back wall had some diamond bins, case storage, half case storage, a nice rounded tabletop, and a feature horizontal display area for magnums, 3L, and up to 5L bottles.

San Diego California residential wine cellar design

San Diego California Residential Wine Cellar Design

The right hand wall is where we will put the wine cooling system and hide it behind a grill at the top of the cellar. Here, you can see the display cabinet with glass shelves, LED light for scotch and whiskey and a humidor area.

Here is your Redwood faschia that covers the support beam to make it look like it was part of the wine cellar.

Here’s a close up of the display cabinet. Here is your main feature of the wine cellar, which is your large format horizontal display.

We put this on adjustable shelving so the customer could adjust each one for 3L, 5L, or down to magnum bottles.

The Completed Wine Room

Wine Cooling System Right Wall San Diego California Master Builders

Wooden Wine Rack System Right Wall with Cooling Unit Above

Here’s your wine cooling system on the right hand wall covered by the Redwood grill. Here’s a close up of your display cabinet, your solid diamond bins, and here is the final look at a 750- bottle custom wine cellar.

Custom Home Wine Cellar Design San Diego, California
If you would like us to design your California home wine cellar, call us at 876-87-89, or email at sales@vintagecellars.com. If you would like to see more examples of our work, please visit us at http://www.vintagecellars.com/.

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Detect Freon Leaks Early to Avoid Worse Damage in a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

A recently completed wine cellar cooling unit repair project in Irvine, California is a good example why it is necessary to have a regular refrigeration equipment maintenance. The client’s unit had a Freon leak, which could have damaged the cooling system severely if it was not detected early and fixed promptly. 

Refrigeration Leak Repair Project in Irvine, California by M&M Cellar Systems

Find them on Google + by clicking here!

A wine cellar cooling unit can be installed, maintained, and repaired properly by a licensed HVAC technician only. M&M Cellar Systems has a team of licensed wine cellar climate control professionals that can provide quality services for your wine storage refrigeration equipment. Contact them by visiting their website or you may find them on Google +.

M&M Cellar Systems recently responded to a service call from Irvine, a city located in Orange County, California. A team of licensed HVAC technicians were sent to investigate the problem, and found that the client’s wine cellar cooling system was leaking Freon.

To repair the leak, the technicians had to first determine where the leak was located. There are various methods of locating a Freon leak, but in this case, the HVAC team used the Ultraviolet Light Leak Detection Method.

The HVAC professionals injected a UV detectable dye into the refrigeration system, and allowed it to circulate thoroughly for about a month. Then, they came back after the dye has completely coursed the system to check where it was exiting. The team found the leak inside the piece of cooling equipment.

The HVAC technicians completely disassembled the cooling unit to gain access to the hole and seal it accordingly.

Watch how the M&M Cellar Systems HVAC techincians sealed the porous leak. Click on the video below:

Orange County Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call Refrigerant Leak – Part Two

3 of the Most Popular Methods of Locating a Freon Leak

M&M Cellar Systems' Yelp account! Click here!

Make sure your wine room climate control equipment is functioning properly all the time. You should have it maintained by a reliable wine cellar cooling expert. Call M&M Cellar Systems to hire a licensed HVAC professional. You can find them on Yelp by clicking here.

Refrigerant plays a vital part in the function of a wine cellar cooling system. It is the element responsible for creating the cool air that refrigeration systems provide. Freon is the most common refrigerant used in most wine cellar cooling equipment.

Freon is a trade name for a group of compounds that are used as refrigerants in cooling equipment. Freon turns to gas when placed in room temperature, and it goes back to liquid when cooled or when compressed.

If a wine cellar cooling system is low in Freon, like when there’s a leak, the unit can gradually stop functioning.  Refrigerant leaks are hardly noticeable, because a cooling system can continue to function properly for some time before it displays irregularities. By that time, the damage will be too costly to repair. It is important to detect Freon leaks early so that repairs can be performed immediately.

A regular maintenance plan is necessary so that concealed problems, such as refrigerant leaks, can be identified before they cause worse damage. All pressurized HVAC cooling equipment will leak refrigerant eventually. Make sure you have your cooling system checked regularly, so that you can be sure that it is always functioning properly.

HVAC technicians have various methods of locating Freon leaks. The 3 most popular procedures are the following:

1. Locate Freon Leaks Using an Ultraviolet Light Inspection Lamp

The Ultraviolet Light Method, also called the Spectronic Method, is the most accurate procedure of locating refrigerant leaks. In this method, the technician injects a UV detectable dye into the cooling system. The dye is allowed to course through the system for about 2 to 4 weeks.

After a month, the technician returns to inspect the system. By this time, the dye has exited the cooling system with the refrigerant through the leak sites. To accurately identify the leak’s location, the HVAC expert used a UV light inspection lamp to scan for the dye. The dye glows when illuminated by the lamp.

2. Find Refrigerant Leaks Using the Freon Electronic Method

The Freon Electronic Method is the quickest way to locate refrigerant leaks in a cooling unit. The procedure is also very easy to perform because the technician simply uses an electronic sniffer to determine the general leak area.

A lot of HVAC experts recommend wrapping the suspected problem area in plastic to capture fumes. Minimizing fumes can help the electronic detector be more accurate in locating the refrigerant leak.

3. Identify Freon Leak Location Using the Bubble Leak Method

In the Bubble Leak Method, liquid solutions are used to locate refrigerant leaks. These solutions produce bubbles when applied over a leak. There are many ways to apply these solutions, such as spraying, brushing, immersing, and dabbing.

Many HVAC technicians only use the Bubble Leak Method after using other leak detection procedures. They use this method only to confirm the leak location that has been previously identified by another detection process.

Some experts refuse to use this method because it can be very messy, tedious, and time consuming. The residue of the liquid solutions can also be difficult to clean and remove.

Subscribe to a Maintenance Plan with a Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Specialist

If you want to make sure that your wine storage cooling unit is consistently functioning properly, you should have it checked regularly. This way, you can identify any concealed problems early and have them repaired immediately. Only trust a wine cellar refrigeration specialist for your equipment. Licensed HVAC professionals are the only ones equipped and trained to provide quality maintenance services to wine cellar cooling units.

M&M Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted cooling equipment specialists in California. They offer professional installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting services for all kinds of wine cellar cooling units. Subscribe to their maintenance services today by sending them an email or calling them. Find their contact details on their website.

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Best of Houzz 2015 Award Given to Wooden Wine Rack US

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Boston Residential Wine Cellars Two Rooms 3D Blueprint

We have good news for you! Wooden Wine Rack US recently won not just one, but two awards from Houzz: Best in Design Best in Customer Service. The Best of Houzz 2015 awards are annually given to businesses with the most positive reviews and ratings given accordingly by Houzz’s 11 million-strong monthly user base. We gained top votes in two categories, so we are especially grateful to our loyal clients who have rewarded us with these recognitions for our work.

The Best of Houzz 2015 awards recognize professionals and services coming up with the most unique and inspiring home designs, timely delivery of projects that are of high quality, and excellent customer service. Considering that Houzz is one of the leading authorities in home remodeling and design, it only makes sense for them to spotlight the members of their community who have been doing great work for this year.

So, why should you care about all of this, then? Well, we are glad you asked!

Remodeling and Home Design

Why We are the Best

The Houzz website contains the most extensive database any user interested in residential design can find. More than providing a directory where information for home professionals are listed, Houzz aims to offer proper inspiration and support to both homeowners and home builders alike. It functions very well as an online community where people can both get in touch with each other and share ideas freely.

As for Wooden Wine Rack US, we are known for our stellar creation of wine cellars even outside of Houzz. Regardless, the awards given to us by Houzz—Best in Design Best in Customer Satisfaction—perfectly encapsulate our commitment to giving homeowners the best experience possible when deciding to have a wine cellar installed in their houses.

The voting on the Best of Houzz awards are far from arbitrary, though:  each vote is based on a user’s working experience and knowledge with home remodeling and designing. Since the top-rated “ideas” are added by Houzz users via their very own ideabooks, inspiration is also one of the guiding criteria for a business or service to be included into the Best of Houzz ideabook.

This ideabook, for instance, showcases top-notch works from many of the best professionals in the industry. One of our jobs that made this list is the Cape Cod wine cellar project in Boston. With the help of Houzz’s 360-degree imaging functions, the hi-res visuals provide homeowners with a chance to evaluate and determine which home improvement professionals or services meet their standards of design.  On the other hand, this platform also allows homeowners to directly interact with the design professionals and services featured on the ideabook.

This year’s Best of Houzz 2015 highlights the businesses setting the benchmark for exceptional home renovation and remodeling. We believe our inclusion on Houzz’s annual list sets the bar high for creativity in the wine cellar industry. It proves that there are many ways to showcase our artistry without compromising the functionality of the projects we are completing for our clients.

Remodeling and Home Design

A Wine Cellar Provider you can Count On

Wooden Wine Rack US specializes in wine cellar design and construction for both residential and commercial properties.  We are also available for consultation services and wine cellar refrigeration installation, just to mention a few among the many services we provide.

If you take a look at our other projects we’ve completed like the San Clemente wine cellar project, you would immediately notice the high standard applied to how we approach our work. We only had a small room to work with for this project, but we were able to use it to our advantage by simply respecting the boundaries set on us and working our way around it.

The projects we have mentioned in this article prove our expertise in, and the many years of experience we have working in the wine cellar industry.  We are committed to providing top-notch products and services to our clients, and our most recent recognition from Houzz is proof-positive of that.

Click on this image to see the entire Cape Cod project

Boston Wine Cellar Cooling Split System

To see the rest of the Houzz ‘Best of’ awardees, please click here.

You can also visit our official Houzz design idea page to look at our past projects.

For more information, please contact us at +1 (949) 355-4376 to get a 3D wine room design for free!

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M&M Cellars Systems Repairs a Freon Leak in Orange County

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This Irvine Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Needed Repair. M&M Cellar Systems Specializes in the Maintenance and Repair of Refrigeration Equipment for Wine Cellars.

A client from Irvine, Orange County recently called M&M Cellar Systems to report a leak in their wine cellar cooling unit. When an HVAC team was sent to inspect the problem, they found that the equipment was leaking of refrigerant. Although the unit was still cooling the cellar properly, it would not continue to do so if the leak wasn’t promptly repaired. The team applied a stop leak to fix the problem. 

Home Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Freon Leaking

M&M Cellar Systems recently went to Irvine, California to address a complaint from a client about a leaking wine storage cooling system. When the cooling system repair personnel went to assess the problem, they discovered that Freon was leaking from the refrigeration equipment. The cooling unit was still functioning optimally, but it wouldn’t continue to do so if the damage was not immediately fixed.

Determining the Exact Location of the Freon Leak in the Cooling System

Before the repair could commence, the HVAC team had to identify the exact location of the Freon leak. The team used the Ultraviolet Light Detection Method. They injected a UV detectable dye into the refrigeration equipment, and allowed it to circulate through the system for about a month.

When the dye had completely coursed through the system, the technicians came back to check the unit. They used a UV Light Lamp to determine where the dye was exiting, and thus identify precisely where the leak was located. The team found that the leak was inside the unit. They then disassembled the equipment to gain access to the leak and repair it accordingly.

Watch this video on YouTube! Click here: Wine Cellar Refrigeration Service Call M&M Los Angeles – Refrigerant Leak Intro – Part Three

Applying a Stop Leak to Seal the Freon Leak Inside the Refrigeration Unit

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The team of HVAC technicians from M&M Cellar Systems found that the Freon leak was located inside the cooling unit. The team had to disassemble the unit to repair the damage.

The leak that was found in the Irvine wine refrigeration equipment was different from the usual type of leak that you would find in pipes and drainages. It was a porous type of leak, which is commonly found in wine cooling units because of the humid environment that these types of equipment function in.

The porous leak was not just in one location, but in multiple areas around the copper of the evaporator coil, and Freon was leaking through all these areas. There are two possible solutions to fix porous leaks, and these are to replace the entire evaporator coil or to add a stop leak. The more cost-efficient option is to use a stop leak. Only resort to replacing the evaporator coil when the first solution does not work.

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Mario Morales of M&M Cellar Systems talks about how a Freon leak needs to be repaired promptly. He uses a whole can of stop leak to seal the problem. Find M&M Cellar Systems on Facebook by clicking here!

Stop leaks are made of compounds that work to seal porous leaks. These are sold in cans, and are available in most local hardware shops in California. When purchasing a can of stop leak, make sure that you check if it’s set up for the right tonnage. If the can of stop leak’s tonnage is disproportionate to the capacity of the refrigeration equipment, it can clog up the entire system and cause worse problems.

The team of HVAC professionals from M&M Cellar Systems made sure that the can of stop leaks used was appropriate for the Irvine wine cellar refrigeration system. After they added Freon to the system’s condensing unit, they applied the stop leak. The cooling equipment was then restored back online, and started operating properly.

How Effective is a Stop Leak in Fixing Porous Freon Leaks?

Ideally, the entire evaporator coil should be replaced in order to solve the problem of porous leaks in a cooling unit. But this solution can be very costly. A more affordable option is to solve the problem using a stop leak. Only decide to replace your system’s coil if a stop leak does not effectively fix the issue.

There is a 50% chance that a stop leak can fix a porous leak. HVAC technicians generally wait for about a month to evaluate the effectiveness of the stop leak. If it does repair the leak successfully, the cooling system can gain an extended life of up to 10 years.

For this Irvine wine cellar cooling system, the stop leak was able to repair the problem effectively. The client was satisfied with the service provided to them.

Click here to make a service request!

M&M Cellar Systems is your trusted partner for installing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of cooling equipment for wine cellars. Contact them today! Click here!

Wine Cellar Refrigeration Equipment Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services by M&M Cellar Systems

Learn more about M&M Cellar Systems. Click here!

To protect your wines and allow them to age tastefully, only entrust your wine cellar cooling unit to a licensed HVAC expert. M&M Cellar Systems offers various services for wine cellar refrigeration systems, and all their technicians are certified HVAC professionals.

Need help in choosing the right cooling system for your wine cellar? Want to make sure your refrigeration equipment is installed properly? Are you looking for a reliable maintenance service provider for your cooling unit? M&M Cellar Systems is the solution for you!

M&M Cellar Systems is a leading wine storage refrigeration unit contractors in California. Their experience with various kinds of cellar cooling systems has equipped them to effectively provide a wide range of services for clients in Orange County and Los Angeles.

Besides manufacturing high quality cooling systems and installing them in wine cellars, M&M Cellar Systems also offers maintenance and troubleshooting services. For more information about their products and services, send them an email today through ExpertService@WineCellarCoolingLosAngeles.com! You can also call them at +1 (323) 578-3330!

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Attractive San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project

Custom Built Wine Cellars San Clemente California Coastal Project

Thank you for visiting Wooden Wine Racks. We have been providing our loyal clients with the most gorgeous wine racks for the best value for over fourteen years. We have been winning accolades because of our desire to meet our customer’s highest expectations. We, of course, aimed to do the same with this recently completed San Clemente home wine cellar project.

A client from San Clemente recently asked us to help him fashion a wine cellar for his new house. He already had a specific vision for the whole venture, which was a plus for us since it at least gave us the idea of how we can tie everything together.

San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

This is the San Clemente Home Wine Cellar Project Blueprint

Implementing the Wine Cellar Plan

The image above is the plan view, where it lays out the entirety of the wine room in an overhead view. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll notice how the dimensions are posted around the perimeter. Each elevation is labeled alphabetically so as to avoid confusion. At the top-right of the page, we also indicated the total bottle capacity of the wine cellar: 856 wine bottles.

We recommend you take a look at Elevation A, first; it’s located directly across from the entryway of the cellar. The entire storage is made up of single-bottle openings here. The client requested that a “traditional” wine cellar where the labels won’t be displayed will do well enough for this purpose. He was aiming for functionality above everything else.

His main focus was for his entire wine bottle collection to be stored in what was in reality, a small space; hence his insistence on us not making any display rows for his cellar. Thankfully, the openings were large enough to carry every standard-sized wine bottle currently manufactured in the marketplace. The good thing about it is that the openings are guaranteed to fit even large-scale bottles like Oregon pinots, burgundy wines, soirees, and even standard champagne bottles.

If you look at the side view of Elevation A, you can see how the wine racks are supported by toe-kicks measuring one inch-and-a-half each. Base and crown moldings are also included for each rack. The purpose of these features is to keep wine bottles off the floor. It’s a standard benefit we offer to each one of our clients.

Now, let’s go to elevation B: from the outset, we realize how odd it might look to some people because of the fact it measures only 14 inches tall. However, the purpose for this was to increase the total bottle capacity on the wall it’s positioned in, which was on the right side where three arched windows were also located. Just below the window ledges, more capacity for single-bottle storage spaces had been added and, in this case, helped increase the space to accommodate another 66 wine bottles.

Elevation C is indicated on the left side wall. As expected, it mostly contained single-bottle storage openings. A table top was also put here where a diamond bin for bulk configuration was also fashioned. Three-liter wine bottles and magnums can fit in those spaces.

Custom-Made Wine Cellars Will Never Go Out of Style

San Clemente home wine cellar engraving

The engraving etched on the arch of the wine cellar

When it came to designing the interior of the wine cellar, we came up with ideas that were sensible to the client. One of these he particularly liked was the hand-carved façade we installed on the arch, where a custom line motif was also visible. We also fashioned a space where wine glasses can also be hung upside-down from the wine rack.

The walls were painted with—at the risk of sounding redundant—a “wine” color. Specifically, the stain we chose for it was a chestnut color with just the right hint of red mixed in. The lacquer finish, on the other hand, was a mix of eggshell and satin colors that give the wine racks some much needed luster.

San Clemente Wine Cellar Project Door Thermostat

The refurbished wine cellar door with a Wine Guardian thermostat on the right

Have you noticed that among all the images we pasted here, there was absolutely no hint of visible refrigeration equipment? That’s because we installed a self-contained ducting system by Wine Guardian, which was very helpful in saving the limited space inside the cellar since it doesn’t have any large fan occupying valuable wall space.

If you have a project we can help you with, we are most certainly happy to help. For more of our wine rack selection, you can click here.

San Clemente Wine Cellar Project Final

The completed San Clemente wine cellar project

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Modular Vancouver Residential Wine Cellar Project

With the help of Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a homeowner in metro Vancouver (Coquitlam, British Columbia) was able to build an economical and beautiful residential wine cellar. A modular racking system was used to build out a utility space into a fully functional storage facility. 

Residential Wine Cellar Installations metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)

A Turnkey Solution for an Expanding Wine Collection

As your wine collection grows, one of the common challenges that you may encounter is how to build a full wine cellar according to your available space and budget. Wine is perishable, and thus it must be stored in a climate-controlled environment.

If your existing racking cannot accommodate the increasing number of wines in your collection, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars can help you. They have gained reputation in the construction industry due to their high-end wine storage solutions, and unparalleled customer service.

A Dedicated Wine Room was Built Out of a Utility Space

Vancouver residential modular wine cellar British Columbia

Stunning Residential Wine Cellar Installed with Modular Wine Racks

About three to four years ago, our clients in metro Vancouver (Coquitlam BC)did not have a dedicated home wine cellar. They stored their wines in a few modular cellar racks, which they bought from us.

They came back to Blue Grouse Wine Cellars to purchase additional racking to build out a full home wine cellar. They have a 2-storey house with a utility space located in the lower level. They divided the space to create an effective wine room.

The room has an area of 7 square feet. We created a wine rack system designed to hold approximately 680 wine bottles.

Advantages of Using Functional Modular Wine Racks in Vancouver Residential Wine Cellars

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Canada contactThere are many residential owners who opt for a budget-savvy wine storage solution. At Blue Grouse,  modular wine cellars are recommended for those planning to add more bottles to their collections, while staying on their budget.

Modular wine racks are more economical than custom racking. With Blue Grouse’ creative team of designers, they can create a wine room with a custom look, using a modular racking system. You don’t need to spend more time and money in building a custom wine cellar.

Blue Grouse Offers Efficient and Elegant Modular Cellar Racks

At Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, their high-end modular racking systems are available in various styles, materials, and sizes.

Depending on your functional and aesthetic requirements, you can choose from their Bodega Collection, Vintage Keeper Wine Racks, and Artisan Collection. The wood choices include the African Mahogany, Philippine Mahogany, California Redwood, Cherry, Walnut, Roasted Walnut, and Western Cedar.

By following the instruction and by using the right tools, you can install your own modular wine racks. If you don’t want to do the installation by yourself, one of their professional installers will do the task for you, but take note that you have to pay a small fee.

The Wine Rack Design that Transformed a Utility Space into a Unique Storage Room

Vancouver modular wine rack designIn every project that they do, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars wants to create a sophisticated storage facility, where the owner can enjoy viewing their collection on display. A wine cellar with great features can be a great place for entertaining guests.

In this project, they included a combination of racking components to make the wine room not only functional, but beautiful as well. The top sections of the left and right wall consist of individual bottle slots.

Below these racks is the high reveal display row, which showcases some of the owner’s favorite vintages. There are diamond bins in the lower portion of the walls. This bottle orientation allows for easy storage of wines in bulk.

The back wall has a feature that makes it the focal point of room. It consists of an impressive backsplash, made from reclaimed wood. A countertop area was added to display a few bottles vertically.

It can also be a storage space for some of the owner’s accessories, such as decanters and stemware. We constructed the countertop with a plywood that complements the finish of the modular redwood wine racks.

With passion and craftsmanship, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars was able to create a personalized Vancouver residential wine cellar.

All Heart California Redwood and Its Benefits

modular wine rack Vancouver

All Heart California Redwood Wine Cellar Racks

Your choice of racking material will affect the overall ambiance and appeal of your wine room. It pays to seek the help of a professional, to achieve pleasing wine displays.

Wood is a favorite choice of material among wine collectors. In addition to its beauty, wood is easy to work with, and has reliable structural integrity.

All Heart California redwood was used for this wine cellar racks.The wood matches the existing modular storage units of their clients. This construction material is widely used by many builders around the world because of the benefits it offers.

The warmth of redwood creates a relaxing and sophisticated mood in wine rooms. With its reddish brown color and various grain patterns, this wood goes well with any existing theme of the home. It has an open-celled structure, which allows it to absorb and retain any type of finish.

Redwood is also flexible, sturdy, and durable. Since it is raised in the damp forests of Northern California, this type of wood can withstand the inherently humid conditions in a home wine cellar.

Storage racks made of redwood can store wine bottles with stability. They don’t break or bend, because of the wood’s natural preservatives that make it highly resistant to shock, fungi, mildew, insects, and shrinkage. Unlike other wood species, redwood is known to last, even without the application of stains or finishes.

Choose a Builder that Builds Wine Rooms with Creativity

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars Canada master builderFor an expanding wine collection, investing in a full Vancouver residential wine cellar is imperative. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars recommends modular wine racks for an economical and beautiful storage solution.

All of their wine storage racks are manufactured with reliable quality and high-end design. Combining their creativity and your unique ideas, your dream wine cellar will come to life.


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Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA – Traditional and Modern Design Combined

Custom wine cellars are the ideal wine storage facility for wine collectors.  They offer a lot of interesting design options, and an opportunity to incorporate personalized style specifications.

With custom wine cellars, traditional and modern designs can be combined.  Examples are wooden wine racks combined with metal wine racks, wrought iron glass wine cellar doors with a wooden frame, metal wine racks and wooden wine cellar flooring, and a lot more.

Traditional and Modern Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

Traditional and Modern Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

To better visualize a custom wine cellar with a mix of traditional and modern styles, let us take a look at this custom wine cellars Orange County CA project by Vintage Wine Cellars.

The design of this wine cellar is a very good example of both traditional and modern styles put in one wine storage space.  The design features include the following:

  • Wooden wine racks made of Sapele Mahogany
  • Stainless steel metal rods
  • Custom wine cellar doors with glass panels and wrought iron frames
  • Rolling library ladder made of Sapele Mahogany
  • Slim Line split wine cellar cooling unit covered with louvered grill
  • Concealed wine cellar lighting

Traditional Wooden Wine Racks – Custom Designed for a Striking Look 

Sapele Mahogany

Sapele Mahogany

The Mahogany wine racks were given a dark walnut stain and a clear lacquer, creating a stunning finish.  Sapele Mahogany was chosen due to the material’s natural beauty, longevity, and compatibility with wood stains.

Sapele Mahogany has beautiful grain patterns, with a fine texture.  Its natural color ranges from golden brown to dark reddish brown.

Various custom wine racks were used to accommodate the storage needs and design specifications of the client.

These are double deep wine storage racks, solid diamond bins, and full pull out case drawers.

Solid Diamond Bin Wine Storage Racks

Solid Diamond Bin Wine Storage Racks

The solid diamond bins maximize the storage space, storing wine bottles one on top of the other.  Aside from its functionality, the diamond shape design of this custom wine rack adds character to the wine room.

The double deep wine storage racks also make the most out of the available storage space because they store bottles individually in a double deep format.

This means that two wine bottles can be stored in a row, front to back.

Case Drawers - Custom Wine Racks

Case Drawers – Custom Wine Racks

The full pull out case drawers store wine cases in a more presentable and organized way.

Aside from wine cases, they can also be used to store spirits and wine accoutrements, such as decanters, stoppers, and more.

Stainless Steel Metal Rods and Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Doors – Adding a Modern Touch

Stainless steel metal rods store wine bottles in a horizontal position, and in a three-bottle deep format.  This modern wine rack scheme complemented the traditional wine racks nicely.

Stainless Steel Metal Rods - Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

Stainless Steel Metal Rods – Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

The wrought iron wine cellar doors were installed to enclose the wine storage room, and maintain an air-tight seal.  The enclosure is made of two solid glass panels on opposite ends, and two glass wine cellar doors in the center, all of which had wrought iron frames.

Custom Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Glass Wine Cellar Doors

The glass panel and glass wine cellar doors cover the full width of the opening, making everything inside the room readily visible.  This sight adds beauty to the interior of the home.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Covered with a Louvered Grill

This custom wine cellar would not be complete without a wine cellar cooling unit.  For this custom wine cellars Orange County CA project, a 10,200 BTU SLD split wine cellar cooling unit was installed.

This type of cooling unit has its evaporator and its condenser installed in separate locations, which is why it is classified as a ‘split’ cooling system.  It is recommended for custom wine cellars that require medium to high temperatures, such as this custom wine cellar in Orange County CA.

Split Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed by M&M Cooling Systems

Split Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed by M&M Cooling Systems

The SLD wine cellar cooling unit was mounted horizontally, on top of the wine racking at the left side of the wine cellar.  It was then covered with a louvered grill, made of Sapele Mahogany like the wooden wine racks.

The installation was undertaken by M&M Wine Cellar Cooling Systems Los Angeles CA, the contractor of choice in this particular project.

Designing the Custom Wine Cellar 

Before the actual construction, a 3D wine cellar rendering was created by Vintage Wine Cellars, in order for the client to better visualize the outcome of the project.  All of the elevations were shown in the drawings.

Wine Cellar Design by Vintage Wine Cellars

Wine Cellar Design by Vintage Wine Cellars


Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

Custom Wine Cellars Orange County CA

Since there are hard to reach areas in the wine cellar, a rolling library ladder was added to the design.  It is made of the same wood specie as that of the wooden wine racks.

Vintage Wine Cellars offers free design consultations and free wine cellar designs for their clients.  It is a family-owned business, with several years of experience in the wine cellar industry.

Vintage Wine Cellars California

Vintage Wine Cellars California

If you are a wine collector and want to have a wine cellar as beautiful as this project in Orange County CA, just call or email Vintage Wine Cellars for a free consultation.

Vintage Wine Cellars

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Residential Wine Cellars, Customized for Homeowners

What Will Your Custom Residential Wine Cellars Look Like – Features

Residential Wine Cellar Blueprint

Residential Wine Cellar Blueprint for This Project

While it is true that we work with a wide variety of clients, there are several projects of ours that stand out from the rest, and what we are detailing in this article is a good example of what we can do for our clients.

A client recently contacted us to work on a custom residential wine cellar he was planning to install in his closet which measured 10 feet L x 6.5 feet W x 9.5 feet H. The blueprint was for the room to hold over 1300 wine bottles, and there was also an exterior wall space that lent itself perfectly for a CellarPro cooling unit. However, the conditions inside the room needed to be prepared in order to handle a large-scale wine storage process, so we set about preparing it for “refrigeration”.

Closed Cell Insulation for Closet

Closed Cell Insulation for Closet

Wall-to-Wall Closed-Foam Insulation – High-Quality Insulation Materials

The first order of business was to strip the walls entirely of coverings to allow for a thorough insulation process. A spraying foam was used to insulate the entire four walls and ceiling with a closed-cell material, making sure that no amount of air escapes in or  out of the room.

Once everything was insulated, we then set about installing the custom wine cellar, the 8-foot door, and the CellarPro cooling unit. Both the custom wine cellar and the custom door were all made of Alder wood materials, and both were specified by the client to be delivered in no stain and no lacquer to provide a more “natural” feel for the whole installation. 

The Alder door, on the other hand, was installed with a dual-paned German Antique glass that provides a transparent view from the outside to the inside of the wine cellar room, providing only the right amount of “abstraction” that will make the entire view inside as classy as it can be.

CellarPro 4200 VSX for the Cooling System

CellarPro 4200 VSX Refrigeration

CellarPro Cooling Vent – External Cooling System

The exterior wall on the left of the room provided enough space for the CellarPro Cooling Vent to be slotted in it. It has the capability of handling up to 100F of outside temperature, and it also requires no professional installation of any kind. 

Within three months, the entire custom residential wine cellar project was completed successfully. For these homeowners who consider themselves as serious wine enthusiasts, it really is a dream come true for them. For more information, please visit the following link: http://www.winecellarsbycoastal.com/custom-wine-cellar-design-for-your-home.aspx.

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How an Expert Built a Texas Home Wine Cellar in a Small and Curved Space Under the Stairs

Are you having a hard time finding an area in your home that is suitable for your wine collection? If you are a wine lover who has a small, odd-shaped room, don’t think twice. Any space can be converted into an elegant and functional wine room with the help of a professional. Find out how Wine Cellar Specialists faced the challenges in building an impressive Texas home wine cellar under the stairs

Challenges Did Not Stop a Master Builder from Creating an Impressive Wine Cellar

Curved racks with led lighted wine cellar display

Home Wine Cellar Conversion Project in Trophy Club, Texas

If you have been dreaming of building your own wine cellar at home, but are worried about the size and shape of the space you have, an expert can help you. You can find a knowledgeable provider of wine storage solutions to convert even irregular spaces into beautiful custom wine rooms.

Wine Cellar Specialists, one of our trusted partners in providing efficient and beautiful storage solutions for wine enthusiasts, has recently installed an under-the-stairs home wine cellar in a Trophy Club in Texas.

The major challenges that Wine Cellar Specialists encountered in building this wine room were the limited space and the curved shape of the room. With many years of experience in wine cellar construction, they have installed wine room projects in unique spaces, including this elegant wine display under the stairs.

They included beautiful components in the design of the racking, and constructed it from an appealing wood material. They installed a wine refrigeration unit manufactured by a trusted provider of cooling solutions.

Custom Wine Racks Constructed from a Beautiful Wood

Texas Trophy Country Club Knotty alder wine racks with lacquer

Knotty Alder Custom Wine Racks Texas

In wine cellar construction, the design of the racking should be both functional and visually appealing.  At Wine Cellar Specialists, they want their clients to have a storage place that will protect their wines from harmful external factors. They also want to make sure that every wine cellar is designed with great features, to provide the owner with a relaxing place for entertaining guests.

In this project, they assessed all of the requirements of the client before creating the 3D wine cellar drawings. These drawings helped the owner visualize the final look of the wine cellar.

18 Texas Trophy Custom Wine Cellar Isometric Front View

Trophy Club, Texas Wine Racks (Back Wall)

25 Texas Trophy Residential Custom Wine Cellar Plan View

Texas Trophy Country Club Residential Custom Wine Cellar Rack Elevation

Knotty Alder Wood Adds Aesthetic Appeal to the Texas Wine Cellar

One of the factors that affects the overall appearance of your cellar is the wine rack material. Wood has been a favorite of many residential owners because of its classic appeal.

In addition to beauty, another benefit that wood offers is its ability to blend well with the existing décor in your home. These advantages make wooden storage racks a favorite choice in wine rack construction. With many wood choices available, it is recommended to seek the help of your chosen builder in determining the right type of wood for your racking.

In this Texas home wine cellar project, the wine racks were constructed from knotty alder.  Storage racks made from this wood species add a rustic touch to a room. They were finished with a lacquer, as requested by the client.

The Back Wall

Trophy Club Texas wine cellar panorama of the back wall

True Radius Curve Wine Racks (Back Wall)

As you enter the wine room, you will see a long curved wall installed with true radius wine racks, which are intended for storing 750ml bottles individually.

The middle section is a high reveal display row that allows for highlighting some of the owner’s favorite vintages.

To achieve a more dramatic presentation of wine, LED ribbon wine cellar lighting was installed over the display row.

The total height of the racking in the back wall is 9.8 feet. On the left side of the curved racking is a 2-column unit that can hold 16 champagne bottles and 23 split size bottles.

The Left Wall

Right wall shows 3 led rotating lights that are wall mounted

Wood Case Solid Bins

The racking in the left side of the wall is only 3.7 feet high, to provide a space for the cooling unit above it. The top section consists of single bottle storage slots, and a solid X-bin component below them.

The table top was added to the top of the individual wine racks.

Made from reclaimed wine barrels, the Cooperage tabletop adds a unique and an eco-friendly feature to the wine room. The planks used came from the outer parts of the barrels’ head. The distinct markings indicate the original content of the wine barrels.

Wine Cellar Specialists also creates flooring from used wine barrels.

The Right Wall

The wine racks in the right wall of the cellar include three wood case solid bins at the bottom, which are intended for bulk storage. The top section consists of a horizontal wine display rack, to accommodate one magnum bottle or two 750ml bottles.

Ductless Split Wine Cooling System for a Climate-Controlled Texas Home Wine Cellar

Texas Trophy Club racking Front left corner

US Cellar Systems Wine Cover and Box

The main benefit of investing in a refrigerated wine cellar is proper wine storage. Wines deteriorate easily when stored in poor conditions.

They must be kept in a room designed to control temperature and humidity levels. The ideal environment for proper wine aging can be achieved with an efficient wine cooling system.

A refrigeration unit from US Cellar Systems was chosen for this project. US Cellar Systems is a manufacturer of affordable and commercial grade refrigeration systems. Designed for maximum cooling efficiency and quiet operation, the evaporators and condensers of their cooling units are customized for each project.

The unit is mounted on the left wall, just above the wine barrel tabletop. It is hidden in a wooden grill cover and box. The cover is made of knotty alder, to match the wooden wine racks.

The condenser, which is the noisy component of the cooling system, was placed on a high shelf in the owner’s garage. This allowed for quiet operation inside of the wine cellar.

For proper monitoring and control of the conditions in the wine room, the digital controller is placed outside the entryway.

View other brands of cooling units offered by Wine Cellar Specialists.

A Master Wine Cellar Builder Can Solve Space Issues

Wine Cellar Specialists has proved their craftsmanship and expertise in building elegant Texas home wine cellars, despite space challenges. Transform that space under your stairs into a wine room with great features. Contact a specialist at +1 (972) 454-0480!

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Facts that Novice Wine Collectors in Vancouver, Canada Should Know

Are you planning to start your own wine collection? If so, you need to know the basics about wine. Here are a few facts about the different kinds of wine on the market. Learn also about the basics of proper wine storage in Vancouver, Canada.

Types of Wine Every Wine Collector in Vancouver, Canada Should Know

Types of Wine on the Market

Types of Wine on the Market

One of the decisions that novice wine collectors struggle with is determining what wines should they include in their home wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada. If you’re just starting your own wine collection, you should know what the basic types of wines are on the market, so that you can have an idea of what to include in your collection.

1. Aperitif.

Aperitif is the wine that is served before having dinner. Just like an appetizer, you drink an aperitif before enjoying your meal. Generally, aperitifs taste sweet, which is necessary to stimulate your taste buds, as well as your appetite. Wines that are served as aperitif have fruity flavors like strawberry.

2.Barley Wine.

Barley wine is a very strong type of wine. The alcohol content of barley wines is usually up to 12 percent. This type of wine isn’t usually served with food because they tend to have very strong tastes.

3. Cooking Wine. 

Although some people drink this kind of wine, it’s not really made for that purpose. Cooking wine is the type of wine used to put in food while cooking. Cooking wine is not good for drinking or serving because it usually has poor quality.

Latest Wines Your Should Have in Your Wine Cellar

Latest Wines Your Should Have in Your Wine Cellar

4. Dessert Wine.

As its name suggests, this kind of wine is best served with desserts like cake and ice cream. Dessert wines tend to taste very sweet and have very low alcohol content.

5. White and Red Wines.

These are the types of wine that are served with meals. Although you have to be careful which types of food you serve them with. These types of wines are meant to enhance the flavor of the food that they are paired with. Generally, red wines are best paired with red meat or foods that have tomato sauce based. On the other hands, white wines are best paired with white meat like chicken and fish. These are only pairing suggestions though. Different people have different tastes. You can combine food and wine any way you want as long as it is appealing to your taste.

6. Rose Wine.

Rose wine, also known as summer wine, is sort of a mixture of red and white wines. Rose wines taste sweet, and are best paired with seafood, salads and pork.

Tips for Aging Wines in Vancouver, Canada

Ideal Wine Storage Solution in Canada: A Wine Cellar

Ideal Wine Storage Solution in Canada: A Wine Cellar

Most wine experts recommend that a wine collection should include a balance of wines that are ready for wine drinking and wines that are to be kept for aging. As a novice wine collector, you need to have a wine storage structure built so that your wines, both short term and long term storage can be kept safe.

If you trace the history of wine storage practices, the original wine cellars were actually caves. In fact, the word cave is the French word for cellar. This should give you the basic principle for aging wines. Your wine cellar has to be like a cave: cold, dark, still, and slightly humid.

To properly age the wines in your residential custom wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada, you should know about the 4 biggest enemies of wine:

1. Temperature Fluctuations.

The ideal storage temperature for wines is approximately 45 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature range is just right for wines to age properly. Any temperature above or below the ideal range can cause wine to overheat or be too chilled, which can negatively affect their aging process, and ultimately, damage them. Moreover, the temperature levels must stay constant. A fluctuating temperature level can cause just as much damage to wines.

2. Ultraviolet Light.

Ultraviolet light is another enemy of wine. This is why wine bottles are generally dark tinted to protect wines from UV light exposure. In the same way, home custom wine cellar must be dark. UV light disturbs the aging process of wine by causing chemical reactions among the wine’s compounds. Additionally, UV light produces heat. Too much exposure to heat can cause premature aging.

3. Low Humidity.

Wine corks are one of the key factors of preserving wine. They protect your wines by keeping them from exposure to oxygen. Wine corks need a balance in humidity because if they dry out and shrink, oxygen can get inside the bottle. When wine gets in contact with oxygen, the process called oxidation occurs. Oxidized wines taste sour.

4. Vibration.

Wines need to be kept undisturbed so that they can age properly. Excessive vibration can negatively affect wines. An ideal wine cellar should be kept free from vibrations. Also, have your wine cellar built in a location away from the main activity area of your house.

Wine Cellar Designer and Builder in Vancouver, Canada

If you’re starting a wine collection, you want to make sure you start it right. One of the first things you need to do is find a wine cellar builder that can construct for you a residential custom wine cellar that is durable and functional.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is one of the most reliable wine cellar designers and builders in Vancouver, Canada. They are known for constructing wine storage solutions that have a balance of beauty and utility. Blue Grouse boasts of building quality wine storage solutions for residential and commercial purposes.

Have Blue Grouse Wine Cellars design your first home wine cellar in Vancouver, Canada. They can provide you a free 3D sketch of your desired wine cellar design. Contact Blue Grouse today at (604) 929-3180 for more information about their products and services.

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Cork Flooring – Facts About The Most Popular Type of Wine Cellar Flooring

Cork floors are a beautiful option for wine cellar flooring, and are a few of the most popular choices among wine collectors. Learn more about wine cellar cork flooring by reading through this article. 

Home Custom Wine Cellars in Orange County, CA with Beautiful Wine Cellar Flooring

WIne Cellar Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring for a Beautiful Wine Cellar in Orange County, California

Wines need a safe place to be stored, and there is no safer place than a residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California, with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. Wine cellars are not only an effective wine storage solution, but are also aesthetically pleasing, and thus give you the opportunity to flaunt your wine collection to your guests and friends.

There are many factors that contribute to a home wine cellar’s aesthetic appeal, and one of those things is the choice of wine cellar flooring. Wine cellar flooring can be made from various kinds of materials, such as tile, wood, and cork. Wine cellar cork flooring are among the most popular types of wine cellar floorings in Orange County, CA.

Natural Characteristic of Cork Floors

There are many different kinds of materials used for wine cellar flooring in Orange County, California. One of the most popular choices is cork flooring. Here are a few of the natural characteristics of cork floors:

  1. Shade Variations of Cork Floors.

Cork floors are high quality natural materials, and just like all natural products, shade variation is one of its inherent and attractive characteristics. Shade and color variances offer you the opportunity to create more interesting designs, to suit the overall style of your residential custom wine cellar in Orange County, California.

  1. Color Changes of Cork Floors.

Most, if not all natural products, like wood and cork, may change in color when exposed to natural light over a period of time. Cork floors tend to fade in color, but this does not necessarily take away from the beauty of the material. Most of the time, this change in color will enhance its natural aesthetic.

  1. Custom Staining of Cork Floors.

One of the reasons cork is a popular choice for wine cellar flooring is that it can be custom stained in any color. However, when custom staining unfinished cork floors, it is unlikely to find an exact color match from tile to tile. But these shade variations can add to the aesthetic appeal of the wine cellar flooring.

  1. Color Change After Polyurethane is Applied.

It is common for many wine collectors to have water based polyurethane applied to their cork floors, to help protect it from normal wear and tear. When water based polyurethane is applied, cork flooring will further enhance and deepen the floor’s natural grains and patterns. Application of polyurethane is also known to darken the overall shade of the tiles.

  1. Cork Floors are Soft.

One of the most important characteristics of residential custom wine cellar cork floorings is its comfort and softness. But even with this characteristic, manufacturers of quality cork flooring make sure that the cork is produced in a high enough density that it can withstand heavy traffic and weight. But if proper care and precaution is not taken, wine cellar cork floors can still be susceptible to denting. One of the unique traits of home wine cellar cork flooring is that is has a “memory” and may still recover from compression. Still, it is recommended that protect your cork flooring by placing protective pads under furniture legs. Also, never drag furniture or appliances over the floor, because this can damage it severely.

Inspect Cork Tiles Before Installing

Regardless of whether the installation is done by you or by a professional installer, it is your responsibility to check your cork flooring tiles before they are installed. This is to make sure that the cork tiles are of your preferred pattern, style, size, shade, and color. You do not want to go through the tediousness of removing them after installation just because they are not what you expected. The best way to check your wine cellar cork flooring tiles is to lay them out loosely on the floor and inspect them at a good distance, from where you can view them all properly.

Properly Maintain Cork Flooring

To ensure that your wine cellar cork floors last longer, it is important that you maintain them correctly. It relatively easy to maintain cork floors. You simply need to clean them regularly, with a damp cloth or mop, using only water. Home wine cellar cork flooring under normal wear and tear conditions can last up to 30 years if properly installed and correctly maintained.

Have Your Wine Cellar with Cork Flooring Designed by Coastal

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars Designs

Wine Cellars in California designed by Coastal

A genuine wine enthusiast knows that wines need to be kept in a wine storage solution that is not only beautiful. but also effective and functional. What is aesthetic appeal if it cannot provide the necessary conditions wines need to develop and age? Aesthetics and functionality should always go hand in hand.

To ensure that your home wine cellar in Orange County, California is truly effective and functional, have it designed and built by a trustworthy wine cellar designer and builder. Coastal Custom Wine Cellars is one of the leading wine cellar design and construction companies in Orange County, California. They are known for producing beautifully designed, durable, and effective wine storage solutions, both for residential and commercial purposes.

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars has a team of wine storage design experts that are always ready to meet your wine cellar needs. They offer a free consultation, as well as free 3D drawings of your desired wine cellar design. Their wine cellar design and construction team is always willing to work alongside their clients. from the design or planning phase of the wine storage room construction project up until its completion.

Contact Coastal Custom Wine Cellars today for a free wine cellar design consultation. For more information about their products and services, contact them today at +1 (888) 735-8889!

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Wine Cellar Builder in Miami Constructs a Wine Cellar with Contemporary Design and Solves Temperature Control Problem

A wine cellar is an effective wine storage solution;it can provide and maintain a controlled climate for wines to age within. A wine cellar also should be beautifully designed, so that you can flaunt your wine collection to your friends and guests. US Cellar Systems partners with a wine cellar builder in Miami, Florida, to create a beautiful and effective wine storage solution in Miami Beach with an RM Split Refrigeration System installed. 

A Good Climate Control System is a Vital Part of an Effective Wine Cellar

Before a bottle of wine can be properly enjoyed, it has to be kept in a wine storage room with the ideal temperature and humidity. This will enable it to develop its aroma and flavor. If you want to start a wine collection, you must invest in a wine storage solution, regardless of the size of your wine collection. The most effective wine storage solution in Miami, Florida, is the residential wine cellar. Home wine cellars are the safest places to store wines, both for short term and long term periods of time.

1. A Trustworthy Wine Cellar Design and Construction Company 

In order for your wine cellar to be effective in providing the ideal wine storage conditions, there are a few things to consider. Among these things is what wine cellar builder to trust. Make sure that the wine cellar builder you choose is competent, and has extensive experience in constructing effective wine storage solutions. In Florida, one of the most trusted wine cellar design and construction companies is Wine Cellar International. They are reputable for creating beautiful wine cellars, both for commercial and residential purposes.

2. A Reliable Wine Cellar Refrigeration Unit

Wine Cellar International is also partnered with US Cellar Systems, a leading wine cellar refrigeration systems manufacturer in Miami, Florida. US Cellar Systems understands that wine storage solutions vary in wine storage requirements, and so they manufacture various wine cellar cooling systems,to meet said requirements.

US Cellar Systems and Wine Cellar International Team Up in a Wine Cellar Project in Florida

Home Wine Cellar Florida

Wine Cellar Project in Miami Florida

Wine Cellar International has recently teamed up with US Cellar Systems, to create a residential wine cellar in North Bay Road, Miami Beach, Florida. Wine Cellar International provided a consultation to the client, and created a 3D drawing of the wine cellar’s design. Then, after noting/solidifying every detail carefully, the team renovated the client’s home and began construction on a wine cellar with a contemporary design. The space where the wine cellar was built was not very big, and so, to maximize the space, the wine racks were installed up to the ceiling’s height. The wine racking system of choice was brushed stainless steel, which contributed largely to the sophisticated contemporary appeal of the entire residential wine cellar. On the left and right side walls, 3 bottle deep wine racks that stored bottles horizontally were installed, allowing wine bottle labels to be visible. The back wall of the cellar had bin and bulk storage racks. The lowest portion of the wine racking system was designed with case storage. Not a lot of people see the importance of proper insulation. In order to consistently keep the temperature and humidity inside the wine cellar at the ideal levels, you need to have proper insulation applied to the walls, ceiling and wine cellar flooring. For the Miami Beach wine cellar, proper insulation was installed. Recycled metal was used for the wine cellar floor, to compliment the contemporary design of the wine storage room. Moreover, a highly-reflective mirror was placed on the ceiling, giving the cellar a sense of increased spaciousness. Another beautiful accent of this Florida home wine cellar are the wine cellar lighting fixtures. The client chose to have overhead lighting, with which to highlight selected vintages. Directional lighting is the ideal choice when it comes to highlighting any portion of a custom wine cellar. LED lights were used,as this lighting type does not produce excessive heat,which could otherwise damage the wines. A few accent lights were installed across the wine cellar floor, to create a dramatic ambiance in the storage room.

Wine Cellar Miami Beach

Wine Cellar Project by WCI and US Cellar Systems in Miami Beach, Florida

An Efficient Wine Cellar Refrigeration System from US Cellar Systems Installed

Wines require a climate controlled environment in order to age tastefully. A climate controlled environment is achievable with the help of a well-insulated residential custom wine cellar with an efficient wine cellar cooling unit installed. US Cellar Systems is one of the most trusted wine cellar refrigeration unit providers in Miami Florida. Their wine cellar cooling systems are of high quality and can meet the storage requirements of any wine storage solution.In the Miami Beach, Florida home wine cellar, a Rack Mounted (RM) series split wine cellar cooling unit was installed. The cooling unit’s evaporator was mounted above the wine cellar door, hidden from view inside the wine storage space,while the condenser was placed outside,in order to remove the noise. A thermostat was also installed in the wine cellar, to monitor the temperature and humidity. The versatility of this type of wine cellar refrigeration unit has made it the most popular choice among wine cellar designers and builders in Florida. The unit’s aluminum housing is insulated and rust-proof. The cooling system is designed to deliver cool air to meet the requirements of different locations;specifically, those with a medium to high temperature.

Wine Cellar Refrigerations Miami Florida

US Cellar Systems Installed in Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

Trust Only an Expert Wine Cellar Refrigeration Systems Manufacturer

Since the wine cellar cooling unit is vital to keeping wines safe, it is very important that the wine cellar cooling system you install in your wine storage solution in Miami, Florida is built by an expert. US Cellar Systems has a reputation for producing efficient and high quality products. They offer various kinds of wine cellar refrigeration units that can meet any wine cellar’s wine storage needs. They are also known for delivering services that meet and go beyond customer satisfaction. Their services include installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting residential and commercial wine cellar cooling units. For more information about US Cellar Systems or their products and services, call them at +1 (562) 513-3017 today!

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Vintage View Wine Racks Installed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Belmont

It is imperative that the wine storage solution you choose is effective in creating a climate controlled environment for your wine collection. Besides functionality, you can also opt to have your wine storage solution designed by an expert, so that it is aesthetically pleasing as well. One of the ways you can improve your residential custom wine cellar‘s looks is by having beautiful wine racks installed. Vintage View Wine Racks are among the most unique and appealing wine racking systems in Vancouver, Canada

The Basic Requirement of a Wine Collection is an Effective Home Wine Cellar

In the ancient times, wine was not something that just anyone could enjoy. Only the rich (those from noble families), had access to the valuable beverage. Today, however, nearly every one may procure wine, and of those, many choose to start their own wine collection. If you intend to start your own collection, you must prepare a storage place for your wines beforehand. Wines require a proper wine storage solution, as they must be kept in the ideal climate conditions in order to maintain their quality and develop flavor over time. There are various types of wine storage solutions. In Vancouver, Canada, the most ideal of these is a residential custom wine cellar.

A Stand Out Design for a Residential Wine Cellar

Wine collection is a hobby that more and more people in Vancouver, Canada are getting into. Because of this, many people are having residential wine cellars built, to provide their collections with a proper storage space. Since so many are having wine cellars built into their homes, new wine collectors are challenged to make their wine cellar stand out from the rest in the neighborhood. There are various ways to go about making your home wine cellar unique,one of which is by installing a one of a kind wine racking system. Vintage View Wine Racks are a good choice when it comes to wine racking systems such as this.

What are Vintage View Wine Racking Systems?

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks are among the most beautiful wine racking system types in Vancouver, Canada. The most distinct characteristic of Vintage View Wine Racks is that they display wine bottles horizontally, and there by allow the wine labels to be seen rather than the wine corks(as with standard wine racks). Additionally, Vintage View Wine Racks are designed in such a way that they can be stacked or cut to a perfect fit in just about any wine storage solution.

Blue Grouse Builds a Home Wine Cellar in Belmont with Vintage View Wine Racks Installed


Blue Grouse Wine Cellars is an exceptionally committed and competent wine cellar design and construction company based in Canada. They have a reputation for creating beautifully designed and highly functional wine storage solutions, for both residential and commercial applications. One of their most recent projects was a home wine cellar with a contemporary design,built in Belmont.

The area in which the wine cellar was built was a small, L-shaped room. To maximize the space, Blue Grouse did some renovations, including inset cubbies,which were built into the walls. The wine racks were mounted on these inset cubbies in such a way that they did not project past the wall. The cubbies were one the features of the Belmont home wine cellar that the client really loved.

Wine Racking Project Canada

Wine Racking System Installed by Blue Grouse in Belmont

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks were installed in this contemporary residential custom wine cellar. A brushed nickel finish was applied to the racks. The racks were3 bottles deep. In terms of racking depth, Vintage View Wine Racks are offered in 3 options: 1bottle deep, 2 bottle deep and 3 bottles deep. The cost for the options doesn’t vary much, so most clients opt for 3 bottles deep;  it is the most space-efficient option. With 3 bottle deep racks clients can expand their collection in the future. Until then, the racks may be front-loaded.Should the wine collection expand, the 2 slots in each rack remain available.

A little display area in the corner of the storage room can be used for placing wooden cases.

Vintage View Wine Racks by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks are offered by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Canada. They come in various custom color options, ranging from satin black to brushed nickel standard finishes. Compared to traditional wine racking systems, Vintage View Wine Racks provide greater bottle density, and offer more security, the latter of which is due to their rugged steel design.

Wine Racks in Canada

Blue Grouse Wine Racking System

Air may flow freely through the racks and around the wine bottles;another perk of the Vintage View Wine Racking design. Thanks to this, the temperature in the wine cellar is evenly distributed among the wine bottles. This makes Vintage View Wine Racks the ideal wine racking system for long term wine storage.

The Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racking System is easy to install compared to many other kinds of wine racking systems, but even so, Blue Grouse Custom Wine Cellars offers installation services to clients within the lower mainland area of Vancouver. Having the Blue Grouse crew install the racking system for you will ensure that the installation is done correctly.

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Rack stake little effort to maintain. They are made from durable materials, and will last a very long time if they are maintained properly. This being said,Blue Grouse offers a limited lifetime guarantee on their Vintage View wine racks.

Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racking Systems are a popular choice in Vancouver, Canada, and Blue Grouse Wine Cellars offers the wine racking system at a reasonable price.

Besides Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks, Blue Grouse also manufactures various kinds of wine racking systems both modular and custom designed. They also design and build custom wine cellars for homes and wine retail stores. All their wine storage solution products are beautifully designed, durable, and made from high quality materials.

For more information Vintage View Wall Mounted Wine Racks and other wine racking system options, as well as their products and services, contact Blue Grouse Wine Cellars today, at +1 (888) 400-2675.


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Effective Wine Storage Solution for Wine Collections in Canada

Wine collecting is a fun hobby, but without the knowledge of how to keep wines their optimum quality, you’re merely throwing money away. Wines are costly, but people are willing to spend on collecting them, because their value increases over time as long as they are kept in the ideal conditions. The best place to store and safe-guard a wine collection is a wine cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellars, a well-known wine cellar designer and builder in Canada,built an effective wine cellar in Surrey, BC, with beautiful wine racks.

Wine Racking Project by Blue Grouse Wine Cellars in Surrey, BC

For many years, Blue Grouse Wine Cellars has built a reputation for consistently producing quality wine storage solutions and meeting customer satisfaction. One of their most recent successful projects was a modular wine racking system, installed in a home in Surrey, BC.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar – Trusted Wine Storage Solution Expert in Canada

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar is a highly professional wine storage design and construction company, based in British Columbia, that offers turn-key wine storage solutions for residential and commercial purposes.

Gary Bombay, the owner of Blue Grouse Wine Cellar, values the needs of his clients, and makes sure that Blue Grouse’s products and services meet their satisfaction. Blue Grouse’s design and construction team are trained and skilled at creating effective wine storage solutions that are within their clients’ budgets. In every project, Blue Grouse only uses quality materials, and teams up with the best in the wine storage industry in order to provide the most ideal wine storage spaces.

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar works alongside their clients, from the design phase of the wine storage project up to its completion.

Blue Grouse’ Wine Racking Project in Surrey, BC

Residential Wine Cellar Canada

Wine Cellar Project in Surrey, BC

Blue Grouse Wine Cellar has recently built a wine storage solution project in Surrey, BC. The client in this project was a contractor, building a spec home. Since the home did not have a homeowner yet, the contractor wanted to make the home look as good as possible, without spending too much. In line with this, the best wine storage solution for this home was a modular wine racking system.

Modular Wine Racking System – What is it?

There are many types of wine racking systems and they can be basically categorized as custom or modular. The modular type of wine racks is a popular choice these days. One of the advantages of modular wine racks is that wine collectors can select from unlimited combinations to create a racking design that suits their preference. Also, with modular wine racking systems, clients can choose to expand and reconfigure the racking structures, to provide more space for a continually growing wine collection.

Creating a personalized wine storage solution with modular wine racks is relatively easy. Since modular wine racking systems come in a wide array of widths, materials, and designs, wine collectors can simply choose and pair a module or kit of their choice, to meet their wine cellar needs. Clients can assemble basic modular wine rack building blocks to create a big, small or extravagant wine racking system.

The Wine Racking Project in Surrey, BC – Unique Design by Blue Grouse Wine Cellar

The modular wine racking system installed by Blue Grouse Wine Cellar in Surrey, BC had very interesting features. A few of these features include:

1. An Archway Feature.

One of the most beautiful features in this modular wine racking system was an archway. This was the only slightly customized feature in the wine storage solution.

2. A Countertop.

Another beautiful feature in the Surrey residential wine cellar is a countertop. The countertop was added so that there would be a flat surface area for the future home owners to use to sort out and organize their wine. A wine bottle is placed on the countertop in the photo for illustration purposes.

3. Combined Modular Wine Racking System.

The racking system in this residential wine cellar project is comprised of a combination of modules, to create a unique design. The wine racking systemis7 feet tall, which is the standard height for Blue Grouse’s wine racks.

The wine racking system has individual bottle slots, using standard wine racks. Standard wine bottles can be accommodated in these wine racks. A diamond bin was also included, to increase the wine storage solution’s storage capacity, and to accommodate larger wine bottles. These diamond bins have removable slats that the homeowners can choose to remove in order to increase the storage capacity. They can also remove the slats to fit in smaller wood cases. It is recommended that wine collectors store the same wine bottles in one bin. This is so that the wine collection is effectively and conveniently organized. With this arrangement of wine bottles, the wine collector does not need to pull a wine bottle from the bottom, which could otherwise make things more difficult.

4. A Display Row.

A beautiful display row was included in this residential wine cellar in Surrey, BC. When the modules were installed together, the area in the middle that connected them became the display row. The wine bottles were tilted in a 15 degree angle in said display row, so that the wine corks could be kept moist, while allowing wine labels to be visible.

5. Elegant and Cost-Efficient Wine Cellar Lighting.

One of the features that made this home wine cellar so aesthetically pleasing is the rope lighting that was installed. The rope lighting started inside the archway and ran through the display row, through the middle of the wine cellar. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar recommends that an electrical receptacle be provided for the wine cellar lighting, and that a switch is installed, too. This is so that the wine cellar lighting can be turned off and on as needed.

A lamp was also installed in this home wine cellar, by the contractor. Blue Grouse Wine Cellar recommends LED lights for any wine cellar lighting fixtures. LED lights do not generate excessive heat,which could otherwise damage the wines.

6. Curved Corners. 

The wine cellar has curved corners, because these make the storage room look better than corners that meet at a 90 degree angle. The curved corners in the cellar are made of individual wine bottle slots.

7. Wine Cellar Cooling System Installed.

A quality residential wine cellar refrigeration unit was installed in this home wine cellar in Surrey, BC, to provide the ideal conditions for wines to develop and age tastefully. The cooling unit was mounted over the wine cellar door.

Wood Used for the Wine Racks: All Heart California Redwood

The wine racks in the wine cellar in Surrey, BC were made of All Heart California Redwood. This kind of wood is harvested from the middle part of the Redwood tree, and is characterized by a consistent reddish color throughout.

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Wine Storage Racks Beverly Hills CA – A Stunning Design by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars

Wine cellar racks are an essential component of proper wine storage.  Custom wine racks provide a method of storing, organizing, and displaying wine bottles, as well as a stylish design feature inside wine closets Beverly Hills CA.  There are different types of wine storage racks that can help create the perfect mix of style and function in a wine cellar space.

Wine cellar kits bring together the various lines of wine racking configurations and transform these styles into a wine storage and display solution that is easy to layout and simple to install.  This recently completed wine storage racks Beverly Hills CA project demonstrates how racking kits provide not only maximum storage capacity, but also elegant bottle presentation.

Wine Storage Racks Beverly Hills CA

Wine Storage Racks Beverly Hills CA

The Beverly Hills wine closets project measures about 13’ (W) x 8’ (L) with a depth of 4 inches, and has a total bottle capacity of over 500 wine bottles.  Master wine cellar builders Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed a combination of different wine rack styles that can accommodate standard-sized wine bottles, magnums and even wood cases.  The addition of LED lighting along the display row not only illuminates the various wine labels on display, but also creates a dramatic appearance.

Wine cellar kits for this particular project are made of Mahogany wood with a chestnut stain and satin finish.  Mahogany is the wood of choice for most wine rack manufacturers because of its natural beauty and excellent workability.  This wood variety has an attractive grain, and it is free of cavities and pockets.  In addition, mahogany is naturally resistant to decay and insects.

The wine storage racks are built with a 4” toe-kick that elevates the unit a few inches off the floor and thus protecting wine bottles from damage or breakage.  Base molding installed around the bottom of the wine racks adds a decorative feature to the kit racking.

Custom Wine Racks

Custom Wine Racks

The bottom part of the Beverly Hills wine cellar racks is dominated by individual bottle openings that can accommodate most 750 ml wine bottles.  Single bottle custom wine racks have a niche size of 3 ¾” x 3 ¾” where standard champagne bottles, Oregon Pinots, and California Bluechips can fit snugly inside the individual cubbyholes.

Rectangular openings at the far left and far right of wine storage racks Beverly Hills CA is ideal for storing wood cases or bulk storage.  The shelves can hold a total of six wood cases or fit numerous wine bottles by stacking them on top of each other, for increased storage capacity.

The top half of the Beverly Hills wine cellar kits provide more single bottle openings for standard-sized wine bottles.  It also features a high reveal display row that allows the client to display his favorite wine labels.  This area displays bottles at a tilted angle that offers clear visibility of the different labels, as well as facilitates continuous wine and cork contact that prevents the latter from drying out.

A tabletop opening in the middle of the custom wine racks provides a space for serving and decanting wines.  Label forward displays for 750 ml bottles are situated on the upper left hand and upper right hand side of the tabletop opening.  Horizontal placement of wine bottles allow for ease of bottle identification and retrieval.  22 individual bottle openings for 1.5 ml wine bottles (or magnums) are provided at the far left and far right of wine storage racks Beverly Hills CA.

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Grill Cover

Wine Cellar Cooling Unit with Grill Cover

To cool the Beverly Hills wine closets project, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars installed an Arctic Aire split refrigeration system designed and manufactured by Arctic Metalworks.  The cooling unit is mounted on a space right above the tabletop area.  A custom designed operable louvered grill cover conceals the climate control system from view.  The grill cover is constructed from the same wood and finishes used for the wine storage racks.  The operable feature allows for easy access during refrigeration equipment repair and maintenance.

The wine closets Beverly Hills CA project is enclosed in seamless glass walls and entry way that provides an unobstructed view of the striking Mahogany wine racks and the wine cellar interior.  Wine closets encased in seamless glass not only adds to the aesthetics of the living space, but also creates an elegant wine display showcase.

Wine Closets Beverly Hills CA

Wine Closets Beverly Hills CA

Coastal Custom Wine Cellars have over ten years of experience in design, construction and installation of wine closets Beverly Hills CA.  The Coastal team also provides all aspects of wine cellar design and construction, such as residential and commercial wine racking, flooring materials, climate control systems, and custom wine cellar doors.


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